Concealed Carry for Women

Women’s Holster Talk – Under Arm Holsters

Carrie Lightfoot, owner of The Well Armed Woman demonstrates under arm concealed carry holster for women.

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Hi, I’m Carrie Lightfoot, the owner of The Well Armed Woman. And welcome to another Woman’s Holster Talk. The reason I do these videos is because I realized how hard it is to purchase holsters online. The idea is to help give you an idea of how they work, and how you would wear them, and just to explore to see if it’s a possibility for you. At the Well Armed Woman, we make all the products returnable for exchange or refund to help take some of the stress out of online shopping.

Today, I’m going to talk about under the arm holsters, and there’s two different ones that we’ll be talking about, that I’ve chosen to carry at the Well Armed Woman. Let’s get started. The first one that I’m going to demonstrate is the pistol-wear under the arm holster. This holster is an amazing fabric. It is a breathable, soft, there’s no rough edges, nothing to poke you. And it’s quite versatile too, as we’ll see. Right now, I have on the sub-compact size which is the smaller of the two holster sizes, for most of your smaller revolvers, 380s, LC9, LCP, things like that. So you can see that this is the size that this is. And in this, today, I have my Kahr P380, is what you’re seeing in this. As you can see it with it on, we’ll go through putting it on and how to wear it. It’s quite sleek. What’s unique about this holster is that the fire arm is completely enclosed in the holster, and the advantage to that is that it keeps everything close and snug to your body.

One thing that needs to be considered though is, that the grip is now not fully exposed and as easily accessible. This is an option if on the waist is not available to you depending on your clothing style, because primarily you want your fire arm some place close with that grip fully accessible. So ideal, no, because it takes a lot of practice, and to make sure that we remove the fire arm effectively and quickly with that grip fully enclosed. The advantage clearly is the conceal ability, and you can see it’s quite slim. It comes in two sizes. This is the compact which is for the larger fire arms. You can see the difference in the holster size. I’ll use this to demonstrate. It comes with a removable shoulder strap which has the Velcro attached from either side, which you can position however you like. If you want it to come cross, you can do that or as I have it this way. So there’s a lot of flexibility so you can adjust it to your collar, the collar line. So that’s the strap.

When you first receive it, there’s a Velcro strap, and it has a snap in the middle so you can adjust the length. So you can adjust this either way to extend and find the right strap length for you. Once that’s done you set that in. To remove it and put it on and off, there are three snaps which you can see right here, which is what you’ll use to put it on in the morning. It is really snug but it’s not binding, which is one of the things I really like. The fabric is unique. It’s extremely soft and it’s breathable which helps release the heat so it’s not so hot, and there’s no part of the fire arm that’s touching your skin. And because of this fabric, you don’t need to wear a shirt or a tank shirt underneath it. I do today obviously because there’s a camera and you’re watching, so I had to have something on. But with normal use, there is no under shirt or tank top required underneath it, which is nice. It’s just very, very comfortable. It’s washable, which also is an advantage, and it holds up really well. So that’s the fabric and this is it on.

Now, another thing to mention is that it’s available in different lengths, but there is an extension available. And the extension— I’ll put a picture up on the screen— is just a connector that extends this length larger if you need that. So advantages are, conceal ability, comfort is clearly a big one, the adjust-ability of it with the strap that you can place in different directions. One of the cautions, again, is the grip is fully encased in the holster, so drawing takes a little bit of practice. What we want to watch for is, number one, we don’t want to cover ourselves. So in the draw, you want to raise your weak arm, your non-dominant hand up out of the way when you reach to grab the fire arm and draw that. But it is a little different and takes practice. That’s with all holsters, I recommend that you practice to draw.

We change holsters, based on our clothing and we want to know where it is and we want to be confident in being able to draw it from any of those locations, whether using a bra holster or an on the waist, we want to practice that. Something that needs to be practiced, also upon re-holstering we want to be very careful that we are not covering our hand as we re-holster. Or you can take the whole thing off and then just start again. Putting it on is extremely quick and extremely easy. The Velcro straps— I’ll show you these a little more closely— again, it’s attached to the back. You could put that all the way across if you wanted, a complete cross or this can come down this way. It’s really whatever is comfortable. And one of the things that I always look for is versatility.

Something else we can do with this holster is— slide it to the front, there we go— is getting it up under the center of your bra. With a good shirt, look how flat that is? There’s really a great profile here, and I’m not huge chested. If I were a little bigger it would be even better, and with the right shirt, it’s a great holster. So again, you can move it around. It comes in both the right and left handed, where the fire arm is either under your left arm if you’re right-handed, or under your right arm. Those ordering options are available. So that is this holster.

