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Fun Gun Products You’ll Want Right Now

Let’s have some (safe) fun with guns!

I searched and searched for interesting, unique and fun gun products to share with other gun enthusiasts who are looking for exciting conversation starters that are practical!

1. This doormat that will tell anyone coming to your door that you are a 2A supporter and you don’t care who knows.



Why I love this: You’ve had to deal with unwanted solicitors at your door, right? It’s the worst! You’re relaxing or completing some important task (like cleaning one of your many guns) and there’s a knock at the door… With this one decor addition, you can scare away anyone who is “offended” by our Second Amendment, welcome anyone who loves guns, and keeps your entryway clean!

2. A chocolate pistol that is fun and delicious!

Why I love this: I love chocolate and I love guns, so this is the perfect treat for a Well Armed Woman! Buy one for yourself or give someone a gift that is funny and yummy. A great way to treat the gun-lover(s) in your life.

chocolate gun

3. This other sign that lets a would-be intruder know that good guys and gals are ready to stand their ground.


Why I love this: You’ve all heard the saying, you all love the saying…. why not have it in black and white (and yellow)! Hang this anywhere to bring a smile to your face and make sure no one takes your goodness for granted.

4. A pencil holder for any revolver enthusiast.


Why I love this: You can show your love of guns with this simple and realistic (other than the size) design. Put this pencil holder/paperweight on your desk at work or on a bookshelf at home and subtly show your 2A support. Its practicality and unique look make this pen holder both interesting and useful!

5. Cleaning your toilet doesn’t have to be boring with this revolver toilet brush holder!


Why I love this: I don’t know about you, but I have never found pleasure in cleaning my bathroom. Having a clean bathroom is great- but why do we have to suffer through the act of cleaning it? This funny and weirdly beautiful toilet brush will make the most mundane house cleaning a great time! If it doesn’t, at least it’s a perfect conversation starter. *Brush NOT included.

6. These cell phone pops that tell the world this “girl love guns”, the “Second Amendment” is here to stay, and explains the only kind of “gun control” that is acceptable.


Why I love this: I am a girl that LOVES guns! Why wouldn’t I love this?! Cell phone pops are fast becoming popular. With cute designs and firm attachment to your phone, you can’t go wrong. Taking selfies and using your phone one-handed has never been easier.



Why I love this: Our Second Amendment is an extremely important right and it should never be too far from our minds. The simplistic design can really pack a punch.


Why I love this: Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t mention gun control to me. This fun phone accessory can be used for practical purposes AND to tell people exactly how you feel about gun control AND is just kind of funny and cute. It’s the perfect trifecta of useful, intelligent, and funny!

7. These 50 caliber corkscrews for the gun-loving wine drinker.



Why I love these: Are you a wine lover? These super cool, ultra-useful corkscrews are the one thing your kitchen is missing! Available in gold or matte black with an option for personalization.

8. Patriotic bottle openers for the gun-lover who would rather crack open a beer than uncork a bottle of wine.

red-bottle-opener blue-bottleopenergold-bottle-opener

Why I love these: The American Flag engraved on the side is just the icing on this already delightful cake. You can even get something personal engraved on your new bottle opener! Great for your kitchen or as a gift to a friend with a patriotic heart.

9. These TWAW Onesies that are so cute and say “Hands off!” to random people who want to hold your baby on the street.


Why I love this: I can’t think of one thing I DON’T love about this onesie! The fabric is so soft and you can get one for a baby boy or baby girl! This onesie is perfect for comfort and cuteness.

Final Thoughts

Just because protecting our Second Amendment rights is extremely important, doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun with it. I hope you enjoyed this list of fun gun products as much as I enjoyed making it!

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4 thoughts on “Fun Gun Products You’ll Want Right Now

  1. Old Swede says:

    I love the products and wish I could have them around, buy them for my daughters, etc. However, I don’t put NRA, ISRA stickers, “Protected by S&W” or any other evidence that we have guns on our cars or house. We have video cameras, an alarm system, motion detecting lights and proximity alarms ($15 (Amazon) motion detecting “driveway alarms” are discreet and, great!) I feel that advertising that there are guns present will only make us a target for thieves. As a CCL, I feel that any clothing that advertises gun ownership gives away the fact that I’m carrying a gun …not very concealed, now is it? In the event that a gun is necessary, we want it to be a surprise.

  2. Kathy says:

    I love all theses tips and certainly will try them. Unfortunately, I have Raynauds and it is almost impossible for me to be outside in this minus degree weather. My fingers turn blue very quickly and it is easy for me t get frostbite. So I a very limited to what I can do when the weather is very cold.

  3. Kelly Lubash says:

    Great tips. I’ve shot in extreme cold, cold and pouring rain and extreme heat. All three require making good decisions on clothing and accessories that are well worth the prices. I love the idea of the hand warmers. Of the three climate conditions listed the cold and rain are my least favorite. For this type of setting I wear hunter pants and a hunter pull over waterproof jacket over two other layers. It’s essential you purchase a good pair of waterproof boots. I’ll be hitting the local shop to stock up on hand warmers. Thank you for a very informative article.

  4. Patricia Reiss says:

    All of these tips are tried and true. Love the flip finger tip gloves. New shooters have no idea how much the gloves impact their ability to “Feel” the trigger and it makes for difficult training. It’s been way below freezing in many pa rts of the country this year. Montana is no exception. WIt was negative -25 at our last meeting. We make sure we cycle the ladies from an indoor activity like drawing from bulk or dry fire with training guns to outdoors on the range line and provide an outdoor heater to warm their hands. It is great practice without having to stick our hands in the ice buckets.

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