TWAW Holsters for Men
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TWAW Holsters for Men

It is no secret, we KNOW women! But did you know TWAW has holsters for Men also?!

Here are a few great products that work for men!

Comfort Carry Belly Band holsters for men Holster for Men
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Comfort Carry Belly Band

The TWAW Comfort Carry Belly Band is great for men! Due to the customization of this holster, it adds so much versatility in how and where you can carry!
Comfortable, convenient, concealed carry is not just for women…

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The TWAW Slim Carry Holster

This holster has all the great features to be deemed one of the best! One of its identifying features is its unique clip placement paired with the Grip Tuck Wing. This combo allows for the ultimate in concealability. Not only does the clip placement allow for the gun to lay flat against the body, the Grip Tuck Wing pulls the grip of the gun towards your body to help tuck it in even further!

Printing is a problem that affects both genders, but this holster for men and women eliminates this issue!

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Precise Fit ECD Belt

Ok this is a no brainer… Men wear belts and TWAW has AWESOME belts!

The Precise Fit Belt is the next generation of gun belts. They have a high weight capacity, steel reinforced buckles that screw into the belt, and they fit your body down to 1/4 inch! Everyone’s weight fluctuates, hey, even the inches added by a holstered gun can change. This belt makes wearing a belt every day easy, comfortable, and stylish.

holster belts for men
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The Sticky Holster

Ok, this holster is magical! It really does stay put! For men who almost always have a waistline, this holster is ideal! There are no clips to fuss with. Minimal material creates no extra bulk. It is just dang good! There is also a travel mount holster that holds all Sticky gun holsters. The mount can be placed strategically around your home, car, boat, RV, wherever you need it,. This allows you to move your gun from place to place with out having to unholster!

Sticky Holster for men

The Well Armed Woman also carries many other products that are great for both men and women. Take a look below to see a few others we have and find a quick and easy gift for yourself or for that awesome man in your life!

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