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It’s Time To Join-Up Ladies

SoIt’s Time To Join Up! Why is it important to you to carry a gun? My guess is that many of you answer this question with something like this:
  • To protect me against violence
  • I refuse to be a victim
  • To protect my children and my family
  • I am my own first responder
  • The police can’t be there in time

The Unthinkable

Sadly, some of you may have already experienced the unthinkable and with courage and strength survived to be here today. Perhaps you know a woman that has experienced violence or maybe you have had one of those scary experiences that left you thinking “That could have been REALLY bad and I didn’t have anything to protect myself with”.

At the recent Fashion & Firearms Concealed Carry Extravaganza in Indianapolis, IN, a panel of survivors shared their incredible stories of attack, rape, invasion, domestic violence, and stalking. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as all of us there listened to these brave women share the horror of their stories. Because, all of us acknowledged at our core that we knew it could be anyone, anywhere at any time.

It’s Important

Yes, we own and carry firearms for some VERY important reasons, and the ability to be trained and equipped to protect ourselves to equalize the battlefield is of life and death importance.

So, how is it that in the gun debate, women are included only as victims, and as statistics?

Women are the primary target for violence, hands down. Sadly, we walk through our lives with a target on our backs. Everywhere we go at any time of the day we live with the burden of fear.  Yes, we have a lot at stake in the gun debate!

So why aren’t women in the gun debate and why is it important that they are?

The Second Amendment conversation has primarily been a man’s conversation. Membership in the majority of gun rights organizations is overwhelmingly male. Yet, we have an extremely important message, one that only we can deliver with passion and emotion and we are master storytellers, master networkers, and can be VERY influential in protecting this precious right. After all, no one can get things done or can influence others like a woman on a mission!! WE are an untapped resource. So, we could be a powerful army in this battle and it’s time for us to JOIN UP.



Anti-gunners are promoting the incredibly offensive message that we women are NOT CAPABLE of defending ourselves with a gun! We are too weak, too emotional, too dangerous. In addition, They say we are going to get hurt or hurt someone else if we have a firearm! Hear me… It is women dispensing this foolishness. We have women, our sisters for goodness sake sentencing us to a lifetime of victimhood. (Funded by a man by the way!!) WHAT THE HECK!   We simply must not tolerate women diminishing women! The hypocrisy of this false messaging by women who say they are FOR women is the ultimate war on women.

Above, we established just about how extremely important our ability to own and carry a firearm is and that women are the primary target of violent crime. We must not let them suppress the power of the empowered woman!  Are you ready to join up yet?  femaleveteran_category

Here’s more..

The future of the 2nd Amendment is in our hands. If mom is shooting the whole family is shooting and we have the task of raising up the next generation of Second Amendment protectors.  Of course, we want our daughters to have the right to defend themselves with the only tool that can equalize the battlefield – right?

We must fight to protect it for them and for our granddaughters. We have the responsibility of educating our children about our Constitution and the rights it insures for all of us as Americans. In fact, in our schools, the history of our great country and what it was built on has been altered or perhaps could even be missing from lessons. As mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and sisters we must make sure our youth are firmly planted in American history and our Constitutional rights.

Are you ready to enlist? There is more…

We see some of the most ignorant and ridiculously restrictive legislation actually passing in states across the country. It’s tempting to shake our heads and say, “I’m glad that’s not in my state.” However, we must resist this urge and recognize that what we see happening in other states is not only a sneak peek at what the true agenda is and what is likely coming to your state one day, but it is chipping away at the health of our Second Amendment. Bit by bit it is being eroded and undermined until one day it is rendered useless and it topples.

Do you understand the critical importance of upcoming Supreme court nominations? Did you know that our right as citizens to own firearms was affirmed and confirmed as recently as June of 2008 in the Supreme Court? Did you know that it was only affirmed by one vote? Yes, just one vote.  It is a thin 5-4 Supreme Court thread that secures our rights to the Second Amendment. With the death of Judge Antonin Scalia (one of the five votes), the empty seat will be filled by the appointment of the sitting president. Given all of this, some speculate the possibility of 2 or more seats that would be filled over the next presidential term. Do you see the importance? Do you see the risk?

wacAre you ready to join up now?

It is incredibly important to stay informed, support all pro-Second Amendment efforts and candidates, vote, and educate all those in your world. We each must speak up and speak out.

It is going to take strength. Those that want to restrict or eliminate our right to bear arms can be aggressive and it might be tough to have the necessary conversations with the people in your world.

And…It is going to take staminaWe must continually keep ongoing pressure on our elected officials. Over and over again write, email and phone and communicate your expectation that they fight for your rights.  


So, what will it take? It is going to take commitment. The commitment of your time to be educated and informed. In addition, it will take the commitment of energy and dollars to organizations like the NRA who are prepared and able to take the fight to the front lines.

Our constitutionally protected right is under siege. So, ladies, it’s time!


  • It is time for us to form our army
  • Time to understand our marching orders
  • The time has come to train and prepare
  • and its time to get in the fight

I hope you will join me; I am honored to fight alongside you!!

See all of our Second Amendment Resources HERE


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    Hi Mylisa,for more information about joining a TWAW Shooting Chapter, please visit The TWAW Shooting Chapters website HERE

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    Is a FOID card is needed to join?

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