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Guns for women? Christmas lists are locked and loaded

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When it comes to that perfect Christmas gift, a lot of people in Arizona set their sights on guns and/or gun accessories.

To that end, “gun-centric” businesses have been slammed this holiday season. But the bullets and belt clips are not just for the men anymore.

“A lot of women are coming to gun ownership for the first time,” said Carrie Lightfoot.

Lightfoot is the creator of The Well Armed Woman  a one-stop shop for all things females and firearms.

“How to purchase the right firearm, how to store it safely, how to carry it, how to train,” she said.

Her business is buzzing.

“We’re seeing a lot of activity right now besides the holidays traffic and people trying to find gifts for the well-armed women in their lives. There’s a lot of activity because of some of the raised anxiety levels with some of the terrorist activity and some of political activity and discussions that’s been going on regarding firearms,” said Lightfoot.

She does not sell guns, but the gear and accessories she does sell through her website are all  targeted toward women.

From leopard-print, pink and purple concealed carry holsters to zebra-striped and ostrich leather conceal carry purses.

“It has a dedicated pocket a dedicated compartment that is just for the firearm,” she said as she demonstrated how it works. “It then slips inside the compartment which is in here and there’s a large Velcro patch.”

She says workers have been really busy filling, packing and shipping orders just a fast as they can.

“During this holiday season we have a lot of men calling in with questions and our staff are very well trained and experienced in helping find out and ask the questions so they can make the best choice for the woman in their life,” said Lightfoot.

Although she does not sell guns, she said it’s important to remember that firearms are not returnable. So her advice is to not just go out and buy your girl a gun she’s never laid a hand on.

“Involve them in the process, so either a gift certificate do something fun, find a toy gun wrap that up at Christmas but then take her to the gun store and the range or take her to the website,” she suggested.

Her website provides a lot of information for women considering becoming gun owners as well as details on how to join a local chapter.

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