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Parts Of A Revolver

What Are The Parts Of a Revolver?

Part of gun ownership is understanding your new partner in your self-protection! It is important to know the different parts of your revolver handgun, what they each do and how they are working together.

  • Muzzle: The Front of the gun where the bullet is expelled
  • Front Sight: The front portion of the pair of sights that is located on the top of the muzzle. It is used in partnership with the rear sight to line up on your target
  • Rear Sight: The second part of the sights that is mounted on the top rear of the handgun. For an accurate shot, the front sight must be centered in the rear sight.
  • Cylinder: The rotating cylinder that holds the rounds of ammunition
  • Hammer: The hammer is what strikes the firing pin that ignites the primer at the base of the round of ammunition
  • Barrel: The barrel is the “tube” that guides the bullet to the front of the muzzle when the pistol is fired
  • Trigger: The trigger is what activates the firing of a gun when pressed.
  • Trigger Guard: The guard around the trigger to help avoid an accidental trigger press
  • Grip: Where you hold the gun in your hand

Cylinder Parts

  • Chamber: This is where the individual rounds of ammunition are held. The chamber rotates to place a round in line with the barrel of the gun to ready it to be fired.
  • Ratchet: When the trigger is pulled the rachet mechanism rotates the cylinder
  • Ejector Rod: When depressed, the ejector rod expells the spent (used) ammunition casing

To effectively learn how to properly handle and shoot your gun, it is important to know these parts of your revolver. A few of our articles are linked to the different areas so you can begin learning the technique on each part.

Learning proper gun handling takes time. Don’t rush, you want to make sure you fully understand each topic before moving on. Starting with the proper technique is critical when learning how to use a gun and will insure you are a safe and effective shooter.

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