In The Waistband Holster by TWAW – Custom Models & Colors

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The holster you must have! This holster revolutionized concealed carry for Women, give one a try!

  • Ultra-Slim Profile
  • Smooth comfort
  • Double Sweat Shield
  • Deep tuckable clip
  • Adjustable Ride Height
  • Adjustable Cant
  • Ambidextrous
  • Ultimate Retention

Expected delivery is 4-7 weeks.

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Arctic on White (+$10.00)
Bear Arms (+$10.00)
Black Lace on Pink (+$10.00)
Black Lace on White (+$10.00)
Dark Blue
Digital Desert on Tan (+$10.00)
Graveyard on White (+$10.00)
Gun Metal
KC Pink (+$10.00)
KC Snow (+$10.00)
Key Lime
Kryptec Yeti (+$10.00)
Kryptek Extreme Purple (+$10.00)
Kryptek Pontus (+$10.00)
Kryptek Raid (+$10.00)
Kryptek Typhon (+$10.00)
Lemon Yellow
Mossy Oak Break-up Pink (+$10.00)
Olive Drab
Pink Carbon Fiber
Pink Digital on White (+$10.00)
Pink Snake Skin (+$10.00)
Purple Carbon Fiber
Sugar Skulls on Black (+$10.00)
Sugar Skulls on Pink (+$10.00)
Sugar Skulls on Purple (+$10.00)
Sugar Skulls on Red (+$10.00)
Sugar Skulls on Tiffany (+$10.00)
Super Camo (+$10.00)
True Timber HTC on Green (+$10.00)
TWAW Black Carbon Fiber
TWAW Fruit Punch (+$10.00)
TWAW Graveyard (+$10.00)
TWAW Leopard (+$10.00)
TWAW Old Glory (+$10.00)
TWAW Purple
TWAW Zebra (+$10.00)
White Lace on Tiffany (+$10.00)

Firearm Type (Please make sure your model is listed in the model list below)

Be sure to include if you have a safety or not and generation if applicable
***NOT suitable for firearms with lasers

Custom Item Production Time * 

Custom Item Return Policy * 



The Well Armed Woman In The Waistband holster solves your problems! My In The Waistband IWB holster is the answer to the challenges we have as women. I listened to you and to what you wanted in a holster and now you can have the perfect blend of function, comfort, and Flair! ~ Carrie Lightfoot

Key functional features of this revolutionary holster:

  • No Bulge Ultra-Slim Profile: Our slim and minimalist designs means only you will know it’s there! Our recessed clip makes this holster lay flatter than any other and minimizes the bulge! This also prevents scratches to your barrel that are common with traditional clips or screws.
  • Smooth comfort: We don’t need anymore plastic in our pants than is necessary! Our holster is trimmed to remove any extra kydex and smoothed to perfection so no irritating sharp or protruding edges!
  • Our Double Sweat Shield protects both your gun and your clothes from moisture and dirt.
  • Wear any shirt you want! Our deep tuckable clip works on any type of waistband (with or without a belt -will fit a 1 1/2 or 1 3/4 inch belt) so you can tuck in ANY shirt
  • Decide How Low: our Low Ride Adjustable Clip lets you raise or lower the ride height to fit your body and clothing best. This keeps the grip low to the waistband for a woman’s shorter waist. (smaller gun holsters have less adjustability)
  • You can adjust the cant to just the perfect angle for the perfect draw for you. We include Vibra-Tite VC-3 Threadmate FREE to help you keep cant adjustment tight.
  • It’s even Ambidextrous!
  • Holds your gun securely so it stays put! Made of .080 Kydex to give you the ultimate retention.

How To Order: 

  1. Select your favorite color from our 35 options
  2. Check our mold list below and find your make and model. Then type it in the model/make space. Have a laser? Then this isn’t the holster for your gun  CLICK HERE for models with laser

Of course, you need a matching magazine holster for a complete set! We’ve got you covered with ambidextrous and convertible magazine holsters in matching colors and patterns!


Women's in the waistband IWB holster



If you don’t wear a belt or sometimes wear pants are made of a thin material such as leggings or suit pants, you will want to add The Ultimate Clip for even more versatility! You can add one to your order above. 

