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Every reason you have for not wearing a belt, consider them gone. This belt will change your mind about gun belts.

No fussing with belt buckles or in-between sizes that don’t fit you. The NexBelt Precise Fit Belt will be the last belt you buy.

To Order: You do not need to select your size, all belts come in one size and you cut it when received to your perfect size. Belts fit up to a 50″ waist.

Important Sizing Information listed in the description. Read before you cut as belts cannot be returned or exchanged once cut.

Olive Drab


Introducing your new secret weapon when it comes to concealed carry. The NexBelt PreciseFit EDC Belt!

Finally, a belt that gives you a truly custom fit every day! No more worries if your waistline changes, even so subtly due to fluctuations in weight or even the width of the holster you choose to wear. No more “squeezing” to try to get to the next hole or having to settle for a bit too loose. This belt fits YOU, not the pre-punched holes!

Other features include:

  • Buckle constructed using stainless steel set screws and not pins
  • The buckle is powder coated textured for better wear resistance
  • The tip of the strap has a leather stitch to prevent from fraying.
  • The backing is sweat resistant


  • Strap thickness 3/16″
  • Strap width – 1 3/8.”
  • Buckle size – 1 11/16” x 2 9/16”

This revolutionary belt design utilizes ratcheting technology that ensures a secure and exact fit. The holes in traditional belts are spaced by 1″ whereas this new belt allows for a much more exact fit with 1/4″ adjustments, so you can forget about settling for a too tight or too loose of a fit!

Made of a super-high density microfiber material that is an advanced composite of ultra-fine polyester fibers, this belt is the perfect blend of comfort and stiffness, allowing you to carry your firearm all day worry-free. Not to mention its slim and sleek design won’t draw attention or shout that you are concealed carrying.

Be sure to use the included two stainless-steel set screws for added insurance in locking the buckle down onto the belt. The combination of these two set screws along with the 9 teeth of the buckle allows for a 1,000lb+ pull without failure.

And don’t worry about buying the right size, as these belts will fit any waist up to 50″. Simply cut away the excess, and enjoy the best fitting belt!

This awesome belt is available in either Tan or Olive with a silver buckle, or Grey or Black with Granite Black buckle

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Sizing Instructions

  1. Measure your belt-line where you will be wearing your belt most often with a cloth measuring tape (in inches). Remember that measurement.
  2. Lay the belt flat on a table or the floor
  3. Lay the measuring tape from the end of the belt (the end with the plastic ratchet teeth on it) and go up the tape until you find your belt-line measurement on the tape (not the belt).
  4. Add 5″ inches to your measurement and go up the tape that 5″ inches. This is where you will be cutting the belt.
  5. You can test fit the belt by holding your thumb where you will be cutting and wrapping the belt around your belt-line. Do you have enough belt on both sides to accommodate for different adjustments? NOTE: An inch of the belt will be in the belt buckle so be sure to account for that.
  6. REMEBER: You can always cut more of the belt but cannot add the belt back once cut. Please, dry fit the belt if you are unsure of the size as belts cannot be returned or exchanged after they are cut.
  7. Cut the belt at your previously measured spot (your belt-line measurement plus 5″)
  8. Slide the buckle on to the cut side until it hits the inside end of the clasp. Clamp the buckle on the belt.
  9. Try on the belt, if comfortable with the size screw in the included screws in the two screw holes of the belt buckle.
  10. You are ready to go!

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 1.1 lbs

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2 reviews for Precise Fit EDC Belt – Nylon

  1. cory5172 (verified owner)

    Oh my gosh, this is THE BEST BELT! I’ve had a leather belt and holster that I wear and could strap down the end of the holster above my knee so it didn’t flop, and have loved it. However it’s not conceal carry, but so comfortable. I purchased the OWB holster from here and this nylon EDC belt and I am finally a happy gal.
    Great job TWAW shop, and thank you Carrie for continuing to find the best for us women.
    I’m 5’3″ and 153 Lbs, LCP2 and this works comfortably for me. Yes there’s some show, but nothing a loose shirt or light flowy vest can’t hide. Hope this helps.

  2. Angela (verified owner)

    I bought one and have worn it as my work belt. I love the infinite adjustments. Sizing was easy, just cut per the directions ( I used a lighter to melt the cut end so it wouldn’t fray ). It’s shaped to fit your waist line and is really comfortable. Worth the price. Will be purchasing it in a tan color soon.

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