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Women’s Holster Talk – Compression Tank Top Holster

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Carrie Lightfoot of The Well Armed Woman discusses and demonstrates the Compression Tank Top Holster.

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Tank top Holster Video Transcription:

Hi, I’m Carrie Lightfoot the owner of the well-armed woman and the founder and chairman of the board of the well armed woman shooting chapters and today we’re going to talk about one of my favorite holsters and that is the compression tank top holster.

Tank Top Holster Features:

So, this holster as you can see comes in three different colors; black which I’m wearing today, white and also a nude color. This shirt is an ambidextrous holster which means you can carry right-handed or left-handed or you can use the spare pocket for spare magazine, perhaps a CCW license or your keys a cell phone or even a second firearm.

This holster is a very snug fitting tank top and the reason that it’s important that it’s snug is that that helps to create a solid platform to carry your firearm. These holsters are Universal which means that it can carry a variety of different sizes of firearms from something small as such as the LCP or something larger this is an M&P and I have a Glock 43 here. So, a lot of a lot of options here with shirt.

The best way to wear this shirt is under a loose-fitting top like I have on today. So, what I do is I wear it just like a tank top and I just put a cover shirt over it so I can go all day and I can reach my firearm if necessary. You can also wear it under an open v-neck shirt. The important thing is that you have access down into your shirt to get access to your firearm. So, really, it’s up to you. Training obviously is very important to practice, practice the draw and also reholster.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Okay let’s talk about the advantages and the disadvantages with this tank top holster. One of the greatest advantages of this holster is comfort it is an extremely comfortable holster to wear. Another advantage is it’s great conceal-ability. Because of its location kind of tucked under our arm and kind of taking advantage of our natural shelf, it really makes for the best conceal-ability.

One of the disadvantages though is because it’s a soft holster it is so important when reholstering to fully expand that holster prior to placing the firearm back in to make sure that you don’t cover yourself during the reholstering process.

Let’s talk about the fabric. This fabric although it is very snug fitting to give you that solid platform, is really comfortable and it’s breathable. The other advantage is it kind of helps smooth out your curves a little bit just because it is snug.

I have to acknowledge the very lifelike realistic mannequins here. It’s not that cold in the studio I guarantee you. I don’t know why they do that but sorry, so I’m sorry about that.

Tank Top Holster Reviews

I know how important it is to hear what other women think so I’m going to share with you a couple of testimonials. And just know, on the website you can find tons of reviews on this product.

From Dee, “I purchased this in black and the sizing chart worked perfectly. It is so comfortable that I don’t think I will conceal any other way now. Thank you”.

and let’s hear from Roberta, “I wear this tank top holster under a blouse and I work outside in 90-degree heat and it does not feel hot at all it doesn’t ride up and it’s very cool and comfortable. I have a mid-sized pistol a S&W M&P shield that I find hard to conceal comfortably on my 5 foot 2 inch small-framed body. this top has totally made it easy and comfortable to carry. I stand bend over sit and walk for hours a day in the heat with my pistol under my arm and it never bothers me”.

and one more from Deanna “hooray I finally found a holster that was comfortable enough to wear all day and keep my gun secure and undetected at 5 foot 4 inches. Fit issues for me are small chest large fanny and thighs and a short torso and a bit overweight. Even though my gun is small (a Kahr cw9) carrying on the waist is awkward and uncomfortable. While my purse is an option I prefer on body carry. I also ride motorcycles and this will work great with my sport bike gear. This tank is so comfortable it fits snug but it isn’t binding at all. It’s long enough that it doesn’t roll up at the bottom and can be worn under a wide variety of clothes. The breathable fabric is awesome. I bought the black one and plan on getting at least one more”

Final Thoughts

And you can see all the colors here on the mannequins we have our nude and white and I’m wearing the black. So, if you visit the well armed woman website you can find out all the information and see the sizing chart and additional photos as well. So just go to the holster section find the tank top and all the info information is right there.

Thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you on the next video.

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3 thoughts on “Women’s Holster Talk – Compression Tank Top Holster

  1. RC says:

    I am newly pregnant and also new to carrying. I have a g43 that I carry- along with my two toddlers!
    Would this be a good option? Could I lift the bottom over my big belly in the future, or will it mess up the way this holds?
    I do not like anything constricted on my lower belly when pregnant (that almost includes pants lol) so a belly band may not work.

  2. Lisa Courtney says:

    Looking to purchase a tank for my Ruger 380.Any suggestion?I have a tan one but think that I needed a size next up.
    Member of the TWAW.I think since 2016.

    1. Carrie Lightfoot says:

      Hi Lisa,
      We also have these tanks in white and black! They are compression so if you prefer it not really tight you could go up a size. Remember, you want it tight enough that there is no drag in the holster when you draw.

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