Multi-Fit IWB Holster

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The N8 Tactical Multi-Fit IWB Holster has an option for most popular firearms. Whether you are carrying you Sig P365 and want to switch to a Glock 43 or maybe it’s time to switch from your Springfield Armory Hellcat to your Taurus G3, this holster will have you covered!



Multi-Fit IWB Holster Characteristics

  • Patented Tuckable Design
  • Multi-Fit Pocket
  • Durable Leather Surface
  • Moisture Proof Neoprene Core
  • Soft Suede Backing- Update: The suede backing is being upgraded to a comfort backing. Product backing may vary as we phase the suede out.
  • Patent Pending LockDown Clip
  • Adjustable Cant

Multi-Fit Pocket

Why buy holster after holster when you can buy one that fits most of them all! The N8 Tactical Multi-Fit IWB Holster is the combination of two of N8’s multi-fit favorites. Featuring the tuckable lockdown clip from our classic Tuckable Holster with the multi-fit elastic pocket found on our flagship Original Holster, you can have the best of both worlds.

3 Layer Patented Backer

When comfort counts the patented N8 Tactical backer is your go-to. The backer is comprised of three crucial components married together to offer superior comfort. The durable leather surface will not mar or scratch your firearm while providing a clean and smooth surface to draw from. The middle layer of the backer features a moisture-proof neoprene core. This core not only protects your firearm from sweat and body oils but it also offers a compression cushion to eliminate the firearm from pushing into your body. Last but not least the body side of the backer features a silky smooth layer of ultra-comfortable suede. This suede is the finishing touch to the most comfortable holster backer on the market.


  • Compact: guns with a single stack and barrel up to 3.5″ in length examples: Glock 42/43/43X/48,  Ruger Ec9/s, Sig p365, Springfield Hellcat, S&W Shield, Shield EZ .380/9, and similar sized guns.


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1 review for Multi-Fit IWB Holster

  1. CBryant

    I have this holster for a Kimber micro .380. This holster is wonderful! It is very comfortable and I can wear it with or without a belt. It even works with leggings!

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