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The most comfortable ankle holster there is. Sized for women’s ankles.

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The Well Armed Woman Ankle Holster is designed with a woman in mind. It is your holster option for when wearing pants or long skirts and dresses. Designed for all day comfort The Well Armed Woman Ankle holster is made with a soft neoprene ankle wrap holster with removable, adjustable garter and calf band for maximum flexibility and the maximum snug fit for your gun . Adjustable garter loop allows for personalized positioning. Garter is removable for times you don’t need/want to wear the garter.

Made in the USA from the highest quality materials.

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Available in three holster sizes and three ankle sizes for maximum flexibility!

1. Select your gun holster size:

  • Size Small: Fits small .22’/.25’s and “pocket” pistols
  • Size Medium: Fits small autos and small frame revolvers
  • Size Large : fits medium and full sized autos and large frame revolvers

2. Select your ankle wrap size:

  • Small: Fits the smallest ankles up to 8″
  • Medium: Fits ankles from 8.5″ – 12″
  • Large: Fits ankles from 12″-15″

3. Select Right or Left Draw

The Well Armed Woman notes on this product:

On the ankle is a wonderful means of concealed carry for women. but until now, they have been designed for men. I designed this ankle holster to better fit a woman’s leg and to be comfortable all day. If you wear slacks or jeans often, give it a try. No one will ever know you have a gun. They are really comfortable. I wear an ankle holster when I am wearing tighter pants or a shorter shirt that makes in the pants or on the belt impossible.

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Additional information

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Reviews (9)

9 reviews for Ankle Holster by The Well Armed Woman

  1. Ashley (verified owner)

    This holster seems to be more for women with a very small ankle & calf size. I wore it empty to test out at the grocery store and it slipped down. I tried it with my Glock 43 & before I even got out the car it had fallen down. I got the largest size and the top strap barely fit so the coarse side of the Velcro rubbing against my skin made wearing it uncomfortable. No matter how much I tightened it the holster wouldn’t stay in place. Plus it was painfully obvious I was carrying even in men’s sized sweat pants. I’m sure it works for some others but for me I ended up going a different route.

  2. S.G.

    I had a love-hate relationship with this holster. It’s VERY comfortable, but it didn’t conceal very well with my build. I have a meduim/small build and it was obvious I was cc even with baggy pants or bell-bottoms (the grip stuck out like a sore thumb). I ended up returning the item. On a positive note, I’m the most happy with their FlashBang holster! Wonderful! I’m also happy with their thigh holster and their Thunderwear.

  3. Jacq

    I bought this holster several months ago, and I want to love it but I find myself groaning if I have to use it. It’s very comfortable and does hold the gun itself very securely. It’s a simple and lightweight design. However, it does slide, and the calf strap is close to useless. The hole that it feeds through isn’t reinforced at all – it’s literally a slit cut in the neoprene, so any weight on it and it rips. I used it once and it’s already torn. Plus the strap is attached with velcro, and it’s a pain to feed it onto the holster because it keeps catching. I emailed this feedback in to them and received no response. Also I really wish the gun was held at a bit of a cant instead of straight up and down. I carry a Sig P238 and the grip of the gun sticks out past my calf. If the gun was at a bit of an angle it would be problem solved. I’m glad I have this when I need it, but when I have time to research holsters again I’ll be looking for a replacement for this one.

  4. Sarai

    Good job on the design of this holster! I have larger calves with smallish ankles, and this holster fits securely and comfortably.

  5. Ashley

    I just got my ankle holster stoked so happy i can’t even tell its on and the shipping I’m so impressed it was here just over the weekend very pleased this is my 2nd holster from you guys I’m just looking for more stuff to buy can’t wait for my next anything

  6. Dana

    I just received my ankle holster and I absolutely love it! Every product that I have bought from you has been nothing great quality and perfect fit, and you’ve made a loyal customer.

  7. Susan

    I just received my ankle holster today and could not wait to tell you how pleased I am with my purchase!  After putting it on, within minutes I could not feel it.  So light, comfortable and soft!  Most importantly, to me, no bounce!  My son (a gunsmith) even put it to the test…jumping jacks and running.  He said it was one of the best leg holsters he has seen.  Thank you so much for such  a great product for the ladies!  Now, what shall I order next….

  8. Nancy

    I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my ankle holster. I wear it every single day now. It works really well since I have a desk job. I didn’t want to wear something on my hip or side or bra that would poke me while I’m sitting. I was worried it would be noticeable on my leg, that my pants would rise up a little while sitting, but it absolutely isn’t noticeable. I make sure to always wear black socks and even if the bottom of the holster is peeking out, it just looks like my sock. I feel so much better actually having it with me all the time rather than in my purse locked in my desk most of the time.

  9. Nancy

    I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my ankle holster. I wear it every single day now. It works really well since I have a desk job. I didn’t want to wear something on my hip or side or bra that would poke me while I’m sitting.

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