Want to learn more?  Click here to learn more

Add The Ultimate Clip for even more versatility

Don’t wear a belt? Problem solved! This ultimate holster clip changes in the waistband carry forever! Its revolutionary clamp design has no need for a belt or any other secondary means of support to provide its retention. Now you can wear just about any in the waistband holster that currently has a clip (Screw on or retention holster clips) with ANY WAISTBAND, regardless of it’s thickness. (Note: a heavier firearm clipped onto a thinner waistband, may sag and not provide proper retention) It offers over 10 times the retention and can clip while increasing conceal-ability with it’s short clip lever so less clip is showing on your waistband.

Tammy shares: “Bought two of these clips and they are unbelievably strong! I just love that I don’t even need to wear a belt and not fear losing my firearm. Would absolutely recommend the ulti-clip!”

We do stock some of the most popular gun models in Black Carbon Fiber. You can Click here to see In-Stock models – ready for immediate shipment



For Laser equipped models, click here


Gun Mold List

These holsters are specific to the gun model. If you do not see yours listed we are unable to make this holster for you.
1911 3.3"
1911 5” with and w/o rail
Beretta 92FS w/wo rail
Beretta APX
Beretta M9A3
Beretta Model 92A1 
Beretta Nano 
Beretta PX4 Full/Compact 
Beretta PX4 Storm Sub-Compact 
Bersa Thunder 380 
Bersa Thunder 9mm 
Canik TP9SFX 
Colt Commander 1911 
CZ P01
CZ P07/P09
CZ P10
CZ PCR Compact
CZ RAMI 2075  
CZ Shadow 2
CZ  75 SP01 Phantom 
Desert Eagle .40 baby eagle 
FN 5.7 M2
FN 5.7 
FN 509
FNS 9/40
FNX 45
FNX 45 Full Size/Tactical
Glock 17/22
Glock 17 Gen 5
Glock 19 Gen 5
Glock 19/19X/23
Glock 20/21
Glock 26/27
Glock 30
Glock 30S
Glock 34/35
Glock 42
Glock 43 /43X
Glock 48
Glock Poly 80 P80 PF940 (G17) 
Glock Poly 80 P80 PF940C (G19) 
HK P2000 
HK p2000sk 
HK p30
HK p30L 
HK p30sk 
HK USP .45 Compact 
HK USP 9/40 
HK vp40 
IWI Masada 
Kahr CW9
Kahr PM9
Kimber Micro 9/380
Kimber Micro 9/w/laser grip
Kimber Ultra Carry 2
Ruger LC9 
Ruger LCP gen 2 
Ruger LCP 
Ruger SR9 Full size  
Ruger SR9C 
Ruger SR9C/40C 
S & W BG w/laser
S&W M&P Body Guard 380/with laser
S&W M&P 2.0 5"
S&W M&P 9/40C
S&W M&P 4.25”/2.0 4.25"/2.0C
S&W M&P Shield 9
S&W M&P Shield 45 
S&W M&P Full Size .45 
S&W M&P Shield EZ 9
S&W M&P Shield 380 ez
S&W M&P Compact 22 
Sig P320 X5 Full Size 
Sig P365 w/ Lima Laser 
Sig Sauer 2022
Sig Sauer 320 Sub Compact with and without rail
Sig Sauer 320C
Sig Sauer 320Full/X5 Full size/M17
Sig Sauer P220 
Sig Sauer P226 X5 Full Size 
Sig Sauer P226 
Sig Sauer P229 w and w/o rail
Sig Sauer P238 
Sig Sauer P239 
Sig Sauer P320 X Carry 
Sig Sauer P365 
Sig Sauer P365XL 
Sig Sauer P938/P238
Springfield Armory MOD 2 
Springfield Armory XD9 4"
Springfield Armory XD9/40 Sub Compact 
Springfield Armory XDM 3.8 
Springfield Armory XDM 4.5
Springfield Hellcat 
Springfield XD Mod 2 4”
Springfield XDE .45
Springfield XDE 3.3 9/40
Springfield XDM 4.5” 9/40
Springfield XDS 3.3
Springfield XDS 3.3 .45
Springfield XDS 4.0
Springfield XDS Mod 2 3.3 
Steyr 9/40 C
STI 2011 no rail 
STI 2011 with rail 
STI Tactical 5.0
Taurus PT 111 G2/G2C
Taurus PT 111/140 Gen 2 
Taurus PT 24/7 
Taurus PT 709 
Walther CCP 
Walther Creed 
Walther P22
Walther PK380
Walther PPKS 
Walther PPQ Gen 1
Walther PPS M2

