The Sticky Holster

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Just stick the Sticky in your waistband and you are ready to go. A favorite holster with women.

Sticky Holsters are self-securing, state of the art in-the-waist band (IWB) and pocket holsters that use the compression of your waistband against your body to secure both holster and firearm. Ambidextrous (left or right) Deploy and adjust in seconds! No bulky clips or straps to get in the way. Lightweight (less than 3 oz.).
These holsters are not eligible for return.


Special Purchase Note: For a limited time we have a few sizes available with the TWAW logo! These Special editions are notated with “TWAW” in the drop-down size menu. These holsters have the TWAW logo and purple accent stitching. See the product image gallery for photo.

See drawing, sizing and more details in the description below!



Sticky Holsters use compression in the waistband or friction from the pocket to secure and draw your handgun. Great for when you are not wearing a belt!

Check out the Travel Mount – great for home or car

Redefining Concealment. Sticky Holsters are self-securing, state of the art in-the-waist band (IWB) and pocket holsters that use the compression of your waistband against your body to secure both holster and firearm. Ambidextrous (left or right) Deploy and adjust in seconds! No bulky clips or straps to get in the way. Lightweight (less than 3 oz.). Closed-end design keeps lint and dust out and keeps gun oil off of you. Body heat and use conforms holster to your gun.
MADE IN THE USA! Lifetime “No Questions” Warranty (covers materials and workmanship)


Draw video clip from Concealed Carry For Women Online Course. Click the clip for more info.


It is highly recommended that once the handgun has been drawn from the holster, the safest option to re-holster is to remove the empty holster from the waistband or pocket. Return the handgun to the holster in a safe manner, pointing the gun in a safe direction and keeping your finger off the trigger. Once safely holstered, return the entire system back to your waistband or pocket.


Use the search feature to quickly find your model
Holster SizeGun Fits
SM-1Beretta Tomcat/Bobcat, NAA 22/Guardian, Taurus 22/25        
SM-2Suitable for pocket 380's up to 2.5" barrel without lasers.

Beretta Pico, Colt Mustang, Diamondback 9/380, Kahr PW/CW 380, Kel-Tec P32/P3AT, Kimber Micro 380, NAA Guardian, Remington R380, Ruger LCP, Seecamps, Sig Sauer P238, S&W Bodyguard, .380, Taurus 738/TCP  

SM-3Suitable for pocket .380’s with laser up to 2.75"
SM-5Glock 42, Kimber Micro 9mm, Diamond Back DB9, Kahr CM9/40, Sig Sauer 938, Sig P365, Springfield Hellcat, and any other similar size firearms.

If you have a laser use SM-5 mod for laser
SM-5 mod for laserFor the following gun models with a FRONT MOUNTED LASER
Glock 42, Sig Sauer 938, Kimber Micro, Diamond Back DB9, Kahr PM9/40, Kahr CM9/40 and any other similar size firearms
MD-1Med/Sm autos up to 3.5"
Beretta Nano 9/380,  Kahr PM/CM/MK, Keltec PF9/11/40, Ruger LC9/LC380, SCCY CPX 1/2, Sig P290, Taurus 709 Slim/708/740

MD-2Med/Sm autos up to 3.5" with trigger guard laser
MD-1 models with lasers, Sig P290, Springfield XD Mod 2 (3"), Springfield XD Subcompact (.40/ 3")
MD-3Beretta Cheetah 84/85, Bersa Thunder 380, Browning 1911-380 Black Label Compact, Kahr P9, Kahr CW 9, Mauser 9/380, Sig P232/230, Sig P365XL, Walther PPK/s,
MD-4Suitable for Single Stack Sub-compact Medium Autos up to 3.6” barrel
Bersa Thunder 9 UC, Glock 43, Glock 43X, Shield 9/40/45, Kahr CW & P series, S&W Shield, Springfield EMP, Springfield XDS 3.3", Walther PPS 9/40, P22, PK380, CCP models

