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When You’ve Got To Go…. You’ve Got To Go!

The ladies room, potty, doing your business, going to the bathroom, or even powdering your nose. Whatever you call it – we ALL have to do it! The problem is, what in the world do you do with your concealed gun when you do?

The Challenge

For some obvious reasons, men have it a little easier in this department, well… most of the time. There is quite a bit of confusion and not a lot of discussion on this “interesting” topic. In a recent discussion on The Well Armed Woman Facebook page, the lack of information clearly results in less than safe solutions. So, what should you do? You don’t want anyone in the next stall to see your gun, freak out and call 911 when you’re simply answering Mother Nature’s call. You don’t want it to fall on the floor and slide over to into the next stall with a mother assisting her young child and you certainly don’t want to do anything that could risk an accidental discharge. So what do you do?

The How To’s

bathroom with concealed gun

Photo: Theo Romeo UCD Advocate

The answer is quite simple. The less you do the better! Anytime your remove your firearm from its holster you create risk. A well made in the pants or on the waist holster should hold your firearm snug, even if you accidentally turn it upside down. If yours doesn’t – get a new one.  Not everyone likes a thumb break but here is a good place where they come in handy. Keep your hand on the HOLSTERED firearm as you carefully slide down your pants. Spread your feet some to create extra tension in the waistband and keep your hand on it. Keep the top of your pants up off the floor and out of view from “neighbors”. If you’re wearing a belt, this is even more important as once you undo your belt – the weight of whole package takes on a mind of its own.

Another tip is to learn to take care of business with your non-dominant hand! Yes, you can do it and with practice it will feel normal to you and you will ALWAYS be able to keep your strong hand on your gun while using the facilities.

What Not To Do

Problems arise when you remove the firearm to get comfortable. Some place it on the toilet paper dispenser, the back of the toilet and even hang it by the trigger guard on the hook on the door! Don’t do these things.  These are not safe solutions and yes, even the most responsible and conscientious gun owners can leave and forget their firearms behind. It has happened, perhaps it has even to you.


Many women are wearing bra holsters, tank top holsters and belly bands. With these holsters this challenge is eliminated. For those of you that carry in your purse, as awkward as it may be, place your purse on your lap or even hang it over your body cross body style and keep it there.

If there is some reason not addressed here you MUST remove the firearm from your body, keep it holstered and hold it or keep it on your lap while you’re “busy”.

All of this “work” just to do your business may seem cumbersome, uncomfortable and even a pain in the neck. The truth is, this comes with the responsibility of safe gun ownership. If you really think about it, we are blessed to have the Second Amendment and the right to carry our guns everywhere we go. It’s worth it  to be a little uncomfortable this way.  So… Give thanks and go take care of business!

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4 thoughts on “When You’ve Got To Go…. You’ve Got To Go!

  1. Lynn Lawrence says:

    I recommend carrying unloaded for a while at first! That way you get some safe firsthand experience whether it’s what to do when you’re trying on clothes, getting in and out of the car, or the daily experience of using a public restroom.

  2. Pamela says:

    I read this tip and it seems to work: when seated, refasten your belt across your legs just above your knees. It prevents the holster from tipping over or pants and rig from falling to your ankles. Unbuckle when you have a grasp of the belt and are ready to rise and raise your pants up.

  3. Cheri says:

    If wearing an inside the waist holster, Make sure when finished and rearranging clothing that the guns front site doesn’t catch on the leg of your underwear. That makes it almost impossible to pull your weapon in an emergency

  4. Laura says:

    Check out female urination devices. I highly recommend the Tinkle Belle. You can stand and pee fully dressed. It is great for use in nasty bathrooms and while hiking. It may be helpful when carrying on the waist.

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