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Women’s Holster Talk – Compression Concealment Shorts

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Carrie Lightfoot discusses and demonstrates the compression shorts concealed carry holster.

Video Transcription:

Hi, I’m Carrie Lightfoot, owner of The Well Armed Woman and founder and chairman of the board of The Well Armed Woman Shooting Chapters.

Today we’re going to talk about the concealment shorts. This holster option, as you can see is available in three colors, we have black, we have nude and we have white. These are compression fit so they are snug. Not quite as good as a spanks but you get the idea. You get some of that kind of forming advantage.

Concealment Compression Short Features

These shorts have two holsters in the back so it’s ambidextrous. So, whether you carry right-handed or left-handed these will work great for you. If your just carrying your firearm you can also carry a spare magazine in the other holster or your concealed carry license, keys or cell phone.

So, these shorts are ideal when you’re wearing a loose or an unbelted waistband because you need to have that firm solid platform to carry your firearm. If your waistband is flimsy then a waistband holster just isn’t going to work. When you’re wearing these concealment shorts, it puts the firearm right in the waistband location in the small of the back. So, now you can carry in the waistband but not on the waistband so really a great option.

They’re great for exercising or under yoga pants, any kind of skirt or stretch pants. Really there’s so many options with this with these holsters. The holster material is very thick so there is no chance of accidentally pulling the trigger.

My Experience

I have my Glock 43 here, which is empty see there’s no round in the chamber magazine well and the magazine is empty. So, let’s talk about holstering in a soft holster like these. They are very very thick the holster material, so it’s really difficult to pull the trigger through it. It’s important with a soft holster to understand that it’s we want to be very careful we don’t cover ourselves because as you’re stretching open that holster you can cover yourself. So just very carefully when re-holstering make sure you open that holster material all the way. Then slide the firearm down keeping your finger extended along the slide outside the holster. It really is a great a great holster option. The material is really very soft and very stretchy and very comfortable.

So, I really really encourage you to check out this holster. You can visit and in the holster section you can find the sizing information everything you need on the website along with some testimonials.

Concealment Compression Shorts Reviews

I want to share a couple of those with you today. Let’s hear from Caroline “these shorts are incredible I wear yoga pants, skirts etc. and finding a holster is so hard. These are so comfortable I also wore them under jeans and a slightly fitted shirt and you couldn’t tell I was carrying anything. I find these shorts better for me than a typical belt and holster (and I’ve tried them all). You won’t regret these”

Let’s hear from Kate “I absolutely love these shorts they fit nicely and hold my Glock snugly I especially like that the holster / elastic is very thick and sturdy to completely cover the trigger guard while holding my gun in place. While I go out about my very active day. Two of my five children are toddlers. I have no problems holstering my gun. You have to visualize what you are doing but I find that the stiffness of the elastic helps immensely in easily getting the gun into place. I highly recommend for all women who CC”

Let’s hear from Sandra “this item is utterly fantastic. I put off taking a chance with it because it looked more like a girdle which is confining hot an uncomfortable. Finally, I took a chance and I’m amazed with the comfort. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. My gun is easy to reach and unnoticeable from the back. I will be purchasing another one”

and finally let’s hear from Rebecca “I purchased these shorts to wear while exercising with my daughter. I love knowing that my Taurus is within reach at all times. I walk and jog so I needed something that held a gun tight without shifting. I’ll put my Taurus in one side and my iPhone in the other and they never moved for three miles, and when I returned home though I was sweating like crazy. My gun was dry and only the portion of the rubber grip that was sticking out of the holster was slightly damp”.

Final Thoughts

I really hope that you find these videos helpful. It really is my desire to make making the decisions of which holsters to wear as easy as possible. With every purchase on The Well Armed Women everything is refundable or exchangeable, so no worries. The last thing I want is for you to have a box of holsters that you never use.

So, visit the website where you’ll find holsters on all the videos that we carry and I look forward to seeing you on the next one.

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