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Should You Carry An Extra Magazine?

Should You Carry an Extra Magazine?

If you are looking for a quick answer to this question, the answer is yes! How can I answer that question so quickly and without an in-depth explanation? Simply because for your self-defense and to survive an attack, you need more rounds of ammunition than the bad guy or guys have! How many rounds does the bad guy or multiple bad guys have? You will have no idea! That is why. Let’s take a deeper dive.

Whys Is It Important To Carry an Extra Magazine?

There is no way to know what an attack will look like. The circumstances, the location, the time, how many attackers there are, what gun(s) they may have and how much ammunition is in those guns carry are all unknown. Will there be other people around and how will you and your body respond? Given all of these unknowns, we want to be the most prepared possible, right?


Having the tools and training are critical. The tools include your gun AND enough ammunition to win the fight. Therefore, carrying additional ammunition in an extra magazine (or 2) only makes sense. Firearms training that goes beyond how to safely shoot and hit a target is also required. If you haven’t taken a defensive shooting course yet, do so. In my opinion, learning what happens to you physically when the adrenalin is rushing and how to overcome its impact along with how to shoot from multiple positions, in close quarters, and from behind cover is invaluable.

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How To Carry an Extra Gun Magazine

I know, it’s hard enough carrying your gun on your body and now I want you to carry an extra magazine! You’re asking “How do I carry an extra magazine concealed?”  Trust me, it’s easier than you think. Finding the right spot to conceal your gun takes a lot of time and effort. It involves finding the right gun, the right location and the right holster. The good news is it is much less complicated with extra magazines.

Where To Carry Them

It’s easier to carry an extra magazine concealed. They are small, much lighter than your gun and can be successfully concealed just about anywhere. Here are some ideas.

  1. Holstered separately in or on your waistband.
  2. Use a holster that has a built-in spare magazine holster
  3. Carry it in any pocket.
  4. Slip or clip it inside your bra (by your underarm)
  5. Hide inside your sock.
  6. Clip it to the inside of your boot.
  7. Carry it in an accessible pocket of your purse.
  8. Carry in a belly band – most have spare magazine pockets

Notes: It’s best to carry it anywhere close to where your hands tend to be. The further away it is, the harder and longer it will take you to get to it!

There are numerous magazine holsters available with and without clips. Here is one we carry.

Final Thoughts

Can you carry an extra magazine concealed successfully and comfortably? YES, you can. It is simply a matter of priorities. When the moment comes that you must draw your gun to protect yourself or a loved one, you must be as ready as possible for whatever goes down. More than one attacker? Likely. More than one gun? Likely. You just need at least one more round of ammo than they have! The last thing you want is to be in the fight for your life, prepared and trained to use your gun and run out of ammunition. Be prepared ladies, carry your gun and a spare magazine loaded with defensive ammunition!


What about ammunition? I have a great overview in my article Ammunition Demystifier- Types of Handgun Ammunition

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