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The Best Concealed Carry Gun For Women

What Is The Best Concealed Carry Gun For Women?

This is not only a very important question, but it’s one asked by almost every woman who is new to gun ownership and concealed carry. Is there an easy answer? Is there a best concealed carry gun for women?

Well, yes and no. I can’t tell you there is one gun out there that is the best-concealed carry gun for women. It would be nice if I could simply tell you  “Go buy this particular gun!” However, there is the right gun for you to concealed carry,  it will, however, take some thought and research to find the answer.

There are important features that will be individually important to you. Thankfully, many gun manufacturers are stepping up and listening to what women want and need. Things like grip size and shape, shorter distances between the grip and the trigger, and semi-automatic guns with slides that are easier to rack. I can help you with the questions you should be asking and help to hone in on which is best for you.

The Best Concealed Carry Gun For Women: What Questions Do You Need To Ask Yourself and What To Look For

I will list them here and then go into more detail on each one. The key to remember is that there is no single best concealed carry gun for women. BUT there is a best concealed carry gun for YOU as an individual woman gun owner.

  • How does the gun fit you?
  • How will you carry your gun?
  • Where will you carry your gun?
  • What caliber should you get?
  • Do you know the laws in your area?

How Does The Gun Fit You?

This is probably one of the most important factors if not the most important when choosing a gun and why it is such a personal choice. You need to find a gun that fits you. This means finding a gun that fits your hands and one you can operate safely and accurately. You must be able to get a good grip on your gun with your hand, be able to properly and effectively press the trigger and be able to manipulate all the controls such as safeties and magazine release. Are you able to rack the slide of the gun, get a good sight picture, etc?

This is an important aspect when choosing your gun. If you can’t get a good firing grip and manipulate the controls, it will be unsafe and useless to you.

We have a great tool we developed that will help you narrow down guns based on your individual specifications. You answer a few questions including your hand size, and you will get a list of guns that you can then go to the gun store and check out! Use The Well Armed Woman Gun Finder and narrow down your choices!

How Will You Carry Your Concealed Carry Handgun?

Do you plan on carrying your gun on your body? This is my preferred method of carrying as you are the only one who has access to your gun and it is always on you and at the ready. If this is the case, a semi-automatic could be a good choice. This type of gun is not only slimmer and less bulky but has the ability to carry more rounds in the gun than a revolver. When thinking self-defense the more rounds you can carry (physically and legally) the better!

If you will be carrying your gun in a purse a revolver may be a better choice. In a situation where you may have to shoot through your purse you will be able to shoot off multiple rounds with a revolver. For example, if the threat was coming too fast and you were unable to draw.  The way a semi-automatic pistol works it has to cycle to load the next round. It may not be able to cycle the new round to fire a second shot with it being confined inside the tight space of a purse. You can find out the specifics on how each gun type works in the articles How A Semi-Automatic Works and How a Revolver Works.

Where Will You Carry Your Gun?

Trying to determine where on your body you will be carrying your gun can also help you narrow down your gun selection. If you need help figuring out where you will be carrying check out the article Concealed Carry For Women Part 3: Concealed Carry for Women, Where To Start?

In some cases the smaller the gun the better. If you have a petite frame and are planning on carrying in your waistband (IWB), a large semi-automatic may stick out like a sore thumb. If you are larger around the middle and plan on carrying IWB, a small pocket pistol may be hard to get a good grip on if there is some extra “fluff ” to work around.

You want to find areas of your body that you are able to easily access and draw from. You may find you have natural curves that will aid in concealment. Printing…What Can You Do? is a great article that gives some good solutions to problems you may encounter while carrying concealed.

What Size Caliber Should I Use?

From a self-defense standpoint, the “stopping power” is key. Here is an article that can help you understand what caliber is and the differences between each. From a real-life standpoint, the largest you can handle shooting is best.

Determining the caliber of your gun is an important step. The most common calibers we see women choosing are number 1: 9mm followed by .380. With that being said, we do see women carrying .45 a larger caliber, and carrying the smaller 22LR.

This is highly dependent on your abilities with a handgun. The larger the caliber the greater the recoil and the larger the gun typically is. If you have very small hands and cannot get a good grip on a .45.,  this is not a good choice for you. If you have weak shoulders or wrists,  the recoil of a 9mm may be too much to accurately shoot which may make this not a good choice for you.

My suggestion  –  go shoot some guns. Try the different calibers and see what you are able to shoot comfortably. I would say aim for a 9mm, This is a great round for self-defense. If this is not possible try a .380.

Carrying a 9mm is preferred in the grand scheme of things. However, if you can handle and shoot .22LR best, then a small caliber gun is better than no gun. Most ammunition manufacturers make ammunition specifically for self-defense which can make the smaller calibers, more powerful.

Are You Allowed To Carry That Gun?

The laws aren’t the same everywhere and vary greatly from state to state and city to city. It is very important that you do research on your local laws and know them.

Do you need a concealed carry permit to carry? Are you allowed to open carry? Is the gun you are eyeing even allowed to be purchased/ used in your city?

There are laws that limit the number of rounds of ammunition you can carry, the features that come on the gun, the gun type, etc. Just make sure you do your research on gun ownership before you go out and buy your gun.

Finding The Best Concealed Carry Gun For Women Is a Loaded Question

No pun intended! It is true –  you can’t answer this question with one gun that is the best for all women. There is a best concealed carry gun for individual women, it just takes some work to find it.

If you are wanting some inspiration and to see what other women out there use as their carry gun, check out our TWAW survey data. This article compiles the answers of over 3000 women around the US to give an idea of the most popular concealed carry guns women are carrying.

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