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Woman Shoots Intruder with Shovel

The Story

The Well Armed Woman is dedicated to self-defense and our Second Amendment rights. There are so many that don’t understand the importance of learning to protect ourselves and seeking education and training to make this possible. The following story is a perfect example of why our Second Amendment rights are so important!

Louisiana Mother Protects Herself Against Intruder Armed with a Shovel

“A Louisiana woman allegedly shot and killed a home invasion suspect to “protect herself and her children,” local authorities said. The Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office said deputies responded to a shooting in Hammond shortly after 5 a.m. on Sunday. Detectives determined the suspect, identified as 51-year-old Robert Rheams, was armed with a shovel and a lug wrench when he forced entry into the home of the victim and her two young children, law enforcement officials said. Authorities said the homeowner and Rheams got into a fight during the incident, which ended with Rheams being shot. He was pronounced dead by the Tangipahoa Parish Coroner’s Office.

Rheams was out on parole after serving about 20 years in prison for armed robbery, authorities said. Officials also tied Rheams to an alleged carjacking that happened hours prior to the home invasion. 

Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office Chief Jimmy Travis concluded the case appears to be a “homeowner exercising Second Amendment rights to protect herself and her children from a violent home invasion.”

Originally reported on CBS News HERE

What Can We Learn?

Know your limits, know your abilities, train and practice. We don’t know the entire story. All we know is a man broke into a woman’s house and the woman defended her family. I would love to know what “the homeowner and Rheams got into a fight” to analyze what the homeowner did during the altercation. However, we only know what the reporter wrote. What we do know is she knew she was in danger. She knows her family depends on her. This woman did what she had to so her children were safe. We can assume that she was prepared for a home invasion, she safely grabbed her gun, and took the steps needed to stop the danger. We can all protect ourselves with the right tools and the right training!

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