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You know you’re a Well Armed Woman When…

Yes, another Jeff Foxworthy takes off, but I just couldn’t resist. The responses to this “fill in the blank” astonished me. Most made me laugh out loud while others made me realize just how significant it is to be A Well Armed Woman. There were hundreds and hundreds of responses and the task of selecting just a few to share with you was daunting.  I would have loved to share them all with you, but here we go…

You know you’re a Well Armed Woman When…………..

  • Keeping the muzzle pointed in a safe direction has nothing to do with your German Short-Haired Pointer!!!
  • Your husband is using the 409 cleaner and you tell him to keep his finger off the trigger unless he is ready to fire.
  • You know what frog lube is!!!

  • When digging in the bottom of your purse for change, you pull out a handful of stray spent casings from the range.
  • You have more guns than shoes!
  • 22-9-45-38 are not your lottery picks!!!
  • You walk into the gun store and everyone knows your name.
  • The guns you got in the divorce were yours to begin with.
  • Wearing purple makes you feel like you should be at the range.
  • If you’re now on YouTube more than your teenager.
  • Your kitchen is a mess but your ammo is stacked neatly & arranged by caliber & load.
  • When remembering your “First Time” has a whole other meaning…
  • You turn on the blow dryer and wonder if you need hearing protection.
  • Your idea of feminine protection isn’t Tampax.
  • When you have a holster to match each outfit.

  • Your husband’s friends call to ask YOUR advice on gun purchases and shooting drills.
  • When your husband leaves for deployment and tells you to defend this house and family if needed.
  • You are not afraid to enter a gun shop and buy ammo BY YOURSELF…
  • You prefer Hoppes #9 to Chanel #5
  • You shop & dine where it’s legal to carry.
  • When you don’t have any more room in your gun safe!
  • You’d rather go to the range than to the mall.
  • Your husband thanks you for protecting him all day.
  • When you prevent yourself from being the victim.
  • Your carjacker runs!

I read all of these wonderful answers and celebrate the fact to SO MANY WOMEN are gun-savvy and carrying nowadays.

Yes, this is fun stuff but the thought of so many women, living their lives with the knowledge and skill to protect themselves is really profound. Just think about it – if women could be armed in every sense of the word to defend themselves, just how different things would be.

So, how would you finish this statement?


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One thought on “You know you’re a Well Armed Woman When…

  1. Anita Thomas says:

    You know you’re a WAW when you schedule a girls’ afternoon with your daughter and you forego the pedicure to hit the range. Couldn’t be prouder of the WAW I raised.

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