Thigh Holster by The Well Armed Woman (Garter sold separately)

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The top selling woman’s thigh holster. Comfortable and functional. Comes in multiple sizes. See Thigh Holster Garter Option.

***CLOSEOUT ITEM. No exchanges or returns, All sales final.




See Thigh Holster Garter Option.

Highly recommended to help the holster stay in place as you move around your day!

Comfortable Neoprene thigh wrap holster. A wonderful option for wearing with dresses and skirts!

Made in the USA for The Well Armed Woman from the highest quality materials.

Available in 2 holster sizes!

  • Small: Fits compact through mid-sized semi-autos and revolvers
  • Large: Fits larger full sized firearms

This video demonstrates the holster when used with the waistband and garter, but it is the same thigh holster for both models and will give you the chance to see it and how it is worn.

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Size Thigh Measurement
X-Small 12.5″-15″
Small 15″-19″
Medium 19″-23″





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Additional information

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Reviews (19)

19 reviews for Thigh Holster by The Well Armed Woman (Garter sold separately)

  1. M. Duke

    Do you plan to replace this item?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      We are working on developing a new thigh holster but it may take quite a while to get it ready for production. I will announce any new product as it becomes available!


    I still am not comfortable with my thigh holster, but I hate to purse carry since my purse gets too heavy on my shoulder and won’t have my weapon if they steal my purse. I constantly feel as if my holster is slipping, and it ends up being like the people who keep checking if their carry is printing. I then bought the garter which I immediately stopped using. When I sat down it folded in half and looked like a huge tent under my dress. Tried using it as a crossover garter but would not stay in place, the garter is back in the drawer, lol. I am using the holster only but can only use it for longer and super flowy dresses. Still working with it.

  3. Csensi-Aspen (verified owner)

    I AM IMPRESSED. I wear a lot of short shorts and skirts and dresses… my other holster works well with pants and shorts, but I needed one for skirts as well, and this one fit the bill. It doesn’t slip and slide, it holds steady, the gun stayed tight and locked in, the holster didn’t move. I’ve taken it hiking and walking with my dogs and I have had zero issues. I am extremely pleased with this purchase. I didn’t need the garter either, it sits just fine on its own for me. But WOW. I am beyond happy with this holster.

  4. Michael

    I wear a kilt quite frequently and have had to either open-carry or go without my firearm. After reading Bryan’s review, I decided to give this holster a try. I am very pleased with the quality as well as the fit and comfort of the holster. I will definitely share my experience with others! Thank-you for all you do for women (and men) in the firearm community!

  5. Glenn

    Finally a well made, non-leather holster I can wear with a kilt! I will order one to carry my compact (officer sized) Detonics .45ACP.

  6. Bryan

    I am very impressed with your garter/holster product. My wife purchased one for carrying her firearm in a dress and we thought that because I wear a kilt in a bagpipe band, it would work for carrying kilted. It is very concealable under my kilt and I carry a somewhat larger pistol. For my other kilts friends, this will be a recommendation for them as well. Before now, I would have to go without my carry gun. Now I don’t have to. A+++

  7. S. G.

    I really love this holster (but my favorite is the Flashbang). I like that I can put this holster in different positions to suit my needs or the outfit I’m wearing at the time. It conceals the best when I wear it toward my inner thigh (I have a small build so this doesn’t cause irritation when I walk). The only downside is that wearing anything under the holster (like tights, pantyhose, or garments [as I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a.k.a. Mormon) will cause the holster to shift with movement over time. I would not recommend wearing this holster if a lot of movement or activity is required. The only thing that would make this holster better is if there was some sort of anti-slip component on the inside of the holster that would prevent slippage if the holster was worn over my garments (or other skin-tight clothing).

  8. Doris

    I recently bought this holster and am loving it! At last an easy, comfortable way to conceal with dresses/skirts. Ditto to all the previous positive comments. There was some scratchiness where the velcro didn’t completely overlap. I just cut an appropriate size thin knit fabric and stuck it on the offending velcro. Problem solved. I was worried about the garter eventually ripping through the slit in the holster, so made another garter to hang from the belt to the holster about 90 degrees from the other one, attaching with velcro to the holster band. Now I feel totally secure with this method of carry.

  9. Mimi

    I used the sizing chart to order but it turns out that these run big so consider ordering a size down. They come with plenty of strap so it is quite adjustable. I’m a short, full sized lady and ordered a large thigh size, but a medium would be better. I ordered an XL Garter and should have a L.

    For the holster, I ordered the large and it holds my full size 1911 .45 ACP perfectly.

    I am looking forward to putting this to use!

  10. Florence

    The material is very soft but the Velcro parts on the thigh strap and the security strap are very scratchy. The Velcro on the security strap is very strong, so strong that it compromises the speed of the draw and it is very loud. It prints depending on the fabric of my skirt or dress, and many of my skirts/dresses are too short for this holster even though I wear it very high. If I don’t wear the garter (the garter prints depending on the garment), the holster will start slipping if I dance, jump or run. The gun lies between my thighs and it makes me change the way I walk, specially if the scratchy parts are bothering me. Even so, I haven’t found another holster that is better than this one and that can hold my Springfield XDs .45 3.3″ barrel fully loaded (at least a pound and a half).

