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What Is a Concealed Carry Gun?

The Concealed Carry Gun

What exactly makes a gun a concealed carry gun and what features are important to look for when choosing one? This truly is the very first step as you begin the shopping and trying process.

I know this sounds like a simple question, and for the most part it is. But as a woman just starting the process of taking her own self-protection and that of her loved ones into her own hands, this simple question is an important and foundational one.

Let’s break it down. A concealed carry gun is also known as CC gun, carry gun, conceal gun or concealed weapon. It is a handgun that you carry on your body or in a bag in a concealed manner.

The gun must be of a size and shape that you can have securely on your person or in your bag without other people seeing it or its shape. Clearly, size matters here unless the clothing that you wear can effectively cover and hide a larger gun. Generally, women prefer to find a concealed carry gun that is smaller and easier to hide within her current style of clothing.

Type of Concealed Carry Gun

A concealed gun can be either a semi-automatic handgun or a revolver. The choice between them is simply a personal choice of which type of gun they can shoot comfortably and safely. Read here to learn the differences between the semi-automatic and the revolver.

Important Features To Consider in Your Concealed Carry Gun

Not only the size and shape of your concealed carry gun are important features to consider but also:

  • Ammunition capacity – how many rounds of ammunition do the semi-auto magazine or revolver chamber hold.
  • Smooth edges –  with nothing protruding for snag-free drawing from the holster hidden in your clothing or the purse/bag.
  • Barrel length – the longer the barrel the harder it may be to conceal and draw from the holster. Women tend to have shorter torsos, leaving less room to draw the concealed firearm.
  • Slimness – the thinner and slimmer the carry gun is, the easier it is to conceal without large bulges in your clothing. Semi-automatics are generally slimmer than a revolver.

Does Caliber Matter?

The bottom line is that whatever caliber you choose, it must be a caliber that you can handle and shoot effectively and safely. Keep in mind that the smaller the gun is, the more recoil (the energy produced from firing the gun) you will feel when shooting it. In addition, the shorter the barrel length of a gun, the less accurate it can be. This must be balanced with a caliber’s effectiveness in stopping an attacker. You can read more about caliber here Types of Ammunition.

Another important thing to know is that the use of “defensive ammunition” with your concealed carry gun is important and can raise the effectiveness and stopping power of the lower calibers.

Final Thoughts

One more important thing to consider when selecting the right concealed carry firearm is the availability of holsters. Particularly for women who have such a vast array of different clothing styles. It is important to consider where on your body you are most likely to carry your gun and find out if holsters are available for that carry location for the specific gun model you are considering.

The Well Armed Woman carries a variety of holster models for a variety of locations on and off the body that work with most women’s clothing styles.

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