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The Top 10 Most Popular Guns For Women – 2018

Let’s dive into the top 10 guns women just like you are ACTUALLY using. These are the guns that are popular for women’s self-defense. We highlight the top 20 guns women love!

It’s that time of year again when I get to dig into the data from our annual survey and present the Top 10 Most Popular Guns For Women in 2018! Thank you to all who took the time to participate! Getting to see your preferences numerically provides such valuable information to help guide other women and the industry as well. In this article, I will share the most popular guns purchased in 2018 based on more than 4000 responses. If you recall, last year’s survey revealed that on average, women own 5.6 guns each! That’s a lot of guns and I hope the industry sees just how significant our purchases are.

I have to say, you all never cease to surprise me and based on your favorite guns this year, you did not disappoint. A quick observation is the expanding diversity of models you all are purchasing, in my opinion, the signifies a couple of things. One, the industry listening and is providing more “women-friendly” options. Guns with easier slides to rack, grips more friendly to a generally smaller woman’s hands and small easier to conceal models. Second, women are doing their homework and not just making purchases based on what they guy behind the counter says but are truly considering all of the options, looking at and finding the guns that are right for THEM!

This of course, thrills me. As I always say, there is NO perfect gun for women and women must decide through research and trial which gun truly fits them and they can carry and shoot with confidence. You can watch my video series on Choosing The Right Gun For You here. 

How Can You Use This Information?

This information is shared in hopes that it assists women in at least narrowing down the possibilities and gives them a place to start on their personal search for the right gun(s) for them. Click on the manufacturer’s link for full product descriptions and read The Well Armed Woman Gun Reviews. This vast resource offers feedback from women just like you, all over the country. These are not formal reviews written by gun writers, but regular women sharing what they like and dislike about the guns they chose. I encouraged you to submit one yourself and help other women make this all so important decision.

Ok, back to The Top 10 Most Popular Guns For Women – 2018. We had a number of huge switch-ups from last year and some newbies on the list this year.

You can read the lists from the past few years here. 2017   ,2016    ,2015

The Top 10 Guns for Women That are Most Popular

#1 – Glock 43  Caliber: 9mm Capacity: 6+1

Glock 43

The Glock 43 takes the top spot from the Smith & Wesson Shield which has held the number 1 position for the last 3 years. The Glock 43 is just such a reliable, rugged and no-nonsense gun. After all, it was born and raised to serve the needs of law enforcement and the military.  Personally, I love the clean, sleek and simple design. Full disclosure, it’s what I carry. Read women’s reviews here

#2 – Smith & Wesson MP Shield  Caliber: 9mm  Capacity: 8+1Smith & Wesson MP Shield

Although this is the first year the Shield has not held the #1 position, #2 isn’t too shabby! This gun has been so hugely popular and will continue to be. It is so slim measuring less than an inch wide, which makes it easy to concealable with minimal bulge! It has a very good capacity (8+1) for a smaller, single stack concealed carry gun. The grip a little longer, which makes getting a solid firing grip during the draw easier than some others. The slide isn’t as “buttery” as some of the others, but I tell you what, so many women love and swear by their Shields! Read women’s reviews here

#3 – Glock 19  Caliber: 9mm  Capacity: 15+1Glock 19

I love seeing this gun in the top three. We usually see the Glock 26 somewhere on the list so I was a bit surprised to see the 19 rise to such a high position and not have the G26 on the top 10 list at all. The G19 is a pretty good sized gun and being a double stack with a capacity of 15 is impressive.  I think seeing larger guns on the list may show that as women’s skill and confidence grows, they are more comfortable carrying and shooting larger guns. Honestly, I wish there were more “manageable” double stacks as capacity is a significant consideration. After all, we need at least one more round than the bad guy, whatever that is! Read women’s reviews here


