Concealed Carry for Women

Concealed Carry For Women Part 2: How to Start Concealed Carrying

You have made the decision to carry your gun on your person. Now you need to find out everything there is about concealed carry for women. Now you are asking, “How do I start concealed carrying”?

That is where I come in. I have built The Well Armed Woman for this very reason. On this site, there is everything you need to know about concealed carry. It is provided to you in a clear, straightforward, and respectful manner specifically for WOMEN!

Now, before you start this journey, it is important to first understand yourself using guns and learn the basics of gun ownership. If you have not done this yet – it is a must. So I suggest you begin your learning journey here Making the Decision Part 2: What Do I Need To Know?

Beef Up Your Knowledge On Guns and Concealed Carry

Honestly, the best place I send you to build a solid foundation is my online concealed carry course. This web-based class has everything you need in one place. Together, we go over all of the key areas of concealed carry. It truly gives you a comprehensive base to begin your journey. It will just be me, my daughter Christine and you, in the privacy of your own home.  The course topics include:

  • What is Concealed Carry?
  • Concealed Carry Mindset and Concealed Carry Confidence
  • A Woman’s Personal Concealed Carry System and Best Carry Locations
  • Drawing from Concealment
  • Holsters for Women
  • Dressing for Concealed Carry
  • Concealed Carry Laws & Concealed Carry Insurance
  • Training & Practice

This course is not only for beginners but for novices alike. There are great tips in this course and can be a great refresher if you already carry. Remember, the key to being a responsible gun owner is to never stop learning!

How To Start Concealed Carrying: Our Content

We all have to start somewhere. Find out how I started my concealed carry journey by reading How I Started Carrying In 5 Steps. It is a great place to get some ideas on how you might feel comfortable starting to carry your gun. Remember, each person’s journey is different, yours will probably differ from mine in some ways and it may be the same in others.

If you haven’t read it yet,  my article: The Concealed Carry Mindset has some good pointers on the mental and emotional side of concealed carry. As women, we tend to get in our own heads and this article can help you overcome this and be mentally prepared to conceal carry.

Another article that is helpful when asking, “how do I conceal carry”  is Concealed Carry for Women. This article goes over concealed carrying as a woman in a broad sense. It gives a good picture of how this lifestyle may look for you.

Home Base

Once you feel comfortable with your decision and you have a good game plan on where to start – move on to our next article Concealed Carry For Women Part 3: Concealed Carry for Women, Where To Start?

You can always go back to the main Concealed Carry for Women landing page where ALL of our concealed carry articles live. You can use our tag system (You will see all of the topic tags on the left of the page) to help filter and find the articles you are ready to read.

We are here to help you on your journey and hope you find the information we to be helpful along the way!

How Are You Feeling About Concealed Carrying?

Write us a comment below or share other topics do you want to learn about?

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