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The Well Armed Woman Aims to Teach Self-Defense

Posted: Fri 9:27 PM, Nov 20, 2015
By: Megan Hahn – Email

Gun rights stories are always controversial. People on both sides of the issue stake out positions and rarely compromise. This isn’t a story about the Second Amendment. It’s about a group of North Dakota women who simply want to feel safe.These women are taking self-defense into their own hands. “Most guys think a woman can’t handle a gun because they are too petite. They are small. They don’t have the first clue. Well, I think we need to prove to the men that some women can shoot too,” said Teresa Betz, Well Armed Woman member.

The aim of this group is to get women of all ages comfortable shooting firearms.

“I think it’s fun to shoot. I hope I never have to use it in a self defense but I enjoy it. It is fun,” said Cassie Webb.

Well Armed Woman is a group of like-minded people, who want to learn the basics of handling a firearm. Questions like what ammunition works with your gun and what holster to use are covered by classes.

“Every city should have one of these chapters so women can get together as a group and not be intimidated by guys making fun of them or showing them or showing them what they’re doing wrong or right,” said Betz.

“It’s good to shoot with men as well, but men and women are different and typically men are a little more aggressive,” said Severson.

The club is open to women 21 and older. And you don’t have to own a gun to join.

The Well Armed Woman group meets the second Monday of every month at the Personal Defense Center.

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