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Fork in the Road – An Open Letter

To say I am grateful, is such an understatement. The support you all give to The Well Armed Woman, The TWAW Shooting Chapters and to me personally overwhelms me. Because of this, not a day goes by that I am not touched by my position. By the story of a woman whose life is literally transforming with the confidence of her ability to protect herself. Or the sisterhood I enjoy with all the amazing women I have the honor of working alongside each day. By the encouraging words sent to me in an email from a woman thrilled with her holster purchase. Or the faith one of our amazing corporate sponsors has in us as we work together to educate women. Because of this, I count my blessings and wake up each day humbled by what I see in you. Thank you!

I_Am_GratefulIt’s not only healthy, it is important for us to show our appreciation to the people in our lives that bring so much to make our lives special. I will personally strive to do a better job of this each and every day.

I am also grateful for this amazing nation of ours. Grateful to all of those who laid the foundation, those who sacrificed and fought to keep our freedoms and those doing so now on the front lines of battlefields and on the front lines of the political battlefields. One significant way I can show my gratitude is with my vote.  I ask all of you you to vote alongside me. 

The elections draw very near, and to be honest, the anxiety is great and my concerns and worries for our country weigh heavy. I see the anxiety in you and I see it in the people I pass each day. 

For me, my concern it is not just for our immediate future or even the serious doubts I have in the people that we are choosing from to be our President. Consequently, these candidates will be long gone in the blink of an eye. It is in the future country that my children and my grandchildren will be the citizens of that I am concerned for and this is what I will be voting for. In short, this isn’t a choice between people, it is a choice between futures.


As you make your decisions, I pray you overcome any hurdles you may have between you and the voting box and vote for freedom and the future you wish for the generations to come. I am grateful to all of you making the best decisions you can. 

As always,

Proud to be your Sister in Arms,


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