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Top Carry Locations of 2022

Finding the best spot to conceal your firearm can be a daunting task. There are so many articles and holster options out there, after your research you are more confused than you started! Those who have been through this process know that it takes trial and error but, once you get it – carrying becomes so much easier!

So let’s look at where women are carrying. After collecting and sifting through the data from the TWAW 2022 survey the results are in! We will look at the top four locations women are choosing to carry their guns.

4th Place

The fourth most popular carry location is the belly band and wrap type holsters.

3rd Place

The number three most popular location to carry is the on-the-waistband holster

2nd Place

The Concealed Carry Purse came in a very close second.

The number 1 concealed carry location of 2022

The spot that tops the list for last year’s most popular carry location is In the Waistband

carrying my gun - slim carry

Carry Locations that came in under 2%

The rest of the locations came in under 2% of the total.

My Final Thoughts

In the Waist (IWB continues to be women’s preferred carry location. With so many great holster options and the ability to keep the gun in the “sweet spot” location that provides quick and easy access to the grip of the gun, it’s truly a great way to carry concealed.

I was pleasantly surprised to see On The Waistband (OWB) concealed carry move up to become a very popular carry location. Even more so than carrying in a belly band or wrap holster! OWB carry with concealment clothing is an exceptional concealed carry location, offering numerous benefits that haven’t been given enough attention. Likely because most associate it only with the open carry of guns.

Besides being the most comfortable way to carry, it places the grip of your gun in the ideal location. The challenge, of course, is keeping it concealed, especially in warmer weather.

It appears carrying in a concealed carry purse is gaining in popularity closing the gap with IWB (In the Waistband) carry as compared to last year’s data. Perhaps with the increased availability of concealed carry purse training, more women are choosing this method. Of course, the convenience and comfort of carrying in a purse are tough to beat, but there are some very serious risks associated with it that must be thoughtfully considered when making this choice.


One thought on “Top Carry Locations of 2022

  1. Maggie says:

    I have a carry purse- but I don’t use it for that. The amount of training it would take to get it out to me is not worth it. I’m leaning toward on the waist band or a belly band.

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