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Annual Holiday Sale 2019

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Annual Holiday Sale 11/26-12/3

All of your holiday shopping can be done in one place! From Tuesday 11/26 through Tuesday 12/3, get your favorite products for amazing prices! The sale will be sitewide* with just a few exceptions. All you have to do is find the products you love and add them to your cart, apply the promo code, and the savings are yours! Trust me, concealed carriers, new gun owners, seasoned shooters, and everyone who loves the second amendment will be overjoyed when they receive these gifts.

Use Promo Code: SALE19

In addition to the sitewide* sale, every single day a product or category of products will be discounted even more! Flash sales will last only one day but the savings will be HUGE! Check out everything that will be featured! No extra promo code necessary!


** some products are excluded from sitewide sale.


purses flash sale
3 in 1 auto tool flash sale
self-defense bundle flash sale
jewelry flash sale
slide spider flash sale
crossbreed holster flash sale
twaw kydex holster flash sale
bed and couch holster flash sale

2 thoughts on “Annual Holiday Sale 2019

  1. Melissa M Anderson says:

    What items are excluded with the SALE19 code? It just says “some items excluded from site wide sale” I was looking at purchasing a IWB designer holster

    1. Carrie Lightfoot says:

      Hi, Melissa. The IWB designer series is included in the sale price!

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