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Kim Kardashian sends differing messages in gun debate

Kim Kardashian sends differing messages in gun debate


Kim Kardashian is facing backlash after posting a picture on Instagram of a diamond encrusted gun. She has more than 17 million Twitter and Instagram followers, and many of them are calling her a hypocrite — it was just a few weeks ago she was asking them to join her in a pledge against gun violence.

She recently tweeted the “Sandy Hook Promise” — but then over the weekend she posted a picture of a sparkly revolver.

The photo wasn’t on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram page for very long. She took it down after getting tweets like these:

@americankeith tweeted “Gun Loving #Kardashian has problems making up her mind….. To support guns or not… To be married or not…”

@RollandBravo wrote: “Proof that many ‘celebrities’ only pretend to care, and sadly too many people believe it.”

“I think people get blasted over the littlest things and attacked for what their opinions are, which keeps people from speaking up because we’re afraid of getting blasted for it, I think it was,” says Carrie Lightfoot of Scottsdale.

Lightfoot is a gun instructor who caters to women and doesn’t think some celebrities should be entering the fray.

“I think that many people that speak out that are celebrities or politicians are speaking from a place of ignorance. I don’t mean that in an insulting way but they don’t know what they’re talking about.”

But she thinks any woman — whether it be Kim Kardashian, or just a regular citizen who wants to arm themselves should — and she has developed a company geared towards those women.

“There wasn’t options for women… we don’t dress the same,” says Lightfoot.

With that in mind, she created her company the Well-Armed Woman, including the Thunderwear, the thigh holster, and a conceal and carry purse.


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