  11. Julie

    I bought the thigh holster for my Ruger LCP .380. I have tried and tried to wear it, but I have some issues. One, the garter that I purchased along with it is too stretchy and has too much give, letting the holster move down the leg when I sit and stand, which means readjusting it. I found a regular leather belt worn under the outfit is a much better choice. Two, the imprint of my gun is too much for anything other than a very flowy skirt. I like pencil skirts and it just shows too much for my liking. Three, to position the holster for the least likely imprint, it hits my opposite thigh when I walk causing an irritated, sore and bruised spot. Also, if I wear pantyhose or tights with the holster, the velcro pulls on the fabric. I ordered the size of holster and garter for my measurements, but I wish I would have ordered a size smaller. I have too much extra length in the closure when I pull it tight enough to stay put.

  12. Brynn

    This is an excellent concealed carry holster for so many reasons. First of all, it’s actually comfortable. Nothing scrapes or pulls. I carry a large framed Springfield XD .45 every single day and I’m dressed either in a skirt, heels and lipstick or nice jeans and a nice shirt, heels or boots. I dress like a girly girl and this allows me to carry on-body when I do. This holster doesn’t slide down my leg when used with the garter and is absolutely secure and kept in place under my dress. I bought the large and when items around my thigh, it wraps around the gun with some overlap but I can also wear it around my waist to go running. I have had two run ins with men in my neighborhood thinking that a woman running some Is an easy target (I have been physically grabbed once shady, but the situation hasn’t called for me to draw my weapon yet, but I know it’s there and secure if I need it!) I’m 5’9, 240 pounds so I was impressed. The velcro stays and never comes undone!

  13. sue lange

    I bought this about a year ago. The only problem I had was even the larger size holster did not really want to accommodate my gun. I returned the ’small’ and got a ’large’. Even though it reads a large will fit a full size semi-auto I just don’t see that being the case. I had to really work to get Taurus 709 slim (about the same as Kahr P9) in there and I still never felt like it laid as flat as it should be. However, I had chosen a dress with lot of fullness in the skirt so it didn’t show. Went to my niece’s wedding and no one was the wiser. The fabric is comfortable but make it pretty tight around the thigh else it will tug and pull on the garter. It won’t fall but I’ve had the waist band “roll and flip and bunch up” I’m thinking a stiffer waistband could be an improvement…

  14. Carla

    I bought the thigh holster like most women to wear with skirts and dresses. It is a very well made holster. The only down side for me is that the holster is designed for firearms with rounded trigger guards, my Glock 26 has a square trigger guard so I need to really shove it in the holster in order for it to fit securely. Other than that, it’s a great functional holster.

  15. Allie

    I echo the other reviews on this holster. The fabric is incredibly soft, the thigh portion stays put without the garter belt (but I have the garter because I don’t like to adjust while carrying), it holds my gun very securely, and you do have to position it just right in order for both the Velcro and the grip to not irritate your other thigh. Being built very close together, my thighs always touch so I found I have to wear some boy-short-style underwear when I carry with this holster. If you choose to do that, make sure you practice your draw as you now have a little bit more fabric to lift when drawing your pistol. Another great product from the Well Armed Woman!

  16. Kalaryn

    I’ve been using mine for a year, I love it, it’s my only carry option currently until I can find something for pants that works with the small girl (I can’t do any of the bra ones because I’m a 32AA). I’m hoping that eventually there will be one in a nude color because with lighter colored dresses, the black shows through but I usually put a slip on or an underskirt to help hide it. I went to a holster seminar and sadly this one was not on the list of holsters but fortunately I had mine and just about every woman in the class was most interested in this one so hopefully that increases sales on it, I passed out your website to every single person there and whenever I’m in guns stores I recommend to women to check out this site, thank you so much for existing.

  17. Melissa

    I used this thigh holster with dresses and skirts frequently this past summer. For it to be both comfortable and concealed you have to get it situated ’just right’. It might be awkward to use this holster with a medium size or larger gun, but with my small LCP it was perfect. The material is very soft and comfortable even when you strap it tightly to your thigh. I didn’t use the garter and had no problems with it slipping. The velcro makes the gun very secure and unlikely to fall out, but it also makes it tricky if you need to quickly draw your weapon. People who buy this holster should practice their draw.

  18. SJW

    I cannot say enough good things about my thigh holster, I love it! I am a thin woman, so it is hard to conceal wearing most clothes. I wear dresses and skirts often so this is a fantastic choice! Depending on which of my guns I am carrying and which skirt/dress I am wearing, it is noticeable that I am wearing it. Not a big deal, I just position it differently. When I am not wearing tights or nylons, I don’t use the garter. When I am wearing nylons/tights, I need the garter as it slides down without, again not a big deal! HIGHLY recommend!

  19. Darcy

    I purchased the thigh holster and I just want to say that I don’t know how I lived without it. I have worn it everyday and it is comfortable, secure, and hides so well! I also feel totally badass wearing it! Great product for thin, small busted women who cannot conceal and carry easily. Thanks!

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