#4 Tie – Sig Sauer P238 Caliber: .380  Capacity: 6+1Sig P238

Always a regular on the list of women’s favorites, the Sig P238 is small and very easy to conceal. It’s famous for its very easy racking slide and smooth trigger. These will likely keep it in the Top 10 for years to come along with the fact that they come in a rainbow of color options.  Women can not only find a great gun that they love to shoot but can find one that matches their aesthetic. Read women’s reviews here

Smith & Wesson .380 EZ Shield  Caliber: .380    Capacity: 8+1S&W M&P Shield EZ .380

The Sig P238 has been in the top 3 for the last three years. This year it has moved down a spot which it shares with the new Smith & Wesson .380 EZ Shield. This gun was just released last year, so it clearly has found a solid spot with women. Both of these guns have really easy and buttery slides, which is a significant feature as many women have difficulty racking the slide. This is however, where the similarity’s end as the EZ is quite a bit bigger and interestingly, there is quite a difference in the price of these two guns. The P238 retails at $738 and the EZ Shield retails at $399. Read women’s reviews here

#5 – Sig Sauer P365  Caliber: 9mm  Capacity: 10+1Sig P365

A big switch up with the 9mm Sig Sauer models. The P365 is another new model just released last year and clearly is a popular choice with women. It replaced the Sig P938 and P320 that tied the  6thspot in 2017. It has great capacity (10+1) for a single stack in a gun that is slightly smaller in size than the Glock 43. Tough combination to beat. Impressive.

#6 – Ruger LC9S  Caliber: 9mm Capacity: 7+1

I’m glad to see the Ruger LC9S higher on the list this year. I think this new striker fire version of the LC9 solved some issues for many women with its easier slide and shorter and lighter trigger pull. It deserves to be a favorite of the 9mm calibers. There is such demand for smaller, more concealable 9mm’s and with Ruger’s long history in the very compact concealed carry gun (LCP) it’s only natural that they would master the same in a 9mm. Read women’s reviews here

#7 – Ruger LCP  Caliber: .380  Capacity: 6+1Ruger LCP

You really can’t get any smaller than the LCP and for people with real struggles with concealment, it is a lifesaver. This is the same spot the LCPIIheld last year. The original LCP held the #6 spot in 2015 and 2016. It is a bit surprising that the LCPII isn’t in the top 10 list this year (It landed in the #15 spot) as it has a much shorter and lighter trigger pull. It is just so concealable because it is so small and thin, my guess is one of these two models will always be on the favorites list. Read women’s reviews here

#8 – Glock 42   Caliber: .380  Capacity: 6+1

The Glock 42 has been in either the #4 or #5 spot the last 3 years, so a little surprised to see it here at #8. I do think the new S&W .380 EZ Shields appearance on the .380 market this year perhaps contributes to this shift. Like all Glocks, the 42 is sleek and reliable and easy to conceal. It’s everything that is Glock, in an ultra-concealable form. Read women’s reviews here

#9 – Springfield XDS  Caliber: 9mm  Capacity: 7+1

The XDS always deserves a spot in the top 10 in my book. It’s quite a bit different than many of the others with it’s higher capacity of 9+1 as a single stack it offers a significant benefit. The very aggressive texturing of the grip really ensures a solid, no-slip grip. It does also have a grip safety, which is one of those things that you either love or you hate. Springfield Armory released a couple of new guns recently that I expect to see on this list next year. The 911 .380 and this year the 911 9mm. Likely will give the Sig P238 and P938 some competition. Read women’s reviews here

#10 –  Sig Sauer P938 Caliber: 9mm  Capacity: 7+1Sig P938

This gun was number 6 last year so perhaps the popularity of the new P365 is partly responsible for this 10thspot ranking this year. It has a 1911 frame just like the P238 and in a very concealable size. Like it’s smaller sister, the P938 has a very smooth racking slide which is a real benefit for some with weaker hands. Read women’s reviews here

Some Additional Thoughts

I just love seeing the manufacturers “listening” to women (and all of their customers) and constantly pushing the engineering and design envelopes to satisfy the wants and needs of their consumers. The result? Dozens of options that allow each individual to find the best possible fit for their personal defense partner.

What About Revolvers?

