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Not just for guys: more females are picking up firearms

FOX 13 News

Posted: Feb 25, 2014 7:55 PM MST Updated: Feb 25, 2014 7:55 PM MST

By: Josh Cascio, FOX 13 News


At first glance, the classroom looks like any other — from notes to power points, it’s all there.

But the lesson plan here packs a punch.

“I’ve owned a gun and am not comfortable using it,” said Debbie Zito.

This is the first meeting of the Well Armed Woman Group in Pinellas County, held at Shoot Straight. Zito is among the ladies who want to grow as shooters and do it in a place they feel at ease.

“It is more comfortable to be around women, and not intimidated. We’re going to learn together. It’s going to be a good thing,” she said.

Diane Sutton is an NRA Instructor and the local Well Armed Woman chapter president is a national organization.

Number one on her list tonight?

“We’re going to cover safety safety safety,” Sutton said.

The class is hands-on. The group eventually fires live rounds on the range. Sutton says there’s also a social aspect here.

“I think it is much more fun than women realize,” she said. “The greatest growing demographic all over the country is women…in Florida especially,” she added.

Gaining ability, confidence and friends too, these ladies prove guns aren’t just for the guys. They can pack too.

“Like I said, a really good option for us a really good idea,” Zito said.

The group plans to meet monthly. For more information visit:

See oringial story here

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