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Our Lace Belly Bands are made for women who carry by women who carry. It offers 7 3/4 inch of adjustable Velcro for the perfect fit.


TWAW recommends using the TWAW Trigger Shield with this product for extra trigger protection- it can be purchased with this product by selecting it in the below dropdown.




Each belly band is handcrafted from start to finish, so they don’t have uncomfortable boning or uncomfortable pokey corners. The lace is handcrafted in America with the highest, quality available in the market.


It has a beautiful sheen which makes our belly bands extremely attractive. The elastic lace Belly Band has silky, spandex lining and stretches to fit comfortably so you can wear it against your bare skin. It can be positioned anywhere around the waist, hips, or under your arms, so you can carry either as a cross draw or strong draw. Each band offers TWO HOLSTERS with a removable retaining strap which is made of heavy-duty nylon webbing with a Velcro attachment that goes over your gun for safety.

  • 4″ Width
  • 2 Holsters with removable retention straps
  • 2 Oversized Magazine/Accessory Pockets
  • All White or All Black Material
  • 7 ¾” Adjustable Velcro for the perfect fit
  • Ambidextrous and can be positioned anywhere around the waist for cross draw or strong draw
  • Highest Quality lace available in the USA
  • Silky, Spandex lining for comfort against bare skin
  • TWAW recommends using a TWAW Universal Trigger Shield to be placed in this holster for extra trigger protection. Learn more by clicking on this link: TWAW Trigger Shield

Shown on models in XS, Medium and in XL

Sizing Chart:

Measure where you want to wear the band



Size (end to end in inches) Fits
XS  (31″) 24-30
S (33″) 27-34
M (37 “) 32-38
L (42″) 35-41
XL (45″) 39-46
2X (50″) 43-49
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Additional information

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Reviews (23)

23 reviews for Lace Belly Band by The Well Armed Woman

  1. Vanessa R (verified owner)

    I have had a conceal carry permit for years and I had this other horrific similar band from another company that sucked- but the only other option at that time was a bra version and no thanks- I wear yoga pants and shorts- ride a bicycle a lot and don’t wear jeans very often so most of the carry holsters only work with jeans. I then found underwear ones that were pretty comfortable but I would not remember to put the underwear on first- SO this one is very comfortable-I do expect that it will stretch out as my other one did because it is velcro and hopefully the large I ordered won’t get too stretched out- my only gripe at this time is that I prefer to have the magazine holder on the opposite side of the gun around my back as I am used to grabbing from that side to switch out the magazine- in this holder the magazine holder is right next to the gun holder- I may modify the belt to hold the magazine around the back.

  2. Bonnie Gilbert (verified owner)

    First let me say ship time is incredibly fast! I ordered an xlarge black lace band and the following day I ordered the universal trigger guard ( which I neglected to include on my original order) & just 4 days later I received both. Awesome! I’ve not had the opportunity to try either out yet – other than just trying on – but the quality of material, stitching & feminine appeal of the band go beyond expectations. It fits perfectly, & I can tell it will be cooler to wear than my belly band from another popular manufacturer. Very pleased with entire transaction.
    Any idea when the tan band will be an option again? I am also interested in the slim carry kydex & the purse insert. I understand that the kydex probably would not ship until after Christmas (which is fine). Any info on when the handbag insert will become available? Thanks so much – wonderful service you’re providing here for cc women.

  3. Angela Gurley (verified owner)

    I love this holster. I have a different brand and it is so uncomfortable but not this one it stays in place. I’m 5 ft and on the heavy side you can not even tell you have it on.

  4. Denise (verified owner)

    Just received my new White Lace Belly Band Holster. Put it on, put my new Sig in and walked, shopped and never even knew it was there. Very comfortable up high around rib cage and low on hips. Highly recommend!

  5. Cara (verified owner)

    I received this yesterday & was super excited. Arrived very quickly & looks lovely. Feels great- soft. Well- it keeps moving around until I really tighten it & then I can’t easily reach my 380. It is not big enough go around my hips (I ordered a large) and it’s impossible to reach under my chest area. Can’t reach it behind me and difficult on side. I am 5’4″, short waist & chesty (40DDD), These considerations are taken every time I try something new. I have yet to find something that accommodates my curves & I wear a skirt or dress 90% of the time (work in an office). I will try it for a few more days but…..