Once again there were no revolvers in the top 10 guns for women and in fact, a revolver didn’t show up on the list until the #17 spot. This data truly dispels the myth that women “need” or “should” have a revolver. Of course, revolvers are an excellent choice for many women, so don’t misunderstand or misinterpret this data to believe revolvers are not valued or don’t have a place with the woman shooter. In fact, if I look at the total number of revolvers purchased (Not by brand) they would have been equivalent in number to the 5thplace spot on the list. Revolvers are best for use in a concealed carry purse and for many with weak hands unable to rack a slide on a semi-automatic pistol, they are a godsend.

Other Favorite Guns of Women

Seven of the 11 top guns purchased by women listed above are 9mm and four of them are .380 which has been the pattern the last few years. Interestingly, 4.5% of all guns purchased were .22’s. The overwhelming majority were Ruger Mark IV’s, SR22’s and Browning Buckmark’s. There was also an impressive number of larger guns also purchased by women this year. I noted it last year but the number keeps increasing. The HK VP9 and  Walther PPQ were hugely popular. Larger GLOCK’s, Sig’s, Berettas, CZ’s,  and 1911’s were prominent as well. As I mentioned above, previous survey showed that the average number of guns personally owned by women was 5.6. Women are clearly buying guns to fill a variety of self-defense, training, and recreational activities. So if you are of the mindset that all women want are small guns, think again!

The #11 – #20 Top Finishers

#11 – Sig Sauer P320

#12 – Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380

#13 – Tie – Smith & Wesson 9 Shield M2.0

#13 – Kimber Micro 9mm

#14 – HK VP9

#15 – Ruger LCPII

#16 – Walther PPQ

#17 – Ruger LCR

#18 – Walther CCP

#19 – Ruger EC9

#20 – Tie – Ruger SR9c

#20 – Springfield Armory 911 .380

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90 thoughts on “The Top 10 Most Popular Guns For Women – 2018

  1. L. Barrett says:

    1. Extensive knowledge about gun safety
    2. Familiarity and feeling at ease with shooting gun. Right down to cleaning it.
    3. Buy as small as possible so you can wear in holster on your person. Hidden under loose blouses. (Not in purse unless possibly a crossbody ‘worn’ type bag. And never in a plastic bag!)
    4. USE HOLLOW POINT BULLETS ONLY. This more than makes up for the small size of gun!
    Never own a gun unless you are willing to instantly pull trigger when in danger.
    Never ever show gun, or acknowledge you have one to the hreaten. They’ll easily wrestle it away and probably kill you with it!
    Shoot to kill. Even if you don’t kill them, have them on the ground so you can get to safety.

    Lessons from my Sgt Major (in 8 years) , top gun scores, Korean combat vet dad.

  2. Nichole says:

    Hi I’m looking to get my 1 st gun ive been shooting before with friends I’ve shot a 9mm I’m not sure what she has I want something that is easy and from wht i know hers is not light any recommendations

    1. Valerie M says:

      I have a Kimber 1911 micro. It is easy to use and super comfy for small hands.

    2. Lisa Price says:

      9mm Smith and Wesson shield awesome gun for a woman

      1. Do they have a woman’s Gun Club around Bluffton I’m looking to purchase a gun and a shooting range need to know some information Lisa if you could provide it

        1. Susan says:

          I know of Palmetto State Armory in Hardeeville, but no women only clubs. I carry a S&W M&P shield 9mm and love it! Highly recommend

      2. Fancy says:

        great info I don’t know nothing about a pistol and it is a must for this single mom

    3. Melissa says:

      The glock 43 is really light weight, but my best recommendation is to go to the range and shoot a few different guns and styles be for you make a purchase. You will know with in the first round of shooting wether you like it or not.

      1. Exactly what my daughter tells me..

    4. Erick says:

      smith and wesson m&p EZ….. this was my wife’s 1st gun and she loves it. she can field strip it and clean it with ease.

      1. Sunshine says:

        I love that gun very easy to use.

