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The Top 10 Guns Women Buy

Knowing what guns women buy can be very helpful. We know that a woman will know which is the right one for her, but knowing the top 10 guns women buy can help to narrow the field of options. Remember, what is right for one woman may not be right for another, therefore, when making your choice it is important to consider all of the variables that may be unique to you such as, hand size, recoil sensitivity, location and reach of the controls and their ease of operation. Most importantly, get to a gun store and get your hands on numerous models and if possible. Rent or try these models on the range. Trust me, you will know the right one when you find it.

What Did The Data Show?

I find a number of things very interesting in this list. One, women are primarily buying semi-automatic handguns with a slight majority of them choosing a 9mm. Secondly, three of the top 10 guns women are choosing are Glocks, which historically has not been known as a woman’s favorite brand. These clear preferences help put to rest such myths as; a woman needs a smaller caliber, she should have a revolver or she should have… fill in the blank.

You can see by the variety below, that there is NO ONE RIGHT GUN for a woman or any one feature that makes a gun a “woman’s gun”.

What About Revolvers?TWAW Holster ad

Now, I am not nixing revolvers, as both number eleven and twelve came in as revolvers. Many women prefer them and they are the better choice if one’s primary mode of carry is in a concealed carry purse. But clearly, women are breaking some of the stereotypes usually placed on them.

As you make your decisions, learning what other women like you think about the guns they carry can be very helpful. The Well Armed Woman has collected hundreds of reviews to help you, view them here.

This list was compiled from data collected from The Well Armed Woman holster sales for 2015.

Trying to decide which gun is perfect for you? Check out my article Making the Decision: What is the Best Gun For Women

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22 thoughts on “The Top 10 Guns Women Buy

  1. I used to be a Corrections Officer and I carried. Been over 15 years. I am Divorce and Live alone

  2. Steve Steele says:

    Got my wife a Charter Arms .32 H & R Magnum Simulator to a .38, but less kick

  3. dalowrider says:

    It does not matter if it’s women or men. We make choices on criteria that works for us individually not collectively. Those choices often depend on experience and training. Both of those can be improved upon and may impact what works best down the road.

    I think for a defensive handgun .380 is not sufficient. In April of 1986 the FBI was involved in a shootout in Miami. It’s infamous and been well evaluated. you can read it online in great detail. The 9mm didn’t get it done. .380 is more or less a 9mm short. The FBI went to 10mm .. the .40 evolved from that and today the FBI are back to nines. Go figure! The .380 is too light in my opinion to be viable for adequate self defense.

    What to carry depends on so many variables. How strong are your fingers, how big are your hands, what can you grip, how heavy is the trigger pull, how much training do you have or will you acquire regularly, can you see well, will you shoot in daylight or train in ambient light regularly, what does the important person or persons in your life suggest you carry, do you like purple and pink better than black?

    The bottom line is this. Train toward what you feel comfortable carrying and confident can fulfill the task at hand. Train until it’s second nature to you. Then train some more.

    And congratulations for being a well armed and trained woman. I commend your efforts toward that goal. Congratulations for taking the initiative to protect yourself in a dangerous world. Congratulations for being a role model for younger women.

    I look forward to seeing you on the range.

  4. Rae Harrison says:

    I plan on getting a Chater arms .38 maybe the pink lady. Need light gun to carry on me and in saddle bags

    1. Patti says:

      I have a Pink Lady, had it for about 5 years now. I’m looking for a gun that’s smaller with a clip. My gun only carries 5 shots and is too big to carry in my waist band. It’s a great gun, easy to shoot.

      1. Susi says:

        I have a Sig Sauer P365 9mm compact and I love it! It comes with a 10 round mag , but you can also buy a 12 or 15 round magazine.

        1. Richard Thompson says:

          How much did ya pay for it? You wanna sell it?

  5. Grammie says:

    I’m 67, inexperienced with guns but very cautious by nature, & my hands aren’t super strong. What gun(s) wud u recommend for me to carry for protection?

    1. Carrie Lightfoot says:

      Hi Grammie,
      Here is a great article that highlights some firearms that have controls which are easily manipulated. They are great for women with weaker hand strength. Click Here for the article.

    2. Bill Kramer says:

      I’d say Glock 42 or 43 based on your handling of perceived recoil, but neither of these guns come equipped with a manual safety. For someone with no firearm experience the Smith and Wesson 380 EZ Shield is probably the best option. 380 is very low recoil, the slide is very easy to manipulate, and it comes with a thumb safety and a grip safety

    3. Isaiah Cordova says:

      Smith and wesson M&P Sheild EZ M2.0


    4. London Peerson says:

      Ruger LCP is a lightweight and easy to carry gun. It is .38 and easy to shoot.

    5. GaryHorton says:

      Walther CCP 9mm

    6. Wojo says:

      I would recommend an M&P Shield EZ. It is custom tailored for non-experts and features an easier slide pull and redundant safeties.

  6. Vita says:

    Before making my first purchase, renting various makes/models served me well. It allowed me to make a short list of possibilities and to quickly rule out what I didn’t like. My husband was usually with me, but as an advisor when I asked for opinions. We agreed that a weapon purchase is a very personal decision. When the Sig P238 hit my hand, there was an instant and positive reaction. It fit my hand just right and felt secure. That was the immediate attraction. After shooting it, I was in love. Following that, I never buy a pistol without investing in rental or getting a loaner to spend time getting to know it. For me, an impulse buy is just not likely to happen.

    1. Christal says:

      Awesome feedback with wisdom! Thank you…your experience fits well for me

  7. Eileen says:

    I carried a Ruger LCR .38+P for a few years. Great little gun! This past year, however, I got a Glock 43 and love it! My husband would have preferred I got something in a .45, but I just couldn’t find one that fit my hand well and was feasible for an everyday carry. My 43 is an awesome little piece that shoots well, is easy to handle, and perfect for concealed carry.

    1. Bill Kramer says:

      .45 ARP. Old, fat and slow lol. Ballistically the 9mm In 2019 is a superior round imo. It’s also cheaper thus easier to train with, and has a higher round capacity in similar sized magazines.

  8. Eileen says:

    That’s awesome!

  9. Bob says:

    Keep in mind that while these are all good choices, none of them are the best for someone with only a little experience or none at all. For that, you can’t beat a good .22 revolver or pistol. It’s what the experts recommend – and so do I. If hitting your target is the goal, practice (and lots of it) is the key to getting there. Ammo is inexpensive, the muzzle blast and recoil are almost non-existent, so you can focus on learning the principles of sight alignment and trigger pull.

  10. Patrick says:

    If you notice though, almost all of them are features of a good conceal weapon instead of just being all over the place.

  11. Jerry V.Di Trolio says:

    Interesting, it’s vast aray of different brands of Guns.

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