MD-4 ModifiedMD-4 models with Laser
MD-4 Gen 1Suitable for Sub-compact Medium Frame Double Stack Autos up to 3.8” barrel
Bersa BP9CC, Beretta PX4 Storm Subcompact, FN Compact, Glock 26/27/28/29/33/36/39, HK P30SK, H&K P7, Ruger SR9C/SR22/SR40C, Smith&Wesson M&P 9/40 Compact, Smith&Wesson M&P Shield EZ 380/9, Taurus PT111/140, Taurus Millenium Pro 145/745, Taurus G2C
MD-4 Gen 1 ModifiedFor the following models with a FRONT MOUNTED LASER
Sub-compact Medium Frame Double Stack Autos up to 3.8” barrel
Bersa BP9CC, Beretta PX4 Storm Subcompact, FN Compact, Glock 26/27/28/29/33/36/39, HK P30SK, H&K P7, Ruger SR9C/SR22/SR40C, Smith&Wesson M&P 9/40 Compact, Smith&Wesson M&P Shield EZ 380/9, Taurus PT111/140, Taurus Millenium Pro 145/745, Taurus G2C
MD-5Suitable for J-Frame and similar revolvers to 2.25" barrel
Charter Arms Pink Lady, Ruger LCR, S&W 602, Taurus 85, Taurus 605
LG-1SSuitable for barrels bewtten 3-4" .
1911s, Colt Defender, Kimber Ultra CDP II, Kimber Pro Carry II, Kimber Super Carry Ultra, Colt Commander - 1911
LG-1LSuitable for 1911 and clones from 4” to 5” barrel
Sig Sauer P210, Remington 1911 R1, Kimber Raptor II, Colt 1911
LG-2Suitable for medium Glocks - Large autos to 4.2” barrel
Glock 19/19X/23/25/32/38/44/48, Ruger SR9/40
LG-3Suitable for Large autos to 4.75” barrel
full Size Glocks, Glock 17/22/31/34/35/37
LG-4Large Revolvers - Barrel up to 3.5",
Colt Diamondback, Ruger LCR-x 3", Ruger SP 101 3", Ruger SP101, Taurus Judge Public Defender
LG-6SDesigned for larger framed Automatics with a 3" or 4" barrel
Beretta PX4 Storm Compact, FN 357/FNP Series/FNS/FNX 9/40, Glock 29/30/30s, Hi Point CF-380/C9, HK P30/P2000/VP9, Kahr tp & T Series/ CT 40/45, Ruger American 9, Sig P239/227/229/250C/M11A1/P320C, S&W M&P Full, S&W 3913/5904, S&W M&P 45 Compact, Springfield XDc/XDMc 3.8"-4.0", Taurus PT/Millenium Pro, Taurus TH 9C, Walther PPQ/PPX/P99
LG-6LDesigned to fit large and full sized Semi auto frames up to 5 " barrels
Beretta PX4 Storm Fullsize/M9/92FS, FN 5.7/FNX 45, Glock 20/21 HK P30L/USP, Kel-Tec PMR 30, Ruger SR45/American 45/P95/97/345, Sig P250/P220/P226/P320 Full, Springfield XD/XDM Full 4.5", S&W M&P 45
Optics Ready-5Designed to fit most optic setups for the following guns and similar sizes. CZ Rami, Glock 42, 43, 43X, 26, 27, Ruger Max 9, SW Shield/plus/2.0 (not EZ), Sig P365, Springfield Hellcat, XD-S, Taurus GX4
Reviews (54)

54 reviews for The Sticky Holster

  1. Vivian

    I have a Sig P365X with laser and red dot. I don’t see it listed. What size would I need please?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Unfortunately, we do not carry a size that will accommodate that size gun with the optics.

  2. Martha Mansfield

    What size do I order for a Ruger LCR 38 Special

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hi Martha,
      Here is sizing info:
      For the LCR you want the MD-5
      For the LCR 3″ barrel you want the LG-4

  3. Judy Jennings

    What size do I need for an M&P 380 with 3.6” barrel? MD 4 gen 1?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hi Judy,
      I believe you are talking about the M&P Shield EZ 380 with 3.6″ barrel? If so, yes, you need the MD4 Gen 1.