  3. Anne Galivan says:

    I just purchased my first handgun. At my son’s recommendation I bought the S & W Shield EZ 380. It is so easy to rack which was a huge plus for me. I also have small hands so it fits great and is easy to CC. I was already considering a S&W but this is the definitely the one for me.

  4. Ginger Elder says:

    This is a great platform thank you

  5. Shailynn Hughes says:

    I just picked up the Springfield XDs 9mm. If you don’t think you’ll like the texture on the grip try the mod.2 it’s by far the most comfortable firearm that I have shot next to a full sized 1911 45

    1. Missy doucette says:

      I’m stating out . What do you recommend?

      1. Valerie M says:

        The Kimber 1911 micro is awesome. Compact, easy to carry and conceal, accurate, and fits great for small hands. I love mine and now own 4 of them

      2. Springfield Hellcat 9mm

  6. Nicholas Johnson says:

    Please show me a 9+1 XDS.

    1. Carrie Lightfoot says:

      Hi Nicholas,
      You can get an extended magazine for the XD-S to achieve 9+1 as seen here. Thanks for the question.

  7. Cole says:

    Although I’m a guy, I’m also a gun enthusiast, and here are a few suggestions that I think would work well for women to carry:

    1. CZ Rami 9mm, it has a metal frame which makes it a little heavier than most guns it’s size, but that extra heft makes it absorb more recoil and shoot smoother. This gun is also very concealable and looks great.

    2. SIG P320 9mm subcompact model. Very reliable with a very manageable slide and recoil. Plus the grip module can be easily changed out for one that is a better fit for your hand.

    3. Kahr CW380. Very small pistol chambered in .380 that you can stash or tote almost anywhere, plus it’s nicer looking than a Ruger LCP.

    4. Taurus G2C. Very good budget friendly option. Small enough to conceal and holds 12 rounds of 9mm. It’s also a very reliable shooter. Best of all is it’s price, between $200 and $250. You can buy 2 of these for the price of one Glock. There are also many color options available.

    5. Kimber Solo Carry or Micro Carry. Both are reliable, easy to shoot and conceal, and these two are probably the fanciest and best looking of any of the others listed. They are as good a fashion accessory as they are a CCW.

    1. Lima T says:

      I never thought I would need a gun to protect myself and my family since I live in a place where I consider to be one of the safest states- well that is changing soon. I’m Polynesian and have big hands lol- need some advise of what type to get- I’ve looked over some reviews and am very excited- some tips would be helpful
      I just post here randomly lol
      Thanks in advance

      1. Carrie Lightfoot says:

        Hi Lima,
        have you been to our Gun Finder yet? We made a tool to help suggest guns that may be good for you!

        1. Had purchased a 9mm ezsheild, sold it yesterday@a very reduced priced along with bullets.
          It was not easy at all for me, it was extremely had to press the metal piece on the side.
          Now need replacement have no idea what to get?

          1. Carrie Lightfoot says:

            Hi Antonette,
            Have you tried our Gun Finder yet? It is a quiz designed to give you a list of guns specified to your hand measurements and strength. Try it by clicking HERE

    2. Yocasta says:

      Thank you for the information, I just got my fingerprints taken today and will be going gun shopping soon As an FYI, I know NOTHING about guns

      1. Carrie Lightfoot says:

        Hi Yocasta,
        If you are brand new to guns, check out our Women & Guns: The Basics course! It will give you a great base of knowledge before you start your journey as a gun owner.

    3. Joan Behrend says:

      I just purchased a Kimber Micro 9mm, and Cole is absolutely correct. I love it!

    4. Faye says:

      Thank you for this information. Helpful to those of us just starting out. Helps to know where to start!

    5. Nita says:

      Hi Cole! Im new to this, so doing a lil research before purchase. I’ve been looking at the Taurus – was told it could have ‘jamming’ issues. Do you know anything about that?

    6. Joni campbell says:

      Looking for a gun for protection as I travel alone. Something easy to clean and use.

