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The Blaze – ‘For the Record’: How Education Is a Weapon in the Fight for Gun Rights

The terror attack that killed 49 people and left another 53 injured at Pulse nightclub in Orlando has led to a new wave of calls for gun control. Gun rights activists like Carrie Lightfoot are fighting back, and getting average Americans informed about guns. Blaze TV’s show “For The Record” dives deep into this issue in “Infringed”.

Carrie Lightfoot is the head of The Well Armed Woman, a resource and national organization that promises to be “where the feminine and firearms meet.

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Carrie Lightfoot says she’s not trying to turn every woman into a gun owner – she just wants them to have a place to go to get their questions answered to make a fully educated decision on what is right for them. I want them to understand guns and know how to handle them safely so that they can protect themselves if they need to someday.

You can learn more about the fight for gun rights by watching For the Record “Infringed” on-demand at

Video Transcription

I was not familiar with firearms growing

up in New York where I did it was not

part of our of our culture it wasn’t

part of my life at all so I was really

very afraid of firearms so kind of in my

ignorance I I didn’t allow them in my

home you know when and when my children

were young I didn’t even have let the

boys play with guns or squirt guns and

things like that because I I just had

that you know negative association with

them although i didn’t really know about

them at all I was a single mom and as my

children were growing and heading off to

college was that’s really what triggered

my transition that I was working with

the homeless and dealing with people

with poverty at that time which took me

to a tough part of town so the

combination of a tough part of town and

being a little fearful and my children

leaving is what started me really

feeling vulnerable for the first time

and so I started thinking what would I

do I started doing research and trying

to find answers to my questions and just

learn about them and what I found was

really frustrating to me because in

trying to find that information what was

available was either very over

sexualized you know there was that side

of the gun world that was you know women

in bikinis shooting shooting guns and

and so that didn’t speak to me you know

that that didn’t work for me and then on

the other side what I found was was

fairly condescending I mean I was smart

enough and I could make my own decisions

I just needed the information that

answered my questions as a woman on

whether or not a firearm was a good

choice for me how could I live with it

how could I wear it you know all those

things and none of that was there I felt

that there was a real need and it kind

of was with no one’s going to do it I’m

going to do it we curved it to match the

hip angle of women due to overwhelming

demand the well armed woman is now

expanding its office in warehouse

in Arizona and it’s chapter program

launched as a non-profit in 2013 has

grown to more than 650 locations in 49

states welcome everyone it’s great it’s

not a tumah dating environment which I

think a lot of women are intimidated by

guns they’re scared of them they don’t

want to touch them and I think that’s

the wrong attitude you need you need to

learn I think you owe it to yourself to

learn and this is the perfect

environment to do that in we come from

all walks of life all social stratas and

it’s exciting to see more women becoming

responsible for their safety through

that education what I want is for women

to make the best decision that they can

for themselves it is not my mission to

put a gun in every woman’s hand my goal

is to create the place the resource

where they can come get the information

in a non-biased manner and make their

best decision for themselves not one

that’s based on an emotional fear

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