Concealed Carry Purses For Sale

The Well Armed Woman has the largest selection of concealed carry purses for sale anywhere!  Dozens of gorgeous designs and styles for every empowered women are always in stock.  Here you will find purses of the highest quality and that are extremely beautiful. Importantly, all of our purses have the necessary features for the safe use of a concealed carry purse. Also besides these features, all of our purses come equipped a dedicated compartment for your firearm and a holster.

Learning to draw and fire your gun from your cc purse can only be learned with training and practice. Additionally,  if you neglect this piece of your decision to carry in a purse, you are being irresponsible. As with any holster, your ability to remove the gun safely and get into a strong firing position is critical. Consequently, training and practice are musts. Please read our article The Concelaed Carry Purse for more information.

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