Holster fit troubleshooting for the TWAW Women’s in the waistband IWB holster

It is very common with kydex holsters that it may be a bit snug or loose on your gun. Because they are molded one at a time, there can be slight variations in the molding of your holster. You may need to simply custom fit it to your gun. If your holster is either too tight around your gun (the gun doesn’t draw and perhaps comes off the waistband when you draw) or too loose and your gun slips easily out of the holster, try these troubleshooting tips with your UNLOADED firearm:

Too tight:wrap your gun in a plastic bag to add just a bit of size to your gun. Heat the holster with a blow dryer to soften and put it on your wrapped gun and let cool.

Too loose:Heat the holster with a blow dryer to soften, insert your gun and “press” the holster around your gun then let cool.

If you have any questions or these techniques are not effective – send us an email at

We will make sure you are happy with your holster.


Reviews (18)

18 reviews for In The Waistband Holster by TWAW – Custom Models & Colors

  1. Molly (verified owner)

    A very discreet holster which is nice for carrying with most clothing options. I find that the holster clips seems to want to slip and can cause the gun to move quite a bit. You really need to have a tight waistband to make this holster work well.

  2. Terry Quinn

    I love the thaw IBW holster it fit my Ruger LCP2 with laser perfectly. This is my second holster I have purchased for IBW and since I can’t quit buying guns I will purchase more in the future

  3. Kimberely Doerr Martin

    Firstly, I own a retail store and took a shot by asking to have my order expedited if at all possible- I got it in less than 48 hrs!!!!
    The fit is INCREDIBLE, my handgun for this holster is the .45 Springfield Arms xds and fits snug and in waist comfort, perfect!!!!! Id give 6 stars if I could.

  4. Nicole (verified owner)

    I’ve been wearing my holster with my LC9 for awhile now. It looks very nice kryptek pontus, fits nicely (hides the gun well) and it is comfortable even while driving. One thing I wish though was that it had 2 screws on the clip to keep it from twisting. I don’t have an issue when wearing jeans which I wear 95% of the time but if I wear shorts the gun can twist around the single screw. I’v tried to tighten the screw but have the same issue.

  5. Sue in Texas

    I purchased this holster recently in the American flag pattern. After purchasing several other types in the past I thought it might just go in the drawer with the others. Some too heavy, most too bulky. I figured if it doesn’t work I’ll send it back. WOW! I love this one. It is comfortable and sits close to the body. Nobody can tell I’m wearing it. I am a “bigger” girl so it’s been really hard finding the right holster. This is also wearable with my shorts. Some of the holsters pulled them down so I was tugging all the time. Don’t think twice about ordering this one. I’m enjoying mine, and wearing it.

  6. Sue in Texas

    I purchased this holster recently. After purchasing several other types in the past I thought it might just go in the drawer with the others. Some too heavy, most too bulky. I figured if it doesn’t work I’ll send it back. WOW! I love this one. It is comfortable and sits close to the body. Nobody can tell I’m wearing it. I am a “bigger” girl so it’s been really hard finding the right holster. This is also wearable with my shorts. Some of the holsters pulled them down so I was tugging all the time. Don’t think twice about ordering this one. I’m enjoying mine, and wearing it.

  7. nikkikay223 (verified owner)

    I received my holster today and it was well worth the wait. I love it – it fits my Sig perfect. My husband liked it so much we just ordered another one for his gun. Thank you for this excellent product! I would definitely recommend this product.

  8. Vicki

    I love this holster! It fit my Glock 43 with laser perfect. Yes, I know it was molded to fit, but I was still surprised at how awesome it was! Thank you for providing this service for us!

