Being Prepared Can Make the Difference

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Being Prepared Can Make the Difference

Being Prepared Can Make the Difference

A survival story submitted by Karen T.

My story isn’t as dramatic as many I have read, but I am convinced my concealed carry gun kept me from being involved in a bad situation.

My husband and I traveled to Memphis a couple of years ago. First stop, Sun Records! We bought our tickets and had more than an hour before our tour started. We asked about places nearby to grab some lunch since we had just flown in from Pennsylvania, and hadn’t even taken the time to check in to our hotel before we started seeing the sights. The hostess at Sun recommended a café that was just off the parking lot and across two streets. We had a nice lunch at the Trolley Stop and were walking back to Sun Records for our tour when we heard helicopters.

About that time, a man came running up a side street towards us hollering for us to stop. He had one hand in the pocket of the hoodie he was wearing, hood up, even though it was 80 degrees outside. I reached into the concealed carry section of my purse to get my gun, at the same time my husband reached for his gun. I guess it was obvious we were able to defend ourselves because the man running toward us started running in the opposite direction. End of story, except, I am pretty sure if we had not been able to defend ourselves things would have turned ugly. This incident is the reason I don’t travel to any state that doesn’t recognize my Pennsylvania concealed carry permit.

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