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Women’s Holster Talk – Ankle Holsters

Carrie Lightfoot, owner of The Well Armed Woman demonstrates and talks about the The Well Armed Woman ankle holster.

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Hi, and welcome to another Woman’s Holster talk. My name is Carrie Lightfoot and I’m the owner of The Well Armed Woman. I do these videos to help you decide which holsters will work best for you. It’s so hard to order online without getting a chance to at least see them, how they work, and to understand the pros and cons and see if it will work for you.

Today we’re going to be talking about ankle holsters. An ankle holster is a great mode, especially for a back-up gun. I always recommend that women carry their primary carry on their body. So in the waist, on the waist, belly band, anywhere on your torso, even a bra carry, all of those, the firearm is within reach and easy for you to access. So that really should be your first choice. But, there are maybe times when that is impossible. Or you may like to carry a second back-up gun, and an ankle holster is a great way to do that.

So, we’re going to talk about the new, Well Armed Woman ankle holster. And the reason I designed this was, in my experience, the ankle holsters, number one, were so big, and they just weren’t designed for a woman’s leg. So I kind of redesigned it, and I’m really pleased with it. It’s very comfortable. One of the things you’ll find on my holsters is you’re not going to find a lot of bling. They’re not too sexy, but they are functional and they’re comfortable. And they’re going to do what they need to do. And if they’re comfortable and functional, you are going to use it. And so, kind of plain Jane, but it does the job, and that really is the most important thing, and should be a priority.

So the ankle holster, I designed it in three holster sizes, so, especially for the second gun, or back-up gun, there’s one with a very small holster for a derringer, a really small, subcompact handgun, which typically is a second gun. It comes in a small, which is, again, for those very small subcompacts. Then it comes in a medium, which is for, probably what most of us carry, is a regular-size, compact semiautomatic, or a revolver, snub-nose revolver. So that comes in that size.

And then, also have one for large firearms. So this is a Kimber .45 in here, which is a large firearm, not one that I would typically wear on my ankle. But wanted to have the options for you, for those of you who prefer to carry a larger firearm. So those are the basic holsters.

The holster also comes in different ankle lengths, which isn’t out there. Which is really frustrating to me because I have smaller ankles, and I know many of you do. In many of my conversations with you, some of you have teeny ankles. And the standard, male-designed ankle holster is just way too big. So there’s different ankle sizes for you to select from.

This one also has a calf strap. I know I’m wearing black, it makes it hard to see. This has a calf strap, which I really recommend. I’ve tried both, but the extra support is really significant. Most of the ankle bands, they tend to slip eventually. Whether you’re wearing it on just your skin, or with a sock, or a stocking, when you’re wearing long dresses, they just tend to slip. So I think the calf strap is really important.

I did design it to be removable, so if there were times when you didn’t want to wear it, you can remove it. And it is also adjustable, which is important. We all have different sized legs, so you can adjust the drop of the garter so that the ankle holster is in the right area. That is the overall design.

Another thing, kind of simple but really important, is the Velcro. The Velcro’s designed so that the rougher side is not on the inside of your leg. A simple adjustment, I’m surprised people haven’t done it before.

Now what I’ll do next is we’ll go through a little bit of demonstration on putting them on. I want to talk a little bit about the draw. Ankle-holster draw is a challenge. When the firearm is on your waist it’s easy. Your hands are just where your hands always are and it’s very easy to access your firearm when it’s on you.

When it’s on your ankle, you have to get to it. And if you’re in a situation where you are running, you know, you’re running away from an attacker, getting a firearm out of your ankle is nearly impossible. So something really important to consider.

Also, your ability to bend down. You’ve got to bend down to get to the firearm. Those are issues that you need to look at, whether it’s a size issue, or arthritis, or things like that that make it difficult for you to bend over. You need to think about that.

Also, which leg to wear it on. There’s a lot of opinions out there. Typically, most people will carry on the inside of their weak leg. I am right-handed, then I would carry my holster on the inside of my left leg. That is the most common, and it is a more natural, natural reach to access the firearm.

Another little trick to drawing is you can stick your leg way out to the side and just create that space where you can reach down and get that. Practice is really important with all holsters. With any holster that you purchase, you really need to practice drawing from it. Including purses, any kind of holster, and ankle holster isn’t excluded in that. It’s an unusual position. So unless you happen to be sitting in a restaurant or at work, where it’s very accessible, in most situations you are going to need to know how you’re going to get to it. So practice is important, with an unloaded gun, of course.

Okay. So now, we will put it on. I did shave. All right. I’m going to put it on the inside of my weak leg, so that’s my left leg, on the inside. And you can see, this fits really nicely. It fits my ankle very well. Now the calf strap, again, is adjustable, so I’m going to adjust that height to where it’s comfortable. And it should go around the meaty part of your calf, and it should be snug. Not so tight it’s cutting off your circulation, but it should be quite tight. And then I will adjust the height with this calf strap. There we go. And now I’ll put the firearm in. My firearm is unloaded, you can see. And again, always be careful not to cover yourself when you’re holstering, or re-holstering your firearm. That’s it. It’s on. See? You can’t see. Nobody will know it’s there. And it’s really comfortable.

So, this is the ankle holster. I hope this was helpful to you. Of course you can e-mail me any questions that you may have, or comments, always welcome. All the information on the ankle holster’s on the website, www.thewellarmedwoman. Lots of information on the site, I encourage you to visit often. Just a lot of resources for you and products that meet your needs as a woman. Thank you for joining us, and hope to see you on Facebook. And we’ll see you on the next one. Thank you.

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One thought on “Women’s Holster Talk – Ankle Holsters

  1. Jadonna Trout says:

    Thanks! I appreciate Carrie’s demonstration of the parts of the ankle holster, as well as seeing her put it on. (The video was a bit low to see the gun in the holster on her ankle.)
    I am more-seriously considering getting the ankle holster!

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