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Benefits of the AR-15 For Female Shooters

Are there benefits of the AR-15 For Female Shooters? The AR-15 is a firearm that, largely due to the fact that it has been repeatedly vilified by numerous major media outlets, has attracted a significant amount of controversy.

As a result of this, many women who are new to the shooting world may be turned off by the idea of purchasing and using an AR-15 rifle, being under the impression that it’s too intimidating and is designed only for military use.

But in reality, as we will soon dive into, there are numerous benefits of the AR-15 for female shooters and can be an excellent choice for women  for more reasons than one.

In the world we live in today, there are few things that can equalize a woman with a man in a life-or-death defensive
situation, but firearms are one of them.  To be more specific, the AR-15 can be a great choice for self-defense or home defense, along with target shooting on the range, competition use, hunting, and so on.


Here are some of the top benefits of the AR-15 for female shooters:

It’s A Good Size

Any rifle that is too heavy or long to shoulder and fire properly is simply not going to be a good choice for anybody, woman or man. The AR-15, however, is a relatively lightweight and compact rifle so long as you get the shorter carbine version with a 16.5 inch or lesser barrel.  Furthermore, the stock is fully adjustable (assuming you go with an adjustable stockover a fixed one), which further makes it easy to adjust to one’s body type and size as well.

In short, the AR-15 is a rifle that is designed to accommodate a wide variety of shooters. It doesn’t matter whether 

you’re a 6’5 man who weighs over two hundred and fifty pounds, or a 5’0 woman who weighs less than a hundred.  The AR-15 is a very practical size for nearly any body type, and on top of that…

It’s Controllable

The AR-15 is not just a convenient size.  It’s also very controllable to shoot as well.  This is because the AR-15 produces less recoil thanks to the action of the weapon and it also fires an intermediate cartridge, the 5.56x45mm NATO or .223 Remington, which is already well known for the minimal recoil it produces.

Many folks who are new to shooting the AR-15 are surprised to find just how controllable and pleasant to shoot the rifle is.  This low recoil makes the AR-15 easier to shoot for women in contrast to many other rifles, semi-automatic or not.

It’s Versatile

Many people don’t know this, but the AR-15 is the most popular centerfire rifle sold in America today.  

What makes the AR-15 so popular?  Well, beyond the fact that it’s so controllable and easy to shoot, it’s also highly versatile.  In fact, the AR is one of the most practical firearms on the planet, in stark contrast to how American news media may attempt to portray it as.


Why is the AR-15 so practical and versatile?  Simple: it can be easily used for casual target shooting, for home defense, for competition use, for long distance shooting, and for hunting.  Granted, you would need a larger caliber than 5.56 for larger game such as elk or moose (in which case you’d want a .308 or larger), but 


for deer, pronghorn, or wild boar a 5.56x45mm NATO with the right type of ammunition is more than suitable for the task.  

So for you, this means that the AR-15 can serve as your ‘do everything’ rifle.  No, it can’t be used for concealed carry obviously, but for a range gun or for defense or for hunting, it more than adequately fits the bill.

It’s Easily Customizable

There are many different AR-15s sold on the market today, even one designed by the women of The Well Armed Woman, but they all share one thing in common: every AR-15 can be fully customized to be just the way you want it to be. This is on of the most significant benefits of the AR-15 for female shooters

In many ways, the AR-15 is the lego of the gun world because of how easily customizable it is.  The only other guns that come anywhere close to the AR-15 in terms of customization would be the Ruger 10/22, 1911, and Glock.  

The reason why this is so important is that you can easily customize your AR-15 to make it even more comfortable and easy for you to shoot.  You can swap out everything from the stock to the trigger to the furniture to the bolt carrier and so on. Each of these things can improve an already easily shootable firearm. A good resource for AR-15 accessories is STNGR


As you can hopefully see at this point, the AR-15 has many benefits for female shooters and reasons for why women would be wise to at least consider the AR-15.

While the AR-15 may not be a ‘perfect’ rifle by any means, it is, without a doubt, a very practical, convenient, and pleasant one. For that reason, it deserves to be under your consideration.





Sam Bocetta is a former cybersecurity analyst and current freelance journalist, focusing on current events, firearms, tech, cryptography, and cybercrime.


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5 thoughts on “Benefits of the AR-15 For Female Shooters

  1. David says:

    AR-15 is a nice products for home safety.

  2. Elaine says:

    As a single woman, I would like to have an AR-15 for home protection however, recoil frightens me whenever I go to the gun range.

    1. kelly harrington says:

      Have you tried starting with a .22 format AR 15?
      … recoil on those is negligible …
      also much quieter
      You could get used to that & then move up to the lightest defensive round.
      (Or just buy a .22 AR for home defense )

    2. Kitty Nicolai says:

      Old thread, but perhaps still worth responding for others who consider an AR-15 to have excessive recoil…

      AR-9s that use 9mm are available as AR pistols and as AR rifles and look, feel, and operate like the AR-15 rifle. Many cosmetic and some operational parts are interchangeable as well.

      For now, ARs in 9mm and in .223/5.56 are both available in pistol as well as rifle configurations.

      Check your local gun shop for information on availability of the above firearms. Some may be illegal in certain states – especially ARs configured as pistols.

    3. Deb says:

      Just shot my husbands AR today at the range, (223),less recoil than my 9mm. Was a little scared at first, since it is a loud bang. But the recoil was as bad as I thought it would be. Think I need one now. If you are able to handle a 9mm pistol you can do it.

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