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Just stick the TWAW Sticky in your waistband and you are ready to go. Choose your favorite position along the waistband or if you are new to carrying, discover your favorite position on the waistband with this holster.  A customer favorite at The Well Armed Woman!

Please note, some inventory will have the new TWAW logo on the holster. It will be the same size/color and location.

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Sticky Holsters use compression in the waistband or friction from the pocket to secure and draw your handgun. Great for when you are not wearing a belt!

Check out the Travel Mount – great for home or car

Redefining Concealment. Sticky Holsters are self-securing, state of the art in-the-waist band (IWB) and pocket holsters that use the compression of your waistband against your body to secure both holster and firearm. Ambidextrous (left or right) Deploy and adjust in seconds! No bulky clips or straps to get in the way. Lightweight (less than 3 oz.) and 3 sizes to choose from. Closed-end design keeps lint and dust out and keeps gun oil off of you. Body heat and use conforms holster to your gun.
MADE IN THE USA! Lifetime “No Questions” Warranty (covers materials and workmanship)


 Do not see the size needed for your firearm? Click here to order the original Sticky Holster
Holster SizeGun Fits 
SM-2Suitable for pocket 380's up to 2.5" barrel without lasers.

Beretta Pico, Colt Mustang, Diamondback 9/380, Kahr PW/CW 380, Kel-Tec P32/P3AT, Kimber Micro 380, NAA Guardian, Remington R380, Ruger LCP, Seecamps, Sig Sauer P238, S&W Bodyguard, .380, Taurus 738/TCP  

SM-3Suitable for pocket .380’s with laser up to 2.75"
SM-5Glock 42, Kimber Micro 9mm, Diamond Back DB9, Kahr CM9/40, Sig Sauer 938, Sig P365, Springfield Hellcat, and any other similar size firearms.
MD-1Med/Sm autos up to 3.5"
Beretta Nano 9/380,  Kahr PM/CM/MK, Keltec PF9/11/40, Ruger LC9/LC380, SCCY CPX 1/2, Sig P290, Taurus 709 Slim/708/740

MD-2Med/Sm autos up t0 3.5" with trigger guard laser
MD-1 models with lasers, Sig P290, Springfield XD Mod 2 (3"), Springfield XD Subcompact (.40/ 3")
MD-4Suitable for Single Stack Sub-compact Medium Autos up to 3.6” barrel
Bersa Thunder 9 UC, Glock 43, Glock 43X, Shield 9/40/45, Kahr CW & P series, S&W Shield, Springfield EMP, Springfield XDS 3.3", Walther PPS 9/40, P22, PK380, CCP models

MD-4 Gen 1Suitable for Sub-compact Medium Frame Double Stack Autos up to 3.8” barrel
Bersa BP9CC, Beretta PX4 Storm Subcompact, FN Compact, Glock 26/27/28/29/33/36/39, HK P30SK, H&K P7, Ruger SR9C/SR22/SR40C, Smith&Wesson M&P 9/40 Compact, Smith&Wesson M&P Shield EZ 380/9, Taurus PT111/140, Taurus Millenium Pro 145/745, Taurus G2C
MD-5Suitable for J-Frame and similar revolvers to 2.25" barrel
Charter Arms Pink Lady, Ruger LCR, S&W 602, Taurus 85, Taurus 605
LG-2Suitable for medium Glocks - Large autos to 4.2” barrel
Glock 19/19X/23/25/32/38/44/48, Ruger SR9/40
LG-6sDesigned for larger framed Automatics with a 3" or 4" barrel
Beretta PX4 Storm Compact, FN 357/FNP Series/FNS/FNX 9/40, Glock 29/30/30s, Hi Point CF-380/C9, HK P30/P2000/VP9, Kahr tp & T Series/ CT 40/45, Ruger American 9, Sig P239/227/229/250C/M11A1/P320C, S&W M&P Full, S&W 3913/5904, S&W M&P 45 Compact, Springfield XDc/XDMc 3.8"-4.0", Taurus PT/Millenium Pro, Taurus TH 9C, Walther PPQ/PPX/P99
It is highly recommended that once the handgun has been drawn from the holster, the safest option to re-holster is to remove the empty holster from the waistband or pocket. Return the handgun to the holster in a safe manner, pointing the gun in a safe direction and keeping your finger off the trigger. Once safely holstered, return the entire system back to your waistband or pocket.
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Additional information

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Reviews (23)

23 reviews for TWAW Sticky Holster

  1. Jill West

    What size for P365? Thank you 🙂

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hi Jill,
      That would be the SM-5 🙂

  2. Laura Foster (verified owner)

    What size would I need for a 1911?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hi Laura,
      It would depend on your barrel size but for 1911’s with 3″-4″ barrels, the LG-1s should work!

  3. Kayla E Pickering

    What size will i need for my ruger sr9c?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hi Kayla, you will need the MD-4 Gen 1 which you may need to get in the original Sticky Holster found here

  4. Priscilla

    What size for glock 43?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      You will need the MD-4, Priscilla.

  5. Amanda


    I have a Ruger sr 22 with a lasermax laser on it. What size would you recommend for this?

    Thank you!

  6. Angela Michelle Reardon

    Good afternoon. I have a SARB6P 9mm. What size holster should I get? Thank you.

