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State Gun Law and Compliance Resources

Trying to understand state gun laws and compliance can be quite a hurdle. Not only do you have to be able to understand the legal jargon you have to be able to find the information! If you know where to look and have the resources you need, knowing the gun laws will be so much easier. Below are resources for some states that have more complicated gun laws that are likely to change. Keep this article bookmarked so you can check back with these resources whenever you need to!

Don’t Forget…

Make sure you are also looking into your more local laws. There are cities that will have different gun laws and compliance requirements than the state in general. These are meant to be a guide and help you get started with understanding the laws in your area.

California Gun Law Resources

California has some of the strictest gun laws and has so many rules that need to be followed in order to be compliant. Below are two resources that will help keep you updated on the ever-changing laws. First is the link to the Bureau of Firearms homepage. Second is a link to the list of guns that are currently compliant with gun laws in the state of California. This resource will be very helpful for anyone wanting to purchase a new gun in the state!

CA Bureau of Firearms homepage –


CA Gun Compliance List –


Hawaii Gun Law Resources

Hawaii is another state that has some very strict gun laws. Information related to the State’s gun laws and compliance requirements are so hard to find! I have linked the firearms purchasing process for the state of Hawaii as well as some information regarding prohibited guns and general gun laws.

Step-by-step purchasing process –


Prohibited guns/general laws –


Illinois Gun Law Resources

Illinois is another state that has some of the more complicated gun laws in the country. The Illinois government website has a lot of information about their state gun laws and compliance information. I have linked the Firearm Services Bureau page and the Firearm Owner ID card FAQ’s which below that will answer many of your questions! However, if you have further questions that have not been covered in the material, the state of Illinois also provides a phone number you can call.

Firearms Services Bureau –


Firearm Owner ID FAQ’s –


Firearm Owner’s Identification Card or the Firearm Concealed Carry Act questions –

PHONE – (217) 782-7980

Maryland Gun Law Resources

The Maryland government website does a great job of assisting gun owners to understand their state gun laws and compliance requirements. Though it may take some time to understand all the laws and the laws do change, these resources will keep you up to date. Below are links to the list of banned features and compliant guns in the state of Maryland and a roster search resource. With the roster search, you can look up the gun or guns you are interested in and know quickly whether or not you are able to own or purchase those guns.

Firearms search and banned features list – https://mdsp.maryland.gov/Organization/Pages/CriminalInvestigationBureau/LicensingDivision/Firearms/FirearmSearch.aspx

Firearm roster/search – https://licensingportal.mdsp.maryland.gov/MSPBridgeClient/#/home

New Jersey Gun Law Resources

New Jersey gun laws rank up there with the strictest in the United States. It is so important to know the laws and keep up on them in your state and local area. If you have questions about gun purchasing and compliance, there is a great list on the  New Jersey State Police website. There are links and resources for purchasing handguns as well as long guns, transportation information, fingerprinting information, and more.

FAQ’s about gun purchasing and compliance – https://www.njsp.org/firearms/firearms-faqs.shtml

New York Gun Law Resources

New York is another state that seems to make gun ownership more trying. With all of the recent changes with gun laws and requirements, education is critical. The NY SAFE Act outlines what guns/features are banned in the state. You can use this government resource to find out which gun features are currently not allowed in NY and what you need to look for before purchasing a new gun or bringing a new gun into the state.



Final Thoughts

I really hope this helps you navigate the crazy world of gun laws and gun compliance requirements! This is only meant to get you moving in the right direction and does not include all of the information you will need to know as a gun owner in these states. Start with these resources and then continue your research and keep up with the inevitable changes.

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