  4. Jodie (verified owner)

    I have had my sticky holster for a few months. I’m a plus-size, curvy woman that has struggled to find a holster. This holster is so comfortable and can be placed in any position in the waist band. Drawbacks, it doesn’t work too well with stretch waist bands and using the restroom is tricky! Still my favorite!

  5. Dara

    Will the MD5 fit a S&W 642 with a laser?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      It depends on which laser you have. If you have a grip laser, it should work fine. However, if you have a laser that is added under the barrel, it will not work.

  6. Rene

    Thanks for your quick response.
    One last question…
    Holster for Sig Sauer p365XL?
    Saw another earlier post you recommended a SM5 but that was for p365 not the XL. That size seems like it would be too small as you recommended MD4 for my Mossberg 9mm?
    They are similar in size.

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hi Rene,
      No problem – for the Sig P365XL you need the MD-3 – we will add that to our size list thanks for the question!

  7. Rene

    Why size holster would be best fit for;
    S&W 38 642
    Mossberg 9mm
    Thanks in advance!

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      For the SW .38 you will want the MD-5
      for the Mossberg MC1 you will want the MD-4

  8. Charlotte Klinepeter (verified owner)

    To be honest, I was a bit skeptical, but I gave it a shot. I started concealing and bought 3 holsters. This was one. I just finished a 3 mile jog with the sticky holster holding my sig sauer P365 SAS inside the top of my leggings… It stayed in place! Even with sweating, I was able to pull it out without the holster moving. It was not abrasive against my skin and I’d say it stayed in place just about as well as my concealment compression shorts I got. Very impressed!

  9. Lisa

    I have a S&W 442 5 shot revolver, what size Sticky Holster should I buy?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hui Lisa,
      the MD-5 should work for you, thanks!

  10. Robin

    How is the trigger protection while the firearm is in the holster? is there enough material that the trigger cannot be activated through the holster for instance when bumping up against something or if the dog jumps up, holding thrashing children, etc.?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hi Robin,
      This material is definitely a thicker material compared to your concealment clothing and belly bands. However, it is hard to say if it will suit your comfort level with trigger protection because it is not a hard plastic that would offer the most trigger protection. This holster can be returned if you are not comfortable with it – you can find our return policy on our FAQ page linked HERE.

  11. Rosemary Taylor

    What size do I need for a Sig Sauer 380 Equinox?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      The SM-2 is the size needed for the P238, thanks!

  12. Betsy Smith Barney

    What size sticky holster shall I order for my Walther PPQ?
    Thank you,

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      For a Walther CCP you will want the MD-4.

  13. Kathy

    hello, what size for the Hellcat?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hi Kathy, you will want the SM-5!

  14. Fredricka Davis

    What size for a Sig Sauer p365?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      you want the SM-5 for the P365

  15. Angela

    What size for S&W M&P Shield 2.0 9mm?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      You will need the MD-4 for the Shield 9mm.

  16. Patty

    What size for a Smith & Wesson M&P 22 compact pistol?

    • Warehouse

      Hi Patty,
      I would try the MD-4 Gen 1 for that gun.

  17. goseemary

    What size for a Bersa Firestorm?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      I would go with the MD-4 for the Firestorm. Thanks!

  18. Jennifer

    Exceeded my expectations! I purchased for handbag carry which it works for but I found this works great for me under my sports bra. I have the flash bang which is my favorite. Awesome customer service and quick shipping. I will def purchase from well Armed women for my supplies. Great articles just a great site in general for information. Thank you.

  19. Cheena Rushing

    I wear scrubs majority of the time and travel all over. Will this work with drawstring scrubs or scrubs that have yoga type waist bands? I carry an S&W MP Shield EZ 380.

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hi Cheena,
      This would probably not work with the drawstring type scrubs as there will not be a wide enough platform of tension. Depending on the yoga style and their fit on you (should be snug/ have good tension) – these may work for you. You may also want to look at the Magnetic Waistband Holster – as this is very popular with women who wear scrubs!