  8. Sonja says:

    I have a Taurus and a Kahr. I have had .380 and .9 mm both, currently enjoying my .9mms. I have had a Sig and tested a Glock. Neither were comfortable to me. This list is a good starting place but so many variables to think of. After testing, handling, etc. various types, weights, I picked the 2 I currently have.

    1. Leah says:

      Which Taurus do you have… I’m looking at a 1911.

    2. Nita says:

      Hi Sonja! Have you had any issues with the Taurus jamming?

  9. Chris says:

    Any thoughts on lighter weight carry guns? I started out, years ago, with a Glock 27 (.40 s&w), but, over the years, due to health issues and MANY surgeries … osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, 5 back surgeries, rotator cuff surgery, carpal tunnel surgery, thumb arthrodesis surgery, recurring rotator cuff tear … I just can’t take the weight of the Glock on my hip anymore. Right now I switch back and forth between a S &W Bodyguard .380 and a S&W M&P 22 compact (depending on how much weight my back can handle on any given day (the 22 is much lighter than the 380). I don’t carry a purse (because of my shoulder/back issues), and I use owb holsters, because the iwb holsters bother my back too much.

    1. Elizabeth says:

      FYI: I carry a Ruger 380 LCP, and keep it chambered. Are you able to have someone else chamber it for you, and you can keep it chambered? You’d have more options on close range personal safety if you did.

  10. Vanessa says:

    Okay ladies… I just turned 24, I had brain surgery at 20 that made me disabled. I have fought brain cancer 3 times now. I need a gun, probably a revolver incase I’m using a walker and only have the use of one hand. I need something easy to cock, something small, and little recoil.

    Before surgery, I had a 380 Taurus. It’s too hard to cock… even when I wasn’t disabled.

    Any suggestions on type for me? Thank you in advance.

    1. Carol K says:

      I have the smith and Wesson 380 EZ. Easy to rack . Love this gun, have to try it.

      1. Teresa Stempien says:

        Just starting out.Im taking private lessons and this is the gun I was shooting today.i don’t know if I’m a fan for the reason with the 2safeties not always is my hand enough on the back safety. Again I am very new at this but also going to try the Glock 42.
        But after looking at the reviews here on line the Glock 43 is number 1 for women.Still learning still researching.Any feedback is good

    2. BCurtis says:

      My wife carries a .38 cal Smith and Wesson Body Guard (not the semi-auto Body Guard) . Very light. Built-in laser sight. Very little recoil. The grip is the narrowest I’ve seen, which I expected would make it uncomfortable to shoot, but it is very comfortable. Points quickly, easy follow-up shots. Very nice (Bought a second one for myself. It’s half the weight of my Taurus but with less perceived recoil.)

  11. Donevon Murrell says:

    I have a Sig P238 as my concealed carry. I LOVE this gun! I can shoot all day with no hand or neck pain. The recoil is virtually nonexistent and the slide is a breeze to rack. I even like the thumb safety – practice makes perfect. I tried the Ruger LCP II, various Glock 9mm’s and a Walter .380 before I decided on the Sig. My advice is to shoot as many guns as you can to find the right fit. My home defense weapon is a Taurus .38 Special revolver. It hurts my hand too much for recreational shooting, but is great for its intended purpose.

    1. Donna says:

      If pulling the trigger hurts your hand because it’s hard to manipulate, there is an answer.
      I have a S&W .38 special that had a tough trigger pull. After getting it adjusted at a gun shop the trigger is much easier to pull.
      Hope this helps.