  6. Jennifer Weber

    I Love this holster! I’m 5’2″ 135# and wear scrubs to work. This fits perfect! I purchased the small. I wear it low around my hips, and prefer to carry appendix. It is very comfortable!! My Sig Sauer P365 fits in this with a trigger guard holster. The no trigger guard was the only downfall of this holster but easily fixed by using one with a trigger guard and both fit great with no troubles! Highly recommended! I’ve only had it for a few weeks at this point so not sure how it holds up long term.

  7. alanegardner (verified owner)

    Love it! I’m small (115 lbs 5’4″) so sometimes hiding my gun was difficult with the kydex holster. This small lace belly band keeps it snug up against me without bunching up. I wear it a 4-5 O’clock. It’s very comfortable and when I need to use the bathroom I don’t have to take it off and worry where to put my holster down as with a belt and kydex IWB holster. I’d definitely recommend this . The only downside to it is re-holstering it without muzzling yourself is difficult, so I’ll still use my kydex for CCL range training since it’s in and out at least 50 times. With the belly band I’ll just put my gun in it first, then put it on for the day problem solved.

  8. T. Luttrell (verified owner)

    I purchased the white lace belly band about 2 months ago. I am a sworn police officer in a plainclothes position. This holster allows me extreme versatility when selecting my daily outfits. I can wear the band lower or higher depending on the outfit and job assignment. It is both sexy and functional. It holds both my full-size pistol and my smaller framed one. I carry my badge and two magazines and the comfort is amazing. I also wear this band when I am not on duty. Most people do not know I am carrying. I am ordering a black one today. I highly recommend.

  9. Linda R (verified owner)

    I purchased this about a month ago from TWW in a large. I walk my dog early in the morning up here in the boondocks. I have tried other holsters that stick in the waistband of pants and they just don’t feel comfortable for me, plus there are times that my pants don’t have a pant waistband that would fit the clip of the holster. This band works wonderfully for me – I can wear it lower on my waist or higher. I like the lace, it seems to be well made. I would recommend it to others!

  10. Elida Navarro (verified owner)

    I searched online for hours for the perfect holster since I’m a fist time concealed carrier, and I stumbled upon the WAW and saw the amazing reviews and lots of YouTube videos on this specific holster. Shipping was fast and the product is fantastic. I’ve worn the belly band all week and love how my weapon is concealed without making me too uncomfortable. I’m wearing my same clothing too. I will be buying the nude colored belly band since I purchased the black. Great product! I’m a size 10, so I ordered the large and it’s has lots of inches left if I need to make it bigger.

  11. jenisa ryals (verified owner)

    I love my lace belly band, the most useful & versatile holster I have, easily holding a variety of calibers ranging from compact 380 to full size 40 (or both, +mags, small personals), limited only by weight – heavier ones causing some loss of band station esp. in my most concealed position under the bust. Also with my ribcage/hips larger than my waist it tends to drop from ribs (or rise from hips) with much activity resulting in more printing. Hip position prints more on me than under bust, also depending on clothing style. Material is high quality, durable though heat-retaining, stretches over time (order smaller) and soft non-chaffing lace edges do curl with use (not a problem for me). Someday I will also try TWAW’s classic band.

  12. Becky Pace (verified owner)

    I can not wear on waist or in waist. This band is the perfect solution! Not sweaty, soft, can wear in multiple positions. Stays put. Will hold my Shield or my LCP. I ordered an XL, it was a bit too big. Quick exchange and had the L in the same week!

  13. 29 Yr Retired Sgt

    I routinely wear my weapon with ease due to this product. I will be ordering a new one a size smaller than last time. It can get warm during the summer. But I just decide wether a holster or this strap. The holster can irritate my hips (prior back injury). Therefore I love this option. My last was purchased a year ago. Great shape except bigger and the end of the fabric curls. Can sometimes see it with t shirts. Can store extra mags credit cards money. It’s awesome when you don’t want to carry a purse but a couple of small items.

  14. Jenni P

    Love my black lace belly band! I’m 5’, small framed and fairly small busted. I’ve tried a lot of different holsters with not a lot of success. They were either uncomfortable, noticeable, or awkward to draw my gun. This band perfectly conceals my M&P Bodyguard 380. I’ve found that the most comfortable, most concealed and quickest draw is if I wear it under my bust. There’s no binding or digging when I sit down. I can move into any position and it is concealed which makes me feel very confident in public. Thank you for such an amazing product!

