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Women’s Holster Talk – Lace Belly Band

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Carrie Lightfoot discusses and demonstrates the Lace Belly Band concealed carry holster.


Hi, I’m Carrie Lightfoot owner of The Well Armed Woman and founder and chairman of the board of the nonprofit The Well Armed Woman Shooting Chapters. Today we’re going to talk about our lace belly bands. So, this is the well armed woman lace belly band and I’m a huge fan of belly bands why because they are so versatile. They can be worn in such a variety of locations that they really offer just a lot of options and options are really good for us. So, let’s talk about this a little bit.

The well armed woman lace belly band is a beautiful white and black lace and one of the things I love most is let’s find the front here, see it’s so beautiful it’s hard to find the front, is we have almost 8 inches of adjustability with this extended Velcro area for sizing. That’s something that I really really appreciate.

Lace Belly Band Holsters

It also comes, each one comes with two holsters. Now the holsters are also versatile because let’s see there’s two sizes. So, for a smaller gun there is one holster pocket and for a larger gun there is the second holster pocket. That’s great we can wear it with any of our firearms. It also has a removable retention strap. If you prefer the extra security with a retention strap then you just stick that in with Velcro and wrap that over the grip of your gun.


So, why do I like the belly bands so much? Let me just demonstrate for you quickly, is the versatility. A belly band as I said can be worn in so many different locations. If we just start with kind of the central middle part of our body, which would be under the clothing of course, you can rotate the belly band to whatever position you like. So, if you want the firearm up under the middle maybe perhaps up under   your chest to take advantage of your chest kind of shelf area that’s great or either side right-handed left-handed any position you like.

Now if I were wearing this low around my hips and under my pants, it would be under my pants obviously, I can rotate that holster pocket to a small of the back position under my pants or I can rotate it off the hip or in any of the Appendix carry locations.

The Perfect Location for the Lace Belly Band

So why this is so important is that it just gives us so many different locations to carry our firearms. And the opportunity to do so with a variety of different clothing. For a new concealed carrier having all of these options is really great because we may not know yet what that perfect location is for us. This gives us a chance to kind of try them all out in a lot of different positions.


Let me show you one other thing inside that I love, is we have this really kind of soft silky almost kind of spandex-y liner. So when you’re when you’re wearing this up against your skin it’s really really soft and really comfortable. As I said each holster comes with two holster pockets for two different firearms. But it also has a third compartment. Which, could be used for your CCW license or a spare magazine, a cell phone something like that. These are all made in the USA which is nice and our sizing options are great. We go from an extra small, all the way up to a 5x which is about a 56” inch length. So, just a lot of products for a lot of different ladies and a lot of different sizes. I think you’ll really really like it.

Lace Belly band Options

We at the well armed woman have about four different belly bands. Because I really truly am a belly band addict. This is this is the newest addition to our family and I’m really excited about it. You can visit, go to the holster section and you can check out all the belly bands. We actually have a category that’s just for belly bands. So, you can see all the different options where you can see the sizing charts and the different gun models that this holster will carry. Which, basically is about anything and also some other images.


You know we get a lot of feedback from our customers and so I think it can be really helpful to hear what they say what they like about this product. Penelope shares “I just received the medium black 4 inch lace belly band. I wore it all day today in the six o’clock position on my hips shopping and running errands, I hardly even knew it was there. I have a micro Kimber 380 with extended mag visiting public restrooms no problem no slippage no hassle the lace feels softer against my body than the non-lace which I like but the band is still very secure. And I look forward to another day wearing it tomorrow under my tighter work clothes. I may even try my XDS 9-millimeter”

Jackie shares “the very best holster I have it’s my favorite of all easy to wear comfortable very secure doesn’t roll over, I could go on forever. Just buy it”.

and lastly Tammy shares “I love mine I got it a bit bigger to wear down on my hips under my waistband it’s a godsend when wearing soft waist pants I have used it with my pistols as well as my revolver. You can easily turn it from an appendix carry to hip or small of the back with little effort. The price is awesome”

Thank you for joining me for another holster video I do hope these are helpful to you I also invite you to join me in my addiction to the belly band and you can visit where you can find information on all of our products as well as videos that cover a variety of different holsters so until the next one take care.

Learn more: Lace Belly Band

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2 thoughts on “Women’s Holster Talk – Lace Belly Band

  1. Bonnie Gilbert says:

    I ordered your lace belly band today, but neglected to add a trigger guard/holster for it. Which of your products coordinate best with this band? Thank you much.

    1. Carrie Lightfoot says:

      Hi Bonnie,
      Here is the link to our TWAW Trigger Shield.

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