  20. Donna

    What size would I get for a SCCY CPX-3 380 & M&P 380 Shield EZ

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      For the Shield EZ 380 you will need the MD-4 Gen 1 and for the SCCY-3 the MD-1
      Have a nice day!

  21. coyotegurl59 (verified owner)

    After a snafu with my mailing address ( my fault), i received my Sticky holster today.
    I do occupancy verifications for various mortgage companies and sometimes the people and properties are sketchy, so my husband bought me my 1st handgun (walther ccp).
    I wear jeans and a belt in cooler weather, but shorts and leggings in the summer months.
    My usual holster is great if you are using a belt. But without one, my weapon flops around.
    So, i had jeans shorts on today when I went to the po to get the package. So, when I got home. I had a few things to bring in, so I put my gun in the sticky holster and put it in the front pocket and OMG! It stayed put!! No flopping or flipping!
    I can’t wait to get the other part for the house!
    Thanks well armed woman!

  22. candace delaney

    Am probably the only person in the universe who is not going to give this 5 stars. The Sticky is a great idea and works wonderfully, but does have limitations – and big revolvers are that limit. For many reasons I carry a big revolver, 2.5lbs when loaded with ammo. and the gravity beats the sticky every time! I use mine in combination with a belly band, and by the end of the day, the weight of the gun has pulled the holster down, down, down. It doesn’t come out, completely. It offers greater support against the weight of the gun than without it. But I can’t use that sticky in just a compression shorts waist band, because it will sink down, down, down and away. So if you are using anything but the biggest, heaviest hand guns, its a FIVE star for sure. But if you are like me, you are still looking for that perfect holster set up!

  23. nikkikay223 (verified owner)

    I ordered this holster about a month ago and love it. It is comfortable and easy to conceal – highly recommend!

  24. Mary

    I’ve been using this as my main holster (appendix carry) for a month now – and I love it! I like my other holster, but I have to say this one really rocks! Highly recommend the Sticky. It stays put no matter what I’m wearing, comfortable. I actually forget I’m wearing it. My only question for you is: Where is the Sticky Magazine holster? I would love to have a matching accessory for the other side, easy to reach and one I know is going to be at hand if I should ever need it. I carry a Glock 43 and hate sticking my extra mag in a zip lock in my clothing pockets or in my purse.

  25. Brenda

    Just got my sticky holster. Love it. I am a plus size and don’t wear a belt. This holster is comfortable and stays in place. Easy to draw from. Carry a Glock 19.

  26. Brenda

    Love my new sticky holstet. I carry a Glock 19 and it fits great. Easy to draw from. I am a plus sise woman ant this holster fits great. It’s very comfortable and easy to draw from. I recommend this for any size woman. About to get a smaller gun and will definitely purchase another.

  27. Connie

    I love this holster so much! I tell everyone that sticky holsters are the way to go…..the only way! I run and it works inside my running pants/leggings, sometimes I put it in my running bra, works there too. Protects the gun from sweat too. No matter what outfit you wear, this holster works. Just buy it!

  28. Michelle

    I love this holster! I’m new to conceal carry and wasn’t sure where I wanted to carry. So, I got this holster to easily try different locations. The price was relatively cheap and I would have something until I figured out what I wanted. I could then get my “main” holster. I was very surprised at how secure the holster was in my jeans with no belt. I wore it all day and hardly noticed it (I found I liked a cross draw inside the waist). You couldn’t tell I had my Glock 43 on me. The best part was how extremely comfortable it was. So I think I found my “main” holster. I will still get another holster or two for those days I want something clipped down or need a different method of concealing, but I really love this holster. I know I will be more likely to carry with this holster because of how easy it is to stick it in the waist and go and how comfortable it is. Highly recommend. And a quick thank you to the TWAW for being such a great resource.

  29. Deb

    I was apprehensive, but ordered two for different handguns. They work and are extremely comfortable! I highly recommend! Great for women AND men!

