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Celebrating Independence Day

Summer is starting and soon it will be the Fourth of July, our beautiful nation’s day of independence. Everyone loves to celebrate the most important day in America’s history, but are we really celebrating Independence Day?

Having a BBQ and watching a dazzling fireworks display is the norm and not likely to change anytime soon. I’m not saying this is the wrong way to celebrate, but if you’re looking for something new, a different way to commemorate this day, here are some suggestions.

You Can Still Have a Party to Celebrate Independence Day!

As gun owners, our rights are extremely important. Take this opportunity to throw a patriotic themed party. Host historical trivia, decorate with posters of The Bill of Rights, say the pledge of allegiance and salute the flag, be creative in your fete. If you’re looking to go all out and decorate in all stars and stripes, purchase your décor from an American company and show them your support.


Support the Military

Call the closest military base to you and ask about any programs they have that send letters or gift boxes to troops. These brave women and men are stationed all over the world and serving our country. On Independence Day, as we remember the soldiers who helped create this amazing country, remember the soldiers who are currently serving and protecting our freedom. Care packages seem like such a small thing, but to the women and men serving, they symbolize our appreciation and respect for all that they do. Things like a card or board games, body wash, lip balm, snacks, sunscreen are greatly appreciated. Sending a handwritten letter will make your care package even more meaningful.


Visit a Historically Meaningful Site or City to Celebrate our Independence

You can go to a local memorial or travel to pay your respects to our founding fathers. Take a trip to the nearest Independence Day celebration or parade. You can also head to any of a number of historical cities, like Boston or Philadelphia, that played a roll in the Revolutionary War and partake in significant July 4th festivities there.


Involve Your Children or Grandchildren

So many young children think of July 4th as a fun day full of BBQ’s, fireworks and outdoor fun. Of course, this day can include all of this… but does the youngest generation understand the importance of Independence Day? Take the time to explain what it means so they understand why it is such an important day. You can help them complete education activities that teach them about our nation’s birth. Creating a memory that is meaningful will solidify what you teach your children about this holiday.


Final Thoughts

Celebrate Independence Day with the ones you love. Think about our freedoms and how America was created. No matter what you choose to do, I know you will observe Independence Day in a way that shows our great nation respect and honor.



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