    2. This is very good information because I’m looking to buy my first gun! I am a woman never owned a gun before I’ve been doing a lot of my research my car dealer tell me about the Sig so that’s the one I think I’m going to go for I get a different weapon for my home thank you

  12. Alona Pickett says:

    IM new trying to find 1st EDC . waiting on . its summer 2019. So confused on what gun. 65 don’t see black well. TZRIED DONE AT GUN SHOP no shooting yet. Surprised no one looked at. EEA Wittness Pavona 380 or 9mm and the FMK 9C1 G2 ??? I’m so new and old LOL Need easy. Rack . ANY THOUGHTS ? This sight Rocks! Thanks ! Lonnie P

    1. Carrie Lightfoot says:

      Hi Lonnie,
      Here is a great article on guns that are easy for women with less hand strength to rack. Click Here for the article

    2. Cathy says:

      I have wrist and hand issues and love the Smith &Wesson M&P Shield Ez 380…easy to rack, minimal recoil, magazine is easy to fill with notches on the side plus it has two safety features, grip and thumb safety. I can shoot at my five hour trainings and have no hand pain and does not effect a neck issue I have. Great price too.

      1. Kathy says:

        I too have the Smith &Wesson M&P Shield Ez 380 and agree it is so easy to rack, minimal recoil, magazine is easy to fill with notches on the side plus it has two safety features, grip and thumb safety. I love this gun but for me it is still to big to conceal carry. I have tried every way to conceal it and it just doesn’t work for me. How do you conceal yours?

  13. Susan Brownley says:

    At 59, and less hand strength due to carpel tunnel surgery R&L racking the slide and fitting in my hand is paramount! Browning 1911-380 is the one for me. Easy to conceal, easy to rack, and shoots great!

  14. Talea says:

    My EDC is a Sig P938 We The People. My husband has a 365, which I love. I don’t regret my impulse buy of the P938 but I probably would have got the 365 if I’d tried them both. I got the P938 to downsize from a S&W 40. The 40 is a nice solid pistol but I didn’t care for the trigger pull (better the more I shot it) and it was just too bulky for me to conceal every day in an office environment. My P938 is a dream to carry and nice to shoot. The grips are raised stars so not the most comfortable, especially compared to the soft rubber grips on the 365.

  15. Lynn Baker says:

    My EDC is a Ruger ec9s and I am very satisfied with it. I was recently introduced to Canik, however, and absolutely love their TP9SFx! Quite the smooth operator, a joy to shoot! I’m going to purchase one as my home defense/range fun gun, as it’s too large for EDC. I’m quite impressed with this brand.

  16. deb26800 says:

    For any gun purchase, do your homework and watch lots of videos. Pay attention to accuracy, ease of racking the slide, and ESPECIALLY take down and reassembly at cleaning time. In Texas we don’t have to conceal, so if I did carry I open carry something I could depend on. Little guns, no matter what the caliber, make me nervous. But I have little hands. The Springfield 1911 EMP 4″ 9mm is one I’d highly recommend if you want to carry on a belt.

    1. Kris says:

      Not the best idea to open carry if you’re carrying for protection. If a sex trafficker sneaks up on you and sees that you are carrying he can take your gun and use it against you. If you want to protect yourself its imperative you have the element of surprise.

      1. James says:

        But it’s a great deterrent… most “sex traffickers”, and other such types, are absolutely not looking to create a hazardous situation for THEMSELVES.

      2. Jimmy phillips says:

        Excellent post

      3. Jenn Lee says:

        Very good point. I’m getting a belly band to conceal mine.

  17. Vanessa H says:

    As a new shooter, I tried many 9mm’s before deciding on the Ruger American 9mm. I have bilateral carpal tunnel and was Concerned about the recoil however using the Ruger American I’ve been shooting for over a year and do not have any issues with recoil. Racking the slide is no issue either. I’m surprised that it is not on the list though. I’m considering getting another handgun this spring and I’m looking at Beretta and H&K 9mm. I Also want to get a 22 for practice and welcome suggestions.

    1. Holly says:

      I’ve had a Ruger SR22 since December, and I absolutely love it. Easy to use, esoecially for a beginner like me. It really likes Blazer LR ammo. No sub sonic,

  18. Ida Dennis says:

    Stan,I totally agree. The S&W EZ Shield is a great gun for weaker hands like mine.