  15. Charlotte Williams

    I just received my belly band holster and the service was extremely fast for our area and the quality is fabulous!! I absolutely LOVE IT, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for in a holster. Sadly I bought one that was not made in the U.S.A. and it’s just not “all that.” I carry two different styles of firearms and this one will accommodate both if I choose to carry them. Wish I had found this one first. Thanks so much for your product I’ll spread the word around. I do have a carry conceal handbag as well. 😉

  16. Barbara

    I bought the belly band to use for backpacking because the other holsters interfered with my pack. It is very comfortable and I feel like it keeps my gun secure. The only downside for me was that it gets hot in warmer temperatures. I recommended to my daughter and she also bought one.

  17. Wiskyjack

    I purchased a 4″ medium bellyband for my Lovely Lady. It was to big. I got tired of looking at it in my sock drawer so I started using it. Wearing it low with a PC Shield 9mm it pinched my spare tire. Nobody likes that so it went back in the sock drawer. I gave it another try this weekend with a full size Beretta 92fs, wearing it high. I am 6’ even, and 195 pounds. I was wearing a tshirt under it, and a long sleeve Cabela’s Roughneck shirt over it. Jeans with a single ply leather pistol belt. We spent the afternoon loading the trailer with 7 dock floats that were 9’ long, 10 wood pallets, and a 275 gallon poly tank(empty) all by hand while she looked good supervising. I rarely if ever write a review, but these bellybands are a great product. This man loves the Well Armed Woman. That Beretta carried great all day, both in the truck and loading/unloading cumbersome cargo. I just ordered my Lady a lace model for her 92 compact. In a Small this time…..

  18. Penelope

    An update – I just rec’d the Med black lace 4″ belly band as a re-order (exchanging for the 4″ black “non-lace” Sm belly band I reviewed earlier). I wore it all day today (6:00 position on my hips) shopping and running errands. I hardly even knew it was there! (I have a micro Kimber 380 w extended mag). Visiting public restrooms – no problem; no slippage, no hassle. The lace feels softer against my body than the non-lace, which I like, but the band is still very secure. I look forward to another day wearing it – tomorrow under my tighter “work” cloz. I may even try my xds 9ml with it. 🙂

  19. Penelope

    I just ordered the 4″ belly band in black. I am 5’2″ & 125#. I ordered Small because of the comments regarding the various belly bands (that it might stretch or ran big) & that size fits fine on my waist, but as I want to explore all options with this holster & hope to wear it under my “work” cloz on the hips, I am returning it for a Medium (the size the chart indicated) instead. I would suggest you consider where you wish to wear this holster before ordering a smaller size (and also where your weight tends to fall on your body. Mine is on my hips). The product shipped quickly & customer service was also quick. Once I get the correct size, I think this will be a good holster option for me with a smaller body & not a lot of places to conceal. I also ordered 2 “cami top” holsters which I hope will work well this fall (under work tops); those look promising. 😀

  20. Jackie C

    The very BEST holster I have. It is my favorite of all. Easy to wear, comfortable, very secure, doesn’t roll over….I could go on forever. Just buy it!

  21. Tammu TB

    I love mine. I got it a bit bigger to wear down on my hips under waistband. It is a godsend when wearing soft waist pants. I have used it with my pistols as.well as my revolver. You can easily turn it from appendix carry, to hip or small of back with little.effort. The price is awesome.Amazon like it with less lace for twice as much.

  22. Marine Wife

    I bought this lace belly holster a few months ago. I loved it at first. I intended on wearing it lower closer to my hips, because I have a short torso. Well, not realizing it had a bit of stretch to it, I bought it too big. I just had my seamstress add a little bit more Velcro and, perfect! After a while though the fabric didn’t seem to bounce back and I noticed it was getting more stretched out. It seems to ride up when I walk around a lot and especially when I sit. I love the idea of this holster, but it’s just not working out how I had hoped it would. I think if I bought a smaller one and wore it solely higher on my waist, it would be perfect, but it’s a little too expensive to buy multiples just to try them out, considering it worked great within the 14 day return policy.

    As for the customer service, the staff was AMAZING!! I messed up my order online and they promptly fixed it and I even though it was on back-order I still received it pretty quick!

  23. Stevee Payne

    Ordered this according to the directions, where I wanted to wear it, and it was too large. It’s also quite warm to wear. I much prefer the old style narrower band.

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