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Storing Your Gun in Your Car

One of the challenges that comes with concealed carry is what to do with your gun when you are driving and when you find yourself at a location that does not permit the carrying of a firearm on their premises.

Depending on where on your body you have your gun holstered, putting on your seatbelt can greatly diminish access to your gun and make driving in your car very uncomfortable. This may require you to remove your holstered gun while you are driving which creates some very real challenges including the safe storage of your gun and providing you access to it, should you need it.

In addition, if you must leave your car and go into a gun-free zone, forcing you to leave your gun in your car, how can you do so safely? Leaving an unsecured gun in your car is never recommended. There are some products on the market that will allow you to securely lock your gun in your car in a safe manner. Let’s take a look at them:

Storing Your Gun in Your Car – The Reach Holster Safe

The Reach Holster Safe 2 is a great option for storing your gun in your car. Although originally designed for use in the home, (we have two of these great units in our home) the company offers an adapter kit to install one in your car. The holster safe uses gun-specific inserts to safely and effectively hold your gun until you are ready to use it. Biometric technology prevents any unauthorized users to access your gun. I know that many people question the reliability of fingerprint safes. However, the technology is state-of-the-art and provides quick access when you need it most. In fact, the safe releases your gun in just 0.3 seconds! This safe attaches inside your center console with heavy-duty mounting screws that you program to release the gun for multiple users (up to 10) so you and your spouse can use it.

What Else Should I Know About the Reach Holster Safe 2?

There are molds available for over 150 guns and the Reach 2 allows you to change out the inserts for multiple guns. You can use the Reach 2 with either your left or right hand which is great for southpaws! Unfortunately, this is not compatible with lights or lasers at this time. If you are curious about how the safe locks your gun into place, according to Vara Safety “Reach uses a unique locking system that was specially engineered for handguns. When you push your handgun firmly into the holster, it automatically locks it into the safe. A strong metal lock holds the front trigger guard and prevents the gun from being pulled out by force. The lock entirely avoids the trigger, making sure that accidental discharge by trigger pull is not possible.”

Storing Your Gun in Your Car – The Console Vault

The Console Vault is a great option that is designed to go in the center console of many of the most popular trucks, cars and SUV’s. We have one in our Jeep Wrangler and they also make one for motorcycles. This unit slips into the console and is screwed into the sides of the console. You can choose which type of lock you prefer when ordering. Keyed, 3 digit combination or 4 digit combination. With this unit, you can simply place your holstered gun into it with no need to ever unholster your gun and of course, any valuable can be secured within the compartment.

What Else Should I Know About The Console Vault?

Naturally, the need to unlock or enter a combination to gain access will take time. The key must be quickly accessible or remembering the combination is necessary and under extreme stress, these simple tasks can be challenging. These units are also available in floor console, under-seat and fold-down armrest models as well.

Final Thoughts

No matter what option you choose, make sure you are storing your gun in your car safely. The most important things to look for are safety, easy access for authorized users, and theft prevention. You also need to make sure you are following any gun laws and regulations in your area. For more information about traveling with your gun read my article on Tips For Traveling With Your Firearm by Land and Air.

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4 thoughts on “Storing Your Gun in Your Car

  1. Brent says:

    I’ve been looking for a car vault but both brands I’ve checked are not up to the year 2022 Toyotas. I was really surprised.

  2. Raye Thompson says:

    I love my Nanovault! I can use it in the house or transfer it to the car.

    1. Samantha Hardesty says:

      Is the gun protected from extreme temperatures while in your car in the Nanovault?

      1. Carrie Lightfoot says:

        Hi Samantha,
        The nanovault does not have any type of temperature control built-in – I’m not sure if that is a feature in any type of car safe? Here is a good article from our USA Carry that addresses hot temperatures in a car and your gun. Click HERE for article

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