  19. Ida Dennis says:

    I have RA and just purchased a S&W EZ Shield 380. I love this hand gun. Easy to rack even with my weak hands. The magazine is easy to load. I like the double safety. It fits my hand perfectly. Ladies if you haven’t tried shooting this gun…your missing out. I know 9mm have more stopping power, but it just became too heavy for my body and I consistently shot low. This gun is just right.

  20. Val Aldrich says:

    I tried the Sig, S&W shield and the Walther PPS. I went about 4 times to the range to test them out. I ended up with the Walther and I absolutely love it. I could of gone with the shield too but I really felt most confident with the PPS. I did not enjoy the Sig at all.

  21. Gail says:

    I had a Ruger LC9s as my first handgun 2 1/2 yrs ago. I didn’t enjoy shooting it –even after trying different ammo. It was hard on my wrists and I didn’t like the recoil–it’sa snappy little gun. I won’t even mention the steps to go through to dismantle and clean it. Fast forward to this year when I tried a Sig P365. Bye, bye Ruger, and HELLO to my new little friend. Love the 365, loved it even more when I tried the Sig 365 Elite Ball ammo. Oh and dismantling and cleaning is a breeze!!

  22. I just bought a glock 34 gen 4. nice grip, easy to rack and shoot.The place where I shoot had the glock people do a weekend get together to try different glocks,I really like this gun.I also like my H & K, although it is a heavier gun.My 2nd favorite is the Walther.My carry is my sig sauer P238.easy to conceal carry.So glad I live in Florida.

    1. Linda reinhart says:

      I have a Glock 34 , and totally love it however I don’t shoot it as well because my hands are smaller and I couldn’t wrap my hands around the blackstrap, for a good grip. I understand the new generation Glock 34 has an interchangeable back strap to make it thinner if needed.. I am just starting to shoot competition so I had to switch to another handgun. Waiting on California so I can purchase a GEN 5. Glock 34. !!

  23. Katie Braaten says:

    I absolutely LOVE my S&W .38 special+P. Airweight 5 shot revolver. It is my everyday concealed carry gun. I also carry a 5 shot speed loader in my purse, just in case!! You can count on a revolver firing everytime you pull the trigger as semiautomatic’s can jam.

  24. Shannon Clark says:

    I did have a Ruger 38 Special, but with the air weight frame, it just had too much bite in my hand. I couldn’t shoot very many rounds out of it and neither one of us was very accurate with it either. And because I was no longer uncomfortable shooting a semiauto gun, I traded up to the Glock 42 when I got my CPL (it was between that and the Glock 43) and I love it. He just changed the sights to Tritium Night Sights for me. I have been considering a second gun, so I’m going to check out some others in the top of the list.

  25. Keith says:

    CZ Rami 9mm 10+1 is what my wife carries and she loves it. All steel makes it a bit heavier than a polymer frame pistol, but its weight also reduces the direct hand to wrist recoil and muzzle flip associated with lighter weight pistols plus its slide in frame rather than slide on frame design further reduces muzzle flip. Well worth taking a look at and considering for a woman or a man. Probably one of the most obscure and under rated concealed carry pistols in the market. https://www.gunworld.com/guns/czs-rami-9mm-the-most-underrated-carry-subcompact/

  26. Dee says:

    I love that we have a lot of women that responded. I also like that the comments here have questions about individual states…seems we are all a bit curious. I would also love to see the question divided into 2 categories, Home Defense & Conceal & Carry.

  27. Gerry says:

    #17 on their extras list is a revolver. Can get it in .38 or .357 (also 9mm). I recommend .357 so you have the option of .38 or .357…doesn’t work the other wsy around tho…one chambered in .38 can’t handle .357…

  28. Jane says:

    I have Glock 43 and 19. The H and K vp9 and a Walther .22. looks like I need to buy 2 more just to be Average! Lol.

  29. Stan George says:

    Give the S&W EZ Shield another year. It will be #1

  30. Joanna G says:

    I have both the Ruger LC9S and the Ruger SR9C. The LC9S is my carry gun that is either in my Crossbreed Purse Defender holster or my Can Can Hip Hugger Concealment holster. The SR9C is my bed stand gun. Both guns will take any ammo brand you feed it, are reliable, and accurate. The SR9C is a dream to shoot, and I use it at the range as a warm up to the LC9S, which is a little snappy, but not excessively so. I’ve had my eye on a Sig P238 though, to add to my collection. Also looking at a Ruger LCR.