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hi Angela, I would go with the LG-6L for your model!

  7. Morgana

    Hi! I’m intrested in trying this out for my Ruger EC9s, and my Ruger LCP 38p

    What size sticky holster do you recommend for those guns?

    Thank You!!

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      for the EC9s you will want the MD-1 and for the LCP you will want the SM-2.

  8. Christa

    Hello – what size is needed for a Ruger LCR – 38 Special +P Crimson Trace Lasergrip?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hi Christa,
      You would need the MD-5 for the Ruger LCR. Please email us at if you have any other questions. Have a good day!

  9. Christina

    I have a Taurus PT709. What size will I need? I’m interested in a holster that I can wear in pants, jeans, shorts, or sweats. Thank you!

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hi Christina,
      For the 709 you will want the MD-1. Please email us at if you have any other questions. Have a good day!

  10. Diana Keyes

    What size would I need to order for a Beretta APX Compact?


    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hi Diana,
      for the APX Compact, you will need the MD-4 Gen 1 – We, unfortunately, do not have those in the TWAW Sticky but you can order that size in the Original Sticky HERE

  11. Melisa Rene Goodman

    What size would I need for my 911 Springfield 380?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hi Mindy,
      You will need the SM-2 for the 911 380 – Please sign up to our email list and wait until 4/3/2020 to buy, there may be a discount coming…. 😉

  12. Mindy

    What size will I need for my Springfield Hellcat?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hi Mindy,
      You will need the SM-5 for the Hellcat – Please sign up to our email list and wait until 4/3/2020 to buy, there may be a discount coming…. 😉

  13. SB

    My wife has a Taurus G2C and would like to buy her one but not sure what size to get??

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hello, for the Taurus G2C you will need the MD-4 Size. Thank you!

  14. Cindy Frisendahl (verified owner)

    Love this holster! This is the second holster I’ve gotten from TWAW and my favorite so far. I don’t always like carrying in my purse and prefer on body. This one works perfectly for staying in the waistband. Most of the time I wear jeans, it stays in place very well. In fact, when I first received it, I decided to see how it would do with working around the ranch and was happy with how it stayed in place and yet was comfortable. Best is that it doesn’t add bulk and make my shirts stick out so that everyone knows I’m carrying. I had a plain T shirt on and no one, not even me could tell I was carrying. Highly recommend this holster. Especially for those new to concealed carry. You’re always going to wind up with more than one holster anyway. This would also work well in a handbag as well.

  15. Terri

    What size holster would a Bersa Thunder need?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hi Terri, the Bersa Thunder fits in the MD-4 Sticky!

  16. burcher2 (verified owner)

    I love this holster for my Glock 43. The material is comfortable and conforms to the gun well. The fit around the gun is perfect, no need to worry about trigger getting accidentally jostled or bumped. I wear a lot of high-waisted leggings and yoga pants and to work and the gun stays where I put it, perfectly concealed no matter what carry position I’m using. It is also very easy to draw without pulling out the entire holster. No complaints here whatsoever.

    I also ordered the mount for the car and extra Velcro, which I put one in my car and the other in our bedroom. I generally keep the mount in the bedroom, but the flexibility of being able to take it on long car rides without having it IWB is a huge bonus. Easily transitions from on the body to in the car.

  17. Connie Andoe

    What size holster do I need for my Taurus TH 9C?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hi Connie, I believe for that gun model you will need the LG-6S.

  18. Anne Davis

    What size sticky holster for my glock 19 and 26?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      For the Glock 19 you will need the LG-2 and the Glock 26 you will need the MD-4 Gen 1.
      There is a sizing chart in the description that has a lot of common models listed and the size that will be needed for future reference.
      Thank you!

  19. Donna

    **What size sticky holster for S&W M&P 9 shield 2.0. ?**
    I have one for my Ruger LC 380 and LOVE IT.

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      You will need an MD-4 for the Shield.

  20. susan klotz

    I have this Sticky Holster and love it. I can carry my S&W Shield EZ in any pant or skirt, front or back and it’s not going anywhere. Also a great holster in any of my purses big enough to conceal. Easy to draw.

  21. Sandra

    I love this holster! I use it nearly every day to carry my Ruger LC9 and under most clothing it stays put. Waistbands that are loose won’t hold it in place but for the most part, I don’t have to worry about slippage because it sort of adheres to your underclothing. It truly is sticky! Great holster for beginners who are nervous too, as you can adjust it to the point where your firearm is barely peaking out. I recommend still wearing a belt if you are going to push your gun further down below your waistline, just to give extra support. I often wear it with jeans and no belt though, since jeans are more stiff and don’t tend to give much as the day progresses.

  22. Laurie White (verified owner)

    I love my sticky holster! Perfect for my Sig Sauer P238. So comfortable and does not move. I even forget I have it on sometimes. :0 I got mine with the purple TWAW logo.

  23. Kaylee Lacaillade (verified owner)

    Absolutely love it! I’m usually skeptical of buying online, but I’m so glad I bit the bullet and ordered. Hands down my favorite IWB holster. Comfortable, easy to use no matter where you prefer your holster. Thinking about buying a second to keep in my truck.

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