  9. Holly (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this holster! It’s really comfortable to wear and easy to conceal my Kimber Micro 9 even when wearing more fitted clothing. I’m on my second hand gun and have purchased this style holster for both. The quality is amazing! My husband tried it out too and loved it so much that I’m ordering him one as well. Excellent product and I highly recommend it for not just women but for men also! The Ulticlup is also awesome and is a must have!

  10. Tammy F.

    Love Love Love my TWAW In the Waistband Holster!!! I love it so much that I bought one for each of my 2 sons that they also use almost daily as well. Such a low profile that it makes it easy to conceal. I’ve adjusted mine several times and finally settled on a higher setting. (so my firearm is set higher) Basically so I don’t have to wear baggier pants to hide the form of the barrel of my firearm. (Yes, I wear skinny jeans…) I really like being able to adjust the cant, it makes all the difference! Now I’ll have to get some with fun color for my other firearms!

  11. Ashley

    The best!! I got a carbon fiber Black last time and kryptek Pontus this time and IÂ’ve always been happy with everything IÂ’ve got from here never fails to amaze me. I will be getting more! Ordered on a Friday and received it on a Wednesday IÂ’m super happy!!

  12. Diane

    I ordered this holster for my Kahr CW-9 to wear with pants with no belt. I wore it all day and didn’t even realize it was there. I added the ulticlip and can easily draw mt firearm with no problem. This is a truly awesome holster, just what I needed. I made my husband try it. He liked it so much he made me order him one for his Colt 1911.

  13. Lara

    Ordered this holster for my S&W M&P Shield that my hubby gave me for Christmas. I chose the black carbon fiber model. It arrived within a few days, and the quality is superb! This holster is very versatile and secure, no matter how I chose to wear it. My husband was really impressed, as were my friends (some who are in law enforcement as well). Really happy with the purchase and with this resourceful site! Thanks!

  14. Marie

    I reviewed this holster not long after I first got it about two years ago. But I wanted to give an update. I’ve been carrying with it nearly daily for two years (9mm Shield). I’ve also taken several defensive pistol classes with it (included Massad Ayoob’s MAG-20 live fire portion, which is a two day class), and it’s come through with flying colors. I’m usually the only woman in the class, and the men are very interested in my holster, either for themselves or their wives. I can’t count how many people I’ve recommended this holster to. I even gave my spare to a friend when she got her Shield. I can’t stay enough good things about it!

  15. Sue

    I recieved my new holster in purple today. I just love it! Comfortable to wear and I feel very safe having my safty off with one in the chamber. No way for something to accidently touch that trigger! I did heat it and make it a little bigger as I was having a bit of trouble having a smoothe draw. Very easy to do yall. Directions on the site. So thank you Well Armed Woman for a very nice product and for being there for us women!

  16. Luzy

    Fit my gun perfect. Fit me comfortable as well. I liked how slim and discreet it is.

  17. Amanda

    I just received my holster and I am excited! This is my very first holster for my first gun I’ve ever bought (but not the last I assure you!). I bought my Kimber Micro off a really dear friend of mine and I immediately started looking for holsters for it that could be used multiple ways. I was coming up empty for a while. Some holsters were too bulky or seemed like they would really be uncomfortable. Plus I wanted one that I could use ambidextrous and easily conceal in my purse as well. I was feeling discouraged. However, in the search, I found this site.
    I loved the customization options, so I dove right in and ordered one. Total turn around from checkout to my hand was 4 weeks (impressive!). I also highly recommend getting the UltiClip with your order because you have so many more options of places to clip your holster. I am so happy with my purchase and will be coming back for future holster purchases. Thanks TWAW!

  18. June K

    Can’t wear belts due to bad back. When in the bathroom I’ve had a problem with a Different manufacturer’s holster flipping off my short’s waistband and gun falling out. Not good.

    Absolutely love this IWB Holster. I carry a Colt .380. This holster if very comfortable. Only one I’ve found with double “ears” no more sights digging into me or my clothes. Very secure fit for my pistol. Wore it for a couple of days with the regular clip. No complaints. Then put the Ulticlip on the holster. WOW! From now on every holster will have an Ulticlip. Great retention of both the gun and the Ulticlip. Nicely adjustable. I now feel confident my gun will be were I put it, when I need

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