  31. Kathy says:

    Him not one of mine on the list. But concealment is not an issue for me, no one gets a concealed carry permit in NJ. I bought the Neos .22 this year and love the way it fits my hand! My all time favorite is still my first bought 10 years ago, S&W M66 .357. Absolutely love that gun!

  32. Heidi says:

    Have had a Ruger LC9 for years and love it. I was sad not to see a revolver in this list. That’s what I want next and have been looking at. Any advice on 38 specials?

  33. Jill Robertson says:

    Love my GLOCK43. Happy to it #1. Very good article. I repeatedly tell friends, male and female, that a woman MUST choose her own gun. So many men decide what their wives should shoot. Never works out. Men don’t choose purses or shoes for their wives, they shouldn’t choose guns either! My husband works in the industry and he would be the first to tell any man to let his wife choose her weapon.

  34. R.M. Christesen says:

    I have the Sig P238 and had the trigger load lightened by 2 pounds. Helped me with the “anticipation ” factor. Just got the Glock 43 and have only put 250 rounds thru it so far. Added a Hogue grip sleeve (great workout getting it on) and that helped with some of the issues I had with my hand and recoil pain. My go to however is my Colt Government .380 with its smooth 4# trigger and easy slide.

  35. Miquelle says:

    I bought my first gun in 2018 and it was a Glock 43. Oh, how I love it! There’s no way I would have gotten anythong different. It’s a great gun and good size for concealability.

  36. Linda says:

    I have 4 of them, maybe I should go try the others out

  37. Ken Rabidou says:

    Walther pps m2 should be in top 10. My wife prefers mine over here shield.

  38. Virginia says:

    I would be interested in knowing what models the ladies looked at before making their purchase. Did they all make their choice from the same selection and/or do they own any of the other guns in the top 20?

  39. Spring Mason says:

    Totally agree. We got one used from a police officer who was getting a 43X.

  40. Michelle R Hoyt says:

    I have the Ruger LCR 38 and love it, but have been really thinking of getting in addition one of the top 4 listed here! I also have a Single Six and it’s so fun to shoot, not concealable though.

  41. Paula G Hephner says:

    I have carried a Springfield XD40 for the past eight years or more and I love it.

  42. I have 7 of the top 20! I love my Sigs and H&K’s!

  43. I have 7 of the top 20! I love my Sigs and H&K’s!

    1. Margot Aspen says:

      I agree. Was all SIG till I found an HKvp9 @ a gun show at such a good price, it would have been criminal to pass it up. Didn’t realize I’d love it as much as I do.

  44. Debra Palmet says:

    Amazing I have 5 of the Top 20! Or 3 of the top 10!

    1. Charlette P. says:

      With so many stories and incidents about sex trafficking here in Memphis plus the robberies, I am on the edge all the time. I am a retired army veteran whose never shot a hand gun, my first thing I learned how to shoot was an M16 and worked my way up but never down. Last year a guy tried to rob me at gun point while I was holding my daughter in my arms. What is a good recommendation for my very first fire arm? I’m 5’1 with little hands (if that makes a difference). That is one thing that I’m concerned about is the size of my hands

      1. Pat says:

        I am also 5’1″ with small hands. A Sig P238 works GREAT for me. The P365 fits my hand, but racking the slide and handling the recoil were painful.

  45. Debra says:

    I wonder what the list looks like with and without California in there. We can’t get the Glock 43 yet – praying the Supreme Court backs us on reversing the “roster”.

    1. Sona says:

      Right??? While researching, pretty much EVERY gun i have decided on has been illegal here!

  46. Cindy Blankenship says:

    Love my Glock 43. Easy to conceal . Love the way it fits in my hand when I shoot.

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