Defending our Young
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Defending Our Young

It’s Primal

Mothers are never more fierce than when protecting their young. This primal instinct is in all living creatures. The violent fight to the death response is fully acceptable and is the expected response in the animal kingdom when a mother’s young are threatened. In the wild, predators lurk and stalk, waiting to find weak and vulnerable prey. Should someone threaten a lionesses young, they are met with force like no other. It is intense, fierce and violent. Nothing is more important to that lioness, then to protect her young. If you threaten a Mama bear’s cubs, what do you expect? You will receive a full on deadly response from her and are likely to not survive it.

It is no different for us human mothers. The threats are all around our families. They are invading our lives in ways like never before. Unthinkable crimes and violence are entering our homes, schools and our streets. Attackers will receive the same response as that of the lioness or mother bear. So, how can it possibly surprise or even offend people when a woman protects her child, by equipping and training to use a firearm in defense?

Women are Evolving

The threats our families now face have evolved and changed. As with the animal kingdom, we must adapt our survival techniques to meet the changing face of the threats. So simply put, as the attacks grow in intensity, complexity and power, so must the defense.

Yes, women are evolving.  Many are now the only protector the family has, as a mother she must move into this role equipped to defend against the dangers of today. The instinct to protect is no less fierce in a human mother than it is in the animal kingdom and as the dangers grow more intense, so shall a mother’s defense. A well armed and well trained mother is a fierce force. For many women, what an evil attacker is going to see when attacking her children, are not her front teeth or fingernails, but the barrel of her gun.

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