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The atrocious terror attacks in Paris have me rattled. I must say that the cumulative effect current events is having on me is profound. Terrorism, the plague of political correctness, attacks on our Second Amendment rights, the US economy, the deterioration of our values as a country, lack of support for our law enforcement and military and sadly, many others. It is almost overwhelming just writing this incomplete list.  Although I haven’t yet figured out what this all means for me, my family, my life, my work, or my future, I just know it is profound, I can feel it down deep in my bones. The morning after these attacks, I, as usual went to The Well Armed Woman FB page, but once I got there, I didn’t know what to do, post or say.  If felt great pressure that I should have profound words of comfort or instructions to help guide you through such difficult times. Yet, I had none. So I simply shared my state of confusion. As I struggled to figure out how I should feel and think, I quickly learned I was not alone in my numbness, anger and concern. The wise and thoughtful words of our followers brought me comfort and encouragement.  I knew I was among friends and they helped me to understand better, what my response will be.

I will share their wisdom with you, in hopes it assists you through the confusing, scary, and infuriating times we are in.



Do not fear

Be vigilant

Carry always and everywhere (Where legal)

Train more

Be a Sheepdog

Speak up and actively work to protect our Second Amendment

Be educated politically and vote

Protect yourself and your family


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