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Do you Know your options?

We believe that the best form of personal protection is by proper training and use of a firearm.

If you are curious about this possibilty, we want to help you learn more (not comfortable with a gun? Scroll a little further)

To start learning about protection with a gun

This article will help you decide if owning a gun for self-defense is right for you. Click to read “Making The Decision Part 1: Do You Need a Gun?”

You may not be comfortable with guns but are still worried about your self-defense. Don’t worry we can still help!

There are a number of non-leathal forms of self-defense that we can help you find.

To start learning about non-lethal self-defense

This article will help you start learning about some of the different tools out there. Click to read “What to Look for in Self-defense Tools”.

The most important part is that you are ready to start the journey to become your own self-protector.


Your partner in this journey,

Carrie Lightfoot

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