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Women’s Holster Talk – The Sticky Holster

Carrie Lightfoot demonstrates the Sticky Holster, an innovative in the waistband and pocket holster that is very popular with women gun owners. No belt is required! Visit The Well Armed Woman Store to see and purchase this and all of our holsters for women.

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Video Transcription:

Hi, I’m Carrie Lightfoot of The Well Armed Woman and today we’re going to talk about a really wonderful holster called the sticky holster. Now the sticky holster is an in the waistband holster also can be used in a purse or in a pocket. So, let’s talk about it.

What’s unique about this holster is the material that it’s made from. The sticky holster is made from a non-slip kind of tacky rubbery material that uses compression and the tension in your waistband and holds the holster in place. Wherever you wear it on your waistband. The inside is made of a very smooth material so that the gun is not damaged during drawing or holstering. But the tension that we talked about in your waistband that holds that holster in place when you draw the holster stick so the holster stays put and the firearm comes out one.

Of the things that I love about this holster is the versatility of It. You can wear it anywhere on your waistband whether you’re wearing jeans with a belt or unbelted slacks even stretch pants or workout pants. The options are endless you just need to have that tension that will hold it in place. Now the holster has no clips as you can see or hooks on it and so that makes it really comfortable and very soft against your body. It also is ambidextrous so whether you’re right-handed or left-handed either way you can you can use this holster. It’s really light too I think they weigh about 3 ounces.  So, for us no added weigh that’s just a good thing right you agree.

All right for you new cc’ers, new concealed carriers, one of the advantages of starting with a sticky holster is that you can try a variety of locations on your body and find that sweet spot. Find that location that really works best for you before having to spend the money on holsters that may or may not be a good fit for you. So, the versatility of being able to rep carry this firearm in so many different locations is really an advantage. And one of the things I really like most about it now there’s another component to this holster that is called the travel mount and this unit is attached to perhaps your bedside table or your file cabinet at work or in the console of your car and it allows you to transition from location to location without unholstering in your firearm. So how this works is it comes with a Velcro sticky pad so which is excuse the noise. There so this is what attaches to the console or your piece of furniture at home and the holster then attaches to that. And then as you move from location to location you’ll take your sticky, holstered sticky and it would slide right in there next to your bed or in your car. And this makes it really safe because you’re never unholstering your firearm and you always have a place to safely secure it because you don’t want it loose and flopping around in the car for example or just loose on the nightstand. So that is the travel amount so stickies come in a variety of different sizes I just have a few of them here but they come in sizes for all different firearms semi-automatics and revolvers as well.

I know how important it is to hear from other women so I pulled a couple of product testimonies from women just like you who used this holster and I thought I’d read them to you quickly. Let’s hear from Connie I love this holster so much I tell everyone that sticking holsters are the way to go the only way I run and it works inside my running pants and leggings sometimes I put it in my running bra as well. It protects the gun from sweat too no matter what outfit you wear this holster work so that’s from Connie.

Let’s hear from Susan I have bought several holsters and have finally found the perfect one I use it for my Ruger LCP it fits perfectly in my waistband and it doesn’t move. Very easy to conceal and I prefer to carry it on my waist but great for the pocket or purse too. And one more from Peggy no matter how many holsters I buy and I’ve bought a few I think we all can relate to that right? I keep coming back to this one for my everyday carry I have one for each of my pistols and even though they’re getting warns they still

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5 thoughts on “Women’s Holster Talk – The Sticky Holster

  1. Nita Drolet-Johnson says:

    I have an HK VP9SK. What size sticky holster do I buy?
    Also want a to purchase a Hellcat for every day carry. What size sticky holster?

    1. Carrie Lightfoot says:

      for the VP9SK you will want the LG-6s and the Hellcat you will need the SM-5.
      Thanks for visiting!

  2. Nancy H Federoff says:

    I love my Sticky Holster!!!!!! So glad I got it. I can carry easier and with confidence.

  3. Audrey Clark says:

    I am hoping that before I buy my TWAW sticky holster, I can find the Travel mount in your inventory. I can’t seem to find it. Carrie shows it on the video about Sticky, but I can’t locate it. Do you sell the Travel Mounts for Sticky also?

    1. Carrie Lightfoot says:

      Hi Audrey, yes we do offer the Sticky Travel Mount, you can find it at this link TRAVEL MOUNT

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