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Pistol Drill: Slide Lock Reload and Shooting on the Move – Shooting Tips from SIG SAUER Academy

From Sig Sauer Academy and the NSSF here is a great tip on how to perform a slide-lock reload.

SIG SAUER Academy Director Adam Painchaud shares a slide lock reload drill that can help improve proficiency with a firearm. This drill consists of two precision shots at a 25 yard steel target, a slide lock reload while moving backwards and finishes off with two close range shots on a paper target while moving


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hey how you doing Adam Painchaud with the

sig-Sauer Academy just set up a little

drill right here

I like this drill blends a couple

different things I’ve got a precision

shot so at 25 yards I’ve got a piece of

steel so that’s my precision shot I’m

going to have to go ahead fire two shots

at that steel at 25 yards immediately

once I stop firing or once I file those

two shots I’m going to run on ammunition

with a slide lock reload so what I’m

going to do is I’m going to execute my

slide block reload on the move moving

backwards and finish it up with two more

shots on this paper target that’s nice

and close what I like about this drill

is I have to have the discipline to go

from a tight precision shot with

immediately go into a reload on the move

in two quick point shots so basically

after I fire that second shot at 25

yards you know as I’m starting to press

that trigger on that second shot at 25

yards I’m already starting to think

about movement and all that stuff so

keeping the discipline to be on that

trigger and execute that final last shot

at 25 yards takes a little bit of work

and a little bit of skill and then I’m

immediately thinking about going into my

my emergency reload a little bit of

shoot on the move moving backwards and

finish it up with two more shots so

we’ve got precision shooting we’ve got

point shooting we’ve got to reload we’ve

got movement and we’ve got rapid-fire so

kind of blending a whole lot of things

into one nice little drill y’all

demonstrate it one more time

so I’m Adam patron with the six hour

Academy come on out here visit us and

epi New Hampshire or if you’re looking

for a place to shoot go ahead visit NSSF

site where to shoot org and remember be

safe out down the range



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