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Keanu Reeves Best Gun Movies

Ok… so I think I can speak for many of us gun toting ladies who have a soft spot for Keanu Reeves. He is a cool, down-to-earth, attractive guy and he loves to shoot guns. What’s not to love?! When celebrities who are constantly in the public eye handle and shoot guns properly, we have to show appreciation.

This summer, catch up on the best Keanu movies where he wields a gun (with authority, I might add!). Don’t worry about cringing through the typical unsafe and incorrect gun handling we typically see from Hollywood. If Keanu is involved, you know it will be done correctly! Maybe not all of these movies are up your alley, but you may want to give them a chance! All of these movies are available for purchase through the links.

Have probably watched John Wick… and John Wick 2… and maybe John Wick? You cannot go wrong with this series! The first movie is sad, exciting, full of action and a man who really, really loves his dog. Perfect for the gun owner that pays close attention to the details and appreciates correct shooting technique.



An oldie but a goodie! The bus can’t go under 50 mph and Keanu Reeves is a young police officer working with Sandra Bullock to save lives. Your heart will race as fast as the bus as you watch this movie. Keanu is the hero you needed in the 90’s and proved it with this great film.

This movie is one of the more fantastical on the list, but it is a classic. Shooting with such great precision and moving out of the way of speeding bullets is a fantasy we have all had. I know the physics of this movie are in no way realistic, but that does not take away from the elation and excitement a gun owner gets from watching the skillful shooting.


Bank robberies, federal agents, gangs, surfing… it doesn’t sound like a winning plot but let me tell you, this movie is good! Infiltrating a gang of surfers who rob banks in southern California, Keanu Reeves’ acting makes this movie.

This movie is a little different than the run of the mill action, romance or comedy that Keanu Reeves is normally involved in. If you are interested in a fantasy/drama about Heaven and Hell, this is the move for you! John Constantine uses an amazing array of firearms that any gun enthusiast would want to own. Of course, many of these are not real… but you can dream, right?


In this movie, Johnny (Keanu Reeves) is a data courier who has information implanted into his mind that gangsters and unsavory businessmen really, really want. Not only is he being hunted down for this info, the implanted data will kill Johnny if he can’t retrieve it within 48 hours! Accompanied by his female bodyguard Jane, Johnny sets out to acquire the passwords he needs to save himself. This is an action-packed, exciting film that will get your adrenaline pumping.

No matter what movies you want to catch up on this summer, Keanu Reeves movies will almost always be a good choice. Celebrities that shoot well and support shooting are few and far between and we want to show them our support as much as possible! And Keanu is pretty dreamy so that doesn’t hurt! Enjoy your summer and catch up with these great films.

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8 thoughts on “Keanu Reeves Best Gun Movies

  1. Mary H. says:

    Have loved him since I first set eyes on him back in 1986 in The River’s Edge. Fantastic actor and incredible human being… who just so happens to have extensive firearms handling and safety training. I would want him on my team for sure. God bless him!

  2. Diana says:

    John wick is my favorite! It’s one of the few movies that shows actually running out of bullets, releasing the magazine, loading another one, racking the slide, and then shooting- all without missing a beat. I also love the scene at the “tailors”. How fun would it be to have a place like that and a bullet proof suit!

  3. Melvin Major says:

    He is an awesome actor and person. The is like no other actor. He care for his family! He doesn’t need all that luxury stuff like a lot of actors. Family first. Great Guy. They need to do more stories on guys like him

  4. Oh my! Oh my! Be still my Heart! My favorite Actor of all time! I love his Movies, but I also believe he is an Honorable, Kind, Decent, Loyal, and Humble Man. Those type of Men are too few in this day and age!

  5. Mia Kim says:

    Love him for being an awesome actor but more so for being an awesome person!!!

  6. jojo5665 says:


  7. Cathy Bradford says:

    Love Keanu! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Patricia Butts says:

    Awesome actor and shooter

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