  30. Sandra

    This is great for in the purse. You should still use a separate pocket of the purse, dedicated to nothing but the gun and its holster, but this works well without adding excess bulk and it covers the trigger well.
    It also works if you are wearing slacks and want to use your pants pocket.

  31. Roberta

    I LOVE my new Sticky Holster!! Sticky Holsters are so comfortable and concealable. I like the fact that they’re made in the USA also.

  32. Carmen

    I have had my sticky holster for my Glock 43 for about 3 weeks now! I absolutely love it! It’s perfect to wear with gym shorts, leggings, and any other stretchy pants! It took a day or two to get used to it. It’s comfortable and doesn’t come out when you draw your gun. You do have to take it out to re holster your gun. Over all I love it!

  33. Susan

    I have bought several holsters and have finally found the perfect one. I use it for my Ruger LCP. It fits perfect in my waistband and it doesn’t move. Very easy to conceal. I prefer to carry on my waist, but great for in the pocket or purse.

  34. Suzy

    I have a remora for my Shiled, and just got this sticky for my LCP. I much prefer the sticky. It’s slimmer, and well- more sticky. I can use the sticky holster with leggings.. Gotta love a holster that works with leggings!

  35. Beth M

    my greatest concern with my revolver is accessibility when I need it. This holster is just what I have been looking for.

  36. CBeard

    LOVE this holster. Fits my Sig like a glove! HIGHLY Recommend. Ordering 2nd one today for hubby.

  37. Audrey

    Bought the MD2 for my Ruger LC9 with CT laser. Great fit, very comfortable and remarkably secure even with fairly loose pants. Option to carry in the right handbag is an added benefit.

  38. Peggy

    No matter how many holsters I buy (and I’ve bought a lot), I keep coming back to this one for everyday carry. I have one for each of my pistols and even though they’re getting worn, they still work just fine. Any position in the waistband or a big enough pocket, and you’re good to go. Minimalism at its best.

  39. Laurie

    This has been my favorite holster so far. It works great in my purse, waistband & pocket. It doesn’t move around & stays in quick draw position. I’ve used it with my PX4 Storm. It keeps it clean & lint free. I just recently purchased a XD-S and looked for a sticky for it. Looking forward to using it as my daily carry with convenience & versatility of the sticky holster.

  40. Karen

    Love love LOVE this holster! This is by far my favorite as it is easy to place anywhere that is most convenient (appendix, small of the back, pocket, front, large pocket) and it stays in place. I usually wear tighter clothing and this is always the holster I end up with unless I just use the clip on my Keltec and tuck it into my jeans. We have one for a Sig Sauer and it also works great. My husband uses for pocket carry as it keeps the weapon more secure without moving around a lot. Great holster!

  41. Mari

    This is one of my two favorite holsters for my Bersa Thunder CC 380. I carry on my person most of the time and this works great with snug-at-the-waist pants. However, my favorite way to use it is in my small leather CCW purse. It works GREAT to hold my pistol in the perfect position for a quick draw and keeps my weapon literally invisible. Also fits nicely and secures my pistol between the sofa cushions. This holster is quite versatile and I’m sure I’ll continue to find even more ways to use it.

  42. Cami

    I originally carried this holster when I carried a Ruger LC9. It was FABULOUS! Never had an issue with the gun slipping or sliding around in my pants, always stayed in place. I have since sold that pistol and have started carrying the Ruger LCR-X so naturally I wanted to get another Sticky to carry. So far I have not had any problems out of this holster with this revolver set up. Still stays in place, no wiggle but easily adjustable. Holster is comfortable as always. GREAT product!

  43. Rebecca

    I got the Sticky almost a year ago and it is my favorite holster. If my jeans pockets are large enough I can put it in my back pocket; my favorite way to carry. It easily stays in my waist band, but one does need to consider the ’bathroom factor.’

  44. Naomi

    I just got my sticky holster today and love it! It has stayed in place all day and my M&P fits in it perfectly. I’d definitely recommend this holster!

