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Well Armed Woman Chapter Formed in Yuma

Well Armed Woman Chapter Formed in Yuma

Well Armed Woman chapter formed in Yuma

Yuma Sun
March 15, 2013 4:18 PM

A 2011 Gallup poll reported 47 percent of American adults currently have a gun in their home and 23 percent of women personally own a firearm.

With the number of women now owning firearms at such high levels, they are eager to learn and practice with other women. To create woman-friendly opportunities, The Well Armed Woman LLC (TWAW) is introducing shooting chapters nationwide with a new chapter in Yuma starting soon.

Yuma’s chapter will give women of all experience levels the opportunity to be introduced to issues important to women shooters, learn safe gun-handling skills and train together.

It is really a shooting club and not a class, said Nicolle Griffin, a local female gun enthusiast who is starting the chapter as a volunteer. “I was already doing this for my personal friends and this opportunity presented itself on a national level, so I joined their bandwagon.”

There is no requirement to join, she said. However, the fee to join is $25 and members will get discounted purchases through the group’s website. Griffin also will be securing some local discounts for the paying members only.

“Otherwise, if a woman wants to come learn more through our guest speakers and find other women to practice shooting with, they can come and not join and that’s no problem. We’re all about educating, equipping and empowering.”

Events will be held monthly and are open to all women 21 years or older of all experience levels, from those who are just getting started with gun ownership and want to learn in a comfortable environment to those who want to advance their skills and share their knowledge and expertise with other women.

The Well Armed Woman has partnered with Sprague’s Sports to be the host range. Each monthly event will include discussion and study as well as time on the range learning and practicing safe gun-handling skills. Reservations are required.

The first meeting is scheduled for March 30 at Sprague’s Sports, 345 W. 32nd St. Due to overwhelming response immediately after the creation of the Yuma chapter’s Facebook page, this inaugural meeting has already exceeded maximum capacity, Griffin said. The second meeting will be April 27.

Participants will be required to pay any applicable range fees and costs of ammunition or firearm rentals.

Griffin said she recommends that all new shooters take the “first shots” class taught at Sprague’s before they come to a meeting expecting to shoot with The Well Armed Woman. Cost of that class is $5 and participants receive a $5 store coupon.

For more information, contact Griffin at, check out the Yuma chapter Facebook page at or visit The Well Armed Woman website at

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