What I will do next is I will show you the larger size, and I’ll use an empty shield to go in that. We’ve put glocks in it, and if you can handle that size, then there’s a holster size that will fit that. Okay, so I have the larger size holster which is called compact. Remember the smaller one is called subcompact. I have the Smith and Wesson shield here just to show you a larger fire arm. This is unloaded. What I’ll do is I’ll put this in here. So you can see that is fully enclosed. This also features a magnetic snap, which is nice, and the removable strap is adjustable. It has a slider so you can adjust that. I would say this is a really great holster for women. It is extremely comfortable, the material is really fabulous, you cannot kind of see that till you feel it, but it really is very soft and very comfortable.

One of the challenges would be, I think— unfortunately I don’t have this problemz— but if you’re larger chested, something to think about is that draw, you’re having to cross over your chest to get to the fire arm. So something to think about if you’re a larger chested woman, you’ll want to watch the placement to make sure you can access it easily crossing over you chest. Now I’m going to move on to the ultra carrier which is another option in under the arm carry.

Next I’m going to talk about the ultra carry. It provides a similar location. It’s different material and just some slight variations. Either one, women are happy with both. Just some differences, so just to show you both. This one is a little different. It has the cross strap in the back and that’s not adjustable. So here it is. To start putting it on, we’re just going to do some loose adjustments to get it positioned properly. So there’s a large Velcro strap here and two belt buckles down here. So we’ll do that strap first, and that just feeds through . . .I’m just going to do a loose attach until I get things kind of lined up. That’s there. And then these straps are going to go through— there’s a strap her — this slot, that goes through, that’s going to come up here, and then we’ll do the same thing on this side.

Now I kind of have it in position, now I’ll start to kind of tightening it up for my fit. It’s pretty soft. This is all canvas, like a cotton canvas. If, perhaps, you just don’t like elastic bands like the other one is, this might be a good option for you. Okay, so there it is. That’s on, and that’s what it looks like in the back. The holster is here under the arm, again, offered both ways for right-handed or left-handed shooters. This is my Kahr P380, and this is empty, and that’s empty. So the positioning is approximately the same, and some of the same issues with the drawing. You want to make sure your arm is out of the way, and get that in there. This has a Velcro closure. There’s some room in there for accommodating different fire arms. For a larger fire arm, this is available also, it’s called the maxi, and all that is, it’s the same set up but it has a larger holster. So again, a very slim line here and there you go. Same thing, pull up, reach down, and pull your fire arm out. So this one is the ultra.

Pros and cons it’s really a personal choice but different materials. This is not adjustable around the neck. So collar is important here. You can move them slightly but if you have a really loose open collar, it would be difficult to conceal that. But very comfortable and a good option for a lot of women. Business attires things like that, if you have a jacket or collared shirt, these are a great option. Okay?

So those are these two holsters. Thank you for watching. Any questions, you can just e-mail at info@thewellarmedwomen. You can see all the holsters that The Well Armed Women carries at the, full variety of all different holster options for women. And if you like, join us on Facebook, again, very active. We have a good time there, hope to see you there and we’ll see you on the next one. Thank you.

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4 thoughts on “Women’s Holster Talk – Under Arm Holsters

  1. pat says:

    Hi, I watched your video on the underarm concealed carry holster, and I have a couple questions:
    1st per the transcript you mentioned the subcompact and compact holster, they are the same, but just different in how big the gun is for each one, but that’s were the video ended, per the transcript there was also another underarm holster, so is there another video for that one ?
    2nd I thought I read somewhere on your web site that you no longer sell products, so what is the name of the underarm concealed holster, so it can be googled ?

    I just purchased a S&W M&P 380 ez

    1. Carrie Lightfoot says:

      Hello Pat,
      The underarm holster we would recommend was made by a company called Pistol Wear.

  2. Charlotte Mills says:

    Hi there!
    I like the look of this holster. I bought both the belly band and and an IWB holster from you but have been disappointed in both of them. I had both my Bodyguard .38 and my Sig .380 fall out of the bellyband to the ground in two different occasions on a hike. And the IWB for my Sig hurts to wear it so I end up either not carrying or I carry in my camelback on my hikes.

    1. Carrie Lightfoot says:

      Hi Charlotte,
      Thanks for the feedback! For the comfort carry belly band it is recommended to use one of the TWAW Trigger Shields with it because of the open bottom. The trigger shield adds extra retention for the smaller guns.
      For the IWB holster is it a Kydex? We recently came out with a TWAW Comfort Shield that can be added to any Kydex holster and it adds a thin layer of comfort between you and the holster preventing pinches and pokes that may happen.

      Feel free to try this holster and if you don’t like the feel we do have a return policy which can be found here on our FAQ page.
      I hope this all helps!

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