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About Guns

What gun is best for a woman, how do they work. It's all here from the differences between revolvers and semi-automatics to how to choose the right one for you

Ammunition Demystifier

Ammunition - a word filled with mystery. When I began my journey into firearms, this subject and the overwhelming confusion that it created was almost enough to stop me in my tracks! What I have come to understand is that it IS confusing! I will try here to demystify and bring into clarity, the basics of what you need to know in regard to defensive ammunition.

Armed Defense

There are many things to consider when making the decision to own a gun for your protection. Will I carry it with me and on my person for my protection, what about owning a gun to protect me in my home?

Children & Guns

There are guns in more than one third of all U.S. households. Whether or not you make the choice to keep a gun in your home, your children will undoubtedly be in one of them. Therefore, educating your children in gun safety is a necessity for all children whether you own one or not.

Concealed Carry for Women

Concealed carry for women comes with unique questions and needs. There can be some challenges that need to be solved to effectively, comfortably and safely carry your gun concealed. Therefore, here at The Well Armed Woman, we discuss them and provide tips and information to guide you.

Gun Glossary

The Gun Glossary For Women is a resource to help you navigate the new and foreign language of the gun world. Here you will find clear definitions and explanations of everything for gear to training terms. Hopefully this resource will help to take some of the confusion out of the complex terminology of the gun world for you.

Gun Reviews By Women

Gun Reviews By Women

Gun reviews for women! Who better to help you decide which gun is right for you than other women, just like you! The Well Armed Woman asks the questions you want to know. We want to help you in your decision to own a firearm and which handgun is right for your specific needs.

Gun Safety

I think women are just wired for safety. We are always looking out for the safety of others and have a very healthy fear of "dangerous" things. Gun Safety for women is a natural fit. Now, don't get cocky and think because we are naturally predisposed to being safe means that these gun safety rules or the practice of them is not required. It is! Actually, we as women shooters need to adopt the gun safety rules into every aspect of our lives as women gun owners. The Firearm Safety Rules apply to EVERYONE and they apply ALWAYS! No matter how experienced a shooter and no matter what the circumstances.

Guns & The Law

There are some very serious legal issues that you must acquaint yourself with to fully understand your legal rights, Federal laws and those of your state as to the ownership and use of firearms. It is your responsibility to utilize these links and the information they provide to fully understand the legal issues.

The Well Armed Woman Blog

The Well Armed Woman Blog. Join me as I share updates, sales, my thoughts and current events.

The Well Armed Woman Shooting Team

I am so exited to announce the formation of The Well Armed Woman Shooting Team! You may be wondering: "I thought TWAW was about empowering women for their personal protection?" Well you are right and that's exactly why we have formed the team! You see, nothing hones our defensive firearm skills better than competition...

Training & Handling

Like anything, learning to shoot your gun or training to improve your skills takes practice, time and commitment. There are numerous important skills that all must be learned and mastered to then all come together for safe and accurate shooting. Here the skills are presented individually and explained.

TWAW In The News

Welcome to The Well Armed Woman in the the news & Media page. See recent press and news story’s, press releases or contact Carrie Lightfoot for interviews and speaking engagements


Click here to view holster demonstration videos, great training tip videos and The Well Armed Woman Today videos.

Women's Survival Stories

Here are some inspiring women's survival stories of self defense with a gun. Women who found themselves in life threatening situations yet lived to share their stories because they were Well Armed Women; Empowered, Smart & Strong. Get ready to be inspired as they share what it took for them to survive.