  45. Chris in Florida

    I really wanted to love this holster. I’ve tried and tried to get it to work for me, but I just really prefer my belly band. I think the sticky holster would probably work great if you wear tight jeans, but I wear mostly looser fitting shorts with low waistbands, and eventually the holster ends up slipping down inside my shorts, rendering my compact M&P virtually useless for quick draw. It does conform well to my gun and is easy to draw when it actually is in my waistband, but I’ve tried every different position and it’s a no go for me.

  46. Dani

    Great holster. I am able to draw my weapon with no problems at all. My jeans aren’t super tight and the holster still stays in place. I highly recommend this holster for anyone not just women. I tried the Betty but without a belt the holster continuously came out and I was unable to draw my weapon. Thanks WellArmedWoman for the great product at an unbeatable price with FAST shipping.

  47. Mindy O.

    I got this a couple days ago, and I have to say, it’s great. I like that I can place it anywhere in my waistband and it stays put. Right now I have in the appendix position, and I tried every which way to get it to budge, to fall out but it didn’t. I jumped, kicked, squatted, everything, and it stayed put right where I placed it. The gun doesn’t move around in the holster either. It fits snugly. I also find it very comfortable. My gun pulls out of the holster easily. It fits nicely with jeans. What you wear kinda has to be a little tight. I can’t wear this with my comfy pajama pants though, but that’s not really the purpose it serves. I haven’t tried it with sweat pants, but to me that’s just not something I’d try anyway. This holster is perfect for what it is designed to do. It is DEFINITELY worth $25.00. I’d have paid more if that would have been necessary.

  48. Carrie

    This one was recommended to me after speaking with representative on the phone and having a problem with another holster I ordered that just didn’t work as I had hoped it would. I like this one very much for my RUGER LCR. Love the fact that it doesn’t have a clip at all and just tucks inside my jeans and stays put even when I draw my gun. When I sit down, it does hit just a little bit in my groin, but I can easily adjust the cant a little more on an angle and it is fine. Very comfortable and it does not move.

  49. Kathy

    Okay, so a P.S. to the above (sorry about duplicate reviews). This holster is truly very comfortable. I DID order the right size. What I’m finding is that it gets better with use. Now that I’ve worn it a couple of days and, when not wearing it, stored my gun in the holster it fits and works much better. I CAN draw my gun from the holster with one hand as long as I pull it out diagonally. I know that for safety they recommend you remove the holster from your pants before reholstering; however, I’m finding that I can reholster my gun one handed now that the holster has started to conform to the shape of my gun. (I have been practicing unloaded.)

  50. Kathy

    This holster is truly very comfortable. I may have ordered mine a size too small because I found if I don’t draw my gun diagonally the holster comes out of my pants with the gun (I’ve been practicing unloaded).

  51. Teresa

    LOVE this holster! I use it for my 9mm shield. Works well inside the waistband and it also works great in a purse – it stays put when you draw your pistol! Recommend it highly.

  52. Holly

    I have several holsters for my Sig P938 but the Remora is my favorite. It’s so comfortable and it sticks to me so it stays put and I don’t have to worry about it moving. I also have their thigh holster and it’s wonderful. I prefer to wear dresses so in the summer I almost only use the thigh holster as it sticks to skin but is still comfortable. Some people say that female’s are limited when it comes to holsters but I disagree, I think that women have more options then men when it comes to ’carry’ options. Sometimes there might be a bump but typically no one stares that hard and it’s worth it knowing that you’re able to protect yourself!

  53. Amanda

    Just received this holster yesterday. Wore it to the office in my waistband today, and I still have it on me now that I’m at home – it’s that comfortable. I have a Glock 26, which is not a small gun. I purchased the FlashBang a few months ago, but my Glock is just not comfortable worn that way. Very easy to conceal with the Sticky holster. Love it! 🙂

  54. Esther

    I recently purchased this holster from TWAW and really love it! It’s a great IWB holster, even with shorts without a defined waistband. The MD-2 fits my new Sig P290 w/laser perfectly. Thank you for making so many great high quality products available for purchase in one place. Hope you decide to offer the companion super mag pouches in your store, too.

    Thank you for all that you do for women shooters!

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