How do I change the Clip on my TWAW IWB Holster?

If you are having troubles changing the clip on your IWB holster, consult the guide below to help.



(2)Stock Clip
(5)Binding Post
(6)Flexible O-Ring Washer
(7)Finishing Washer

First unscrew the stock clip from the holster with a Philips head screwdriver by loosening the screw.

If the screw is firmly set in the binding post, an additional flathead screwdriver is needed to hold the Binding Post in place on the back of the holster.

Remove all hardware to be placed correctly with the new Ulticlip.

Place the hardware on the screw in this order: Finishing washer. Flexible O-Ring Washer. UltiClip. Spacer.

Insert the screw with all the hardware into desired hole on the desired side of the holster. Hold the holster in place and place the Binding Post on the other side of the hole.

Begin fastening the screw into the Binding Post (If you would like to use Vibra-Tite/Adhesive for a more secure hold at your desired cant, place a few drops into the Binding Post at this time).

Once the screw tightens the UltiClip and hardware into place, use your free hand to hold the holster at the desired cant for carrying. Tighten the screw firmly to the Binding Post. At this point, your UltiClip should be firmly in place, and your holster ready for Concealed Carry.