• Holsters

    Holsters (60)

    The Well Armed Woman is the largest and most trusted source for women's holsters. Find the largest selection of women's holsters available anywhere. A good holster is one that completely covers the trigger guard. This is a must! It should properly hold (retain) your firearm securely. Look for one designed for your gun (either specific model or type and size) and one that attaches to your body or clothing securely and comfortably. This is where it get’s challenging as so many holsters are designed for a man’s body. The holsters I carry or have designed WORK on a woman’s body and offer the versatility we need to match our varied wardrobe.
  • Concealed Carry Purses

    Concealed Carry Purses (55)

    The Well Armed Woman has the largest selection of concealed carry purses (CCW) available anywhere!  Dozens of gorgeous designs and styles for every empowered women are always in stock.  Here you will find purses of the highest quality and that are extremely beautiful. Importantly, all of our purses have the necessary features for the safe use of a concealed carry purse. Also besides these features, all of our purses come equipped a dedicated compartment for your firearm and a holster. Learning to draw and fire your gun from your concealed carry purse can only be learned with training and practice. Additionally,  if you neglect this piece of your decision to carry a concealed carry purse, you are being irresponsible. As with any holster, your ability to remove the gun safely and get into a strong firing position is critical. Consequently, training and practice are musts.
  • Range Supplies

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    Everything the woman shooter needs at the range is here. We have everything you are looking for in one place.  Most importantly, we have the best prices! Our selection of women's range supplies can't be beat. Additionally, you can trust The Well Armed Woman to offer products proven to be must haves for women shooters. Everything you will need at the range, we've got. Some of the items we carry are: Range bags, gun cases, hearing protection, eye protection, training aids, targets, magazine loading assists, recoil management accessories and so much more. Shop your favorite brands along with exclusive The Well Armed Woman designed products. Additionally, these items are range tested and woman shooter approved.
  • First Aid Kits

    First Aid Kits (2)

    Be prepared with high quality first aid kits to be ready for emergencies. The Well Armed Woman carries a variety of first aid kits. The Well Armed Woman Ankle First Aid Kit – AFAK is built to be taken with you everywhere you go or worn on your ankle. It will fit easily in any bag. Carry it in your vehicle compartment. It is designed to be able to carry a minimal amount of supplies. Additionally it is designed to treat a high variety of wounds and emergency situations. Most importantly,  skills are more important than tools, so get high quality training and practice often!
  • Safes & Storage

    Safes & Storage (8)

    Gun safes an storage products for the ultimate in gun storage and safe use. Guns don’t hurt people sitting on a table, tucked in a drawer or in a glove compartment. Accidents happen when we are negligent in our care and storage of guns. We are negligent when they are left loaded, unlocked and available to be mishandled. How we store our firearms is key. Where and how you store your firearm(s) should be addressed prior to purchasing and a plan in place. The safest place for your firearm is on your person. Yes even with children. Many mothers carry their firearm on their body all the time. This keeps the gun under your control all of the time and out of the hands of inquisitive children. Storage of the firearm when you are not up and about while at home creates a complicated set of issues. You desire to keep the gun out of the hands of your children while needing access to it quickly, should you need it.
  • Jewelry

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    The largest selection of gun related and bullet jewelry. Necklaces, earrings, brackets, rings and more that show you are an empowered woman.  Jewelry always makes a great gift. The Well Armed Woman has an extensive offering for men and women! Importantly, our jewelry is hand crafted from the finest materials. Find Swarovski crystals and bullet jewelry made from all the most popular calibers. Browse our gorgeous selection and find just the right piece for you. Additionally, you can find key rings, zipper pulls, pins and more. Remember, shop for your family and friends who are gun lovers too! Our expansive inventory includes: Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, cuff links, money clips, key rings
  • Apparel

    Apparel (28)

    Clothing for women shooters. Hats, Tee Shirts, sweatshirts and more in all styles and sizes that show off your empowered self and you love of guns.
  • Cleaning Supplies

    Cleaning Supplies (5)

    The best in gun cleaning supplies for women.
  • Self-Defense

    Self-Defense (22)

    Here you will find everything you need for your personal protection and self-defense. We have quality women's self-defense products to keep you safe when you can't carry your gun. We carry a variety of tools such as keyring, pepper sprays and stun guns. Always be prepared to protect yourself.
  • Firearms Training

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    Women are different! We learn differently and need to be taught differently. We are changing they way women learn to shoot. Join our team of female instructors
  • Gun Gift Shop

    Gun Gift Shop (48)

    Fun gun gifts for your favorite shooter. See all types of gun related items for men and women
  • Books & DVDs

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    Educational books, videos & DVD's for women shooters
  • New Products

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    Here you will find products on sale at The Well Armed Woman. It's always great to find your favorite products with sale prices. Incredibly, you will find dozens of products are marked down to bargain prices just for you. Concealed carry purses, holsters, apparel, bullet jewelry, books and DVD's, security products, training gear and more. All on sale! Shop your favorite brands along with all of the great The Well Armed Woman products. Finally, if you are looking for a bargain, The Well Armed Woman Sale page is the place to start. We also have some great closeout deals at even lower prices. All sale items are non refundable or exchangeable.
  • Blowout

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    Everything deserves one last chance! Check out our closeout sale page and find our best prices on women's concealed carry holsters, gun gear, apparel, concealed carry purses, bullet jewelry and more. The Well Armed Woman is the largest and most trusted resource for women gun owners. There may be limited stock on some items so get them while they last! There are no